Month: December 2017

By Nate Bowling Although I am an AP teacher, I never took an AP, IB, or honors class while I was in high school. This was for a host of reasons, but in general, there weren’t very many kids who looked like me in those classes--the news tells us that not much has changed in the last twenty years. Around the nation students of color and low-income students are underrepresented in accelerated courses; this is a... read more
By Megan Olivia Hall There’s a moment, in the best of school years, when the disparate individuals we lead in learning transform into a team.  As a whole, the class enters a state of flow, gloriously focused on a collective goal and suffused with the spirit of solidarity.  After three months of team-building, that golden moment flashed into existence with my advisory group – in the middle of a dance... read more

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