Creating Moments Our Students Will Remember


By Allison Riddle After the birth of my second child, I took my beautiful six-week old daughter in for her first check up. I knew what to expect, but I […]

Beyond the Noise in Teacher Leadership Conversations


By Michael Lindblad Teacher Leadership has become an educational buzz word being used extensively in district, state and national conversations. While we give the term a great deal of lip […]

Where Do We Go from Here? A State Teacher of the Year reflects on his run for the Oklahoma State Senate.


By Shawn Sheehan We gave it a good run, friends. #SheehanforOK That was my concession Tweet after I lost a bid for Oklahoma State Senate. At school this morning, a former […]

The Teacher Prep Regulations – A Short Primer for Educators


By Maddie Fennell To be a profession, we need expertise. Building that expertise should begin with strong college preparation and then continue throughout a career. But as educators we know […]

A Rural Teacher Gets a Glimpse into Urban School Discipline


By Jaclyn Roller Ryan One of the benefits of being part of NNSTOY is that State Teachers of the Year and Finalists sometimes get to share our expertise with policymakers […]

Teaching Children of Color: Love vs. ‘Tough Love’


By Justin Minkel (As first appeared in Education Week Teacher’s First Person on November 1, 2016. Reprinted with permission from the author.) I have a friend who is an amazing […]

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