• Mission-Minded Teaching

    By James E. Ford

    As educators prepare their hearts and minds for the endurance race of the academic year, we must also take time to reflect and remind ourselves of our purpose as educators. Revisiting the philosophical foundations of our work—understanding the ‘why’—can provide much needed inspiration to sustain us throughout the year

    Mission-Minded Teaching
  • Calling a Teacher a Leader is Not Enough

    By Tom Rademacher

    Leadership is not middle-management. Leadership is not the excusing of mistakes or the perpetuating of bad ideas. Leadership is not one-way communication, and leadership is not perpetuating an existing system. Simply calling a teacher a leader isn’t enough.

    Calling a Teacher a Leader is Not Enough
  • This is the Summer of Race and Equity in Education

    By Anna Baldwin

    I do not pretend to understand what it means to be Black, but I do understand what it means to be white in a racist society. I thought, when I moved away from the South, that I had mostly escaped it. But this summer of national conversations on race and equity has brought all the feelings back.

    This is the Summer of Race and Equity in Education
  • Teachers, I’ll See You on Twitter!

    by Cathy Whitehead

    I fear that, in surrounding ourselves primarily with people like us, we silo ourselves, echoing the polarization that has come to characterize American society. Lately I'm learning that my greatest growth comes when I surround myself with diversity, especially diversity of thought.

    Teachers, I’ll See You on Twitter!
  • Teens Talk About Racism

    By Maryann Woods-Murphy

    A recent study published by UCLA’s Civil Rights Project reports that 62 years after Brown vs. Board of Education, students are attending schools that are increasingly segregated and moving backwards.

    To live up to the vision of Brown, there is much work to do at every level, but at least for one day there is a safe space where students from diverse backgrounds can meet, appreciate each other and plan for change.

    Teens Talk About Racism
  • No App Can Replace Mastery

    By Allison Riddle

    Over the last ten years as a fifth grade teacher, I have noticed a change in attitudes about learning. Both students and parents have grown increasingly frustrated when asked to take time to rehearse and apply critical math and reading proficiencies. Our Generation Z students and their parents are used to retrieving information instantly and being entertained constantly. They do not understand that more is always needed to achieve mastery.

    No App Can Replace Mastery
  • You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught

    By Brad Hull

    The separation of education and social issues often leads us to ignore history, humanities and social studies; shun social emotional learning and character education including empathy and compassion; dismiss the struggle of self-knowledge and humility; and disregard the skills of developing multiple perspectives...

    You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught
  • New Video Series: Why Teachers Value Rigorous Standards

    Some of the nation's best teachers pull back the curtain from their classrooms to show how the Common Core helps them engage all of their students in challenging and rewarding educational experiences that prepare them for the futures they create.

    New Video Series: Why Teachers Value Rigorous Standards
  • 2016 Federal Policy Survey

    Find out what the country's best teachers think about a variety of education policies, including how to recruit and retain teachers and how to keep great teachers in the profession.

    The survey respondents include both State Teachers of the Year and Finalists for State Teacher of the Year.

    (Photo provided courtesy of Got Credit.)



    2016 Federal Policy Survey
  • Case Studies in Career Advancement

    Learn lessons from 8 teacher career advancement initiatives implemented across a variety of contexts, including key principles for developing successful, sustainable teacher career advancement initiatives.

    This report represents the second phase of our research into how the teaching profession needs to evolve to meet 21st century career expectations for a new generation of teachers and learners.

    Case Studies in Career Advancement


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By James E. Ford It’s that time of year again. Summer has ended, and the dawn of a new school year has appeared. Teachers are preparing their classrooms and reviewing their rosters. Students are taking advantage of back-to-school sales and

Carol Strickland, Kansas State Teacher of the Year 1999

Carol Strickland, Kansas State Teacher of the Year 1999


1999 Kansas Teacher of the Year

Carol Strickland has taught middle school, high school, community college, university, and technical colleges courses for forty plus years.  She... read more

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In a Flash Poll conducted June 6-17, 2016, members of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year indicated that states and districts are doing little to engage them around the new Every Student Succeeds Act, as required by law. Data from... read more


Current News Alex Kajitani's (California 2009) article "Another Year, Another Principal" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Kajitani offers tips to help educators manage a change in principal, writing,"Just as a new teacher forms... read more

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Joellen Killion, Senior Advisor, Learning Forward

Joellen Killion, Senior Advisor, Learning Forward

“Teacher leadership is an untapped resource in schools. Teacher leaders engage their peers in collaborative inquiry to build a culture of continuous improvement and collective responsibility in which they work together to increase student achievement. In addition, teacher leaders serve as advocates of equitable education for the success of each student and community-wide support for public education and the professionalization of teaching.”

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