• New Year, New Goals

    By Pamela Harman


    With 20 years under my belt, I still want to improve my teaching, but my primary objective for the year is about my students — how I can push them beyond what they think they can learn.

    New Year, New Goals
  • Time to Rethink Our PD Paradigms

    By Sarah Brown Wessling

    For professional learning to work, "It is time for administrators to acknowledge teachers as learners and to use the auditorium as a classroom full of the same obstacles and opportunities faced by teachers every day."

    Time to Rethink Our PD Paradigms
  • Mission-Minded Teaching

    By James E. Ford

    As educators prepare their hearts and minds for the endurance race of the academic year, we must also take time to reflect and remind ourselves of our purpose as educators. Revisiting the philosophical foundations of our work—understanding the ‘why’—can provide much needed inspiration to sustain us throughout the year

    Mission-Minded Teaching
  • Another Year, Another Principal

    By Alex Kajitani

    As teachers, we can’t control how a new principal chooses to enter our school, but we can manage how we respond. When we proactively welcome a new principal, while continuing to moving the work of the school and community forward, the transition eases, and the entire school benefits.

    Another Year, Another Principal
  • The Lifeline Every Teacher Leader Needs

    by Rebecca Mieliwocki

    If you find yourself entering the uncharted territory of being a teacher leader, chances are you’re writing your job description as you go. In this wonderful new frontier where teachers lead teachers, much is new and much is unknown. What I do know is that without the support of leadership, and their commitment to guiding my development, I would be just getting by, not getting ahead.

    The Lifeline Every Teacher Leader Needs
  • Your White Teacher is Woke

    by Maddie Fennell


    I want you to know that I thought I got it. I thought I understood institutional racism and White privilege. I knew it in my head but on July 7th it tore apart my heart.

    Your White Teacher is Woke
  • Calling a Teacher a Leader is Not Enough

    By Tom Rademacher

    Leadership is not middle-management. Leadership is not the excusing of mistakes or the perpetuating of bad ideas. Leadership is not one-way communication, and leadership is not perpetuating an existing system. Simply calling a teacher a leader isn’t enough.

    Calling a Teacher a Leader is Not Enough
  • New Video Series: Why Teachers Value Rigorous Standards

    Some of the nation's best teachers pull back the curtain from their classrooms to show how the Common Core helps them engage all of their students in challenging and rewarding educational experiences that prepare them for the futures they create.

    New Video Series: Why Teachers Value Rigorous Standards
  • 2016 Federal Policy Survey

    Find out what the country's best teachers think about a variety of education policies, including how to recruit and retain teachers and how to keep great teachers in the profession.

    The survey respondents include both State Teachers of the Year and Finalists for State Teacher of the Year.

    (Photo provided courtesy of Got Credit.)



    2016 Federal Policy Survey
  • Case Studies in Career Advancement

    Learn lessons from 8 teacher career advancement initiatives implemented across a variety of contexts, including key principles for developing successful, sustainable teacher career advancement initiatives.

    This report represents the second phase of our research into how the teaching profession needs to evolve to meet 21st century career expectations for a new generation of teachers and learners.

    Case Studies in Career Advancement


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By Pamela Harman After teaching for more than 20 years, I can say that everything about a new school year is exciting (except maybe having to wear shoes). When I was a new teacher, the beginning of the school year intimidated me. I was nervous

Bob Williams, Alaska State Teacher of the Year 2009

Bob Williams, Alaska State Teacher of the Year 2009


2009 Alaska Teacher of the Year

Bob Williams began his teaching career as a Peace Corps teacher in Gambia, Africa. He achieved National Board Certification (Math – AYA) in 2011... read more

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In a Flash Poll conducted June 6-17, 2016, members of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year indicated that states and districts are doing little to engage them around the new Every Student Succeeds Act, as required by law. Data from... read more


Current News   Sarah Brown Wessling's  (Iowa and NTOY 2010) article "Time to Rethink Our PD Paradigms" was published in EdWeek and  on theNNSTOY blog. In it, Wessling makes a confession about not always feeling engaged in professional... read more

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Rick Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies, AEI

Rick Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies, AEI

“Teachers creating cultures of excellence, bringing tough-minded common sense to public debate, and embracing responsibility for students and the profession, will determine whether well-intentioned education reforms and policies amount matter or not. These cage-busting teacher leaders are at the core of making a difference for kids.”


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