Month: February 2018

By Allison Riddle When you teach in a predominantly White community, conversations about race can be uncomfortable, even in professional settings. Educators are not just unsure of how to talk about the race of students, they often question the necessity of having the conversation. While they may feel they are being polite or even respectful, the truth is that we White teachers often lack the courage to include... read more
By Rebecca Eunmi Haslam Throughout my entire K-12 childhood experience, I never once saw anyone who looked like me. Not in any textbook. Not in my teachers' or administrators' faces. There were no role models on television and not one affirming character who looked like me in a novel. I was never taught about a single Asian female of any significance who made any positive contribution to society at... read more
By Sydney Chaffee Last spring, I stood backstage in an historic theater, peeking out from behind a thick velvet curtain at the audience filling up. My students paced around in the wings in various states of costume. They had been preparing for this moment for months. Every year all of my ninth graders--including those with autism, English language learners, and even kids who begin the year with crippling stage... read more
By Rebecca Mieliwocki Some kids dare you to teach them. Damion was mine.  Physically, this tiny kid took up about four feet of space, but the sound and fury this boy brought with him consumed all the remaining air in my classroom. He strode in on day one and made a beeline right for me. He introduced himself and proudly announced that he'd failed virtually every class last year and had a frequent flyer... read more
By Lauren Danner It was a typical Thursday in the life of a high school teacher as the end of the marking period was quickly approaching. As soon as I finished teaching my classes, I began furiously correcting tests to make sure that my students would receive timely detailed feedback and the grades would be entered in time. In addition to the piles of uncorrected papers on my desk, my colleague and I were meeting... read more
By Karen Vogelsang Equity.  Regardless of the education circles in which you travel, it is likely this topic has arisen in your conversations about school funding, curriculum resources, accountability, discipline policies or access to highly effective teachers. We hear equity so often, in fact, that we often assume everyone knows what we mean by the term. Too often educators confuse equality--every student... read more

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