Month: May 2017

By Josh Parker Every time I have to do it, I hate it. When my student has to walk the halls to cool down from a conflict with me, I feel like a first-year teacher again. A middle/high school student again. 13 years into my career and it still feels the same way. Let me tell you how it usually happens. The student(s) in question enters class as my ‘Good afternoon’ greeting signals the start of class.... read more
By Topher Kandik In literature, like in life, wisdom often comes from unlikely places. Readers benefit from paying attention even to seemingly minor characters. Mitchell Jackson’s debut novel, The Residue Years, has much to teach--if you are paying attention. As Grace, the protagonist’s mom, is released from rehab, she runs into an old acquaintance, Michael, who invites himself to sit beside her on the bus... read more
By Tom Rademacher I just lost my job. This happens in education all the time. I was new to my district, and my district needed money, and a whole bunch of us had to go. A lot of us (me included) hoped to stay, hoped we would escape the teacher shell-game--transfers and retirements and re-hires--that happens this time of year. We hoped that in the end we would just end with a few weeks of brow-furrowing before we... read more

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