The National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) is a non-profit organization serving as a professional home to State Teachers of the Year (STOYs) and State Teacher of the Year Finalists in what we call their years of service, following their Year of Recognition when they serve as their State STOY. Our focus is on providing active and meaningful roles for our members, in furthering great teaching and strengthening student learning.  We do this through three critical vehicles: Policy, Practice, and Advocacy.


Our Mission and Vision is for all students to learn from highly effective teachers. NNSTOY seeks to improve student learning across the nation by defining, sharing and advocating for effective teaching practices and policies.


1. We believe that in order for teachers to more fully carry out their capacity as leaders, the teaching profession needs supportive structural changes which exist in other professions, including Professional Career Continuums, Distributed Leadership, Collaborative Practice, Actionable Feedback, and Guiding Principles.

2. We work to provide a platform upon which the voices of our nation’s most recognized teachers are heard by policy makers and the public.

3. We are committed to a strong research agenda in which teacher researchers collaborate with scientists and our partners to design, carry out, and publish the findings of models and effective practices of teacher leadership and career advancement opportunities.

4. We provide a community where educators can share and engage in discussion of best practices, professional development, and education policy.

NNSTOY recently refreshed our Strategic Plan in 2015! Click here to read the Strategic Plan Refresh.

NNSTOY’s Strategic Plan focuses on two key goals as defined in our Theory of Change:

1. Transform active teachers’ roles, responsibilities and compensation to attract and retain highly effective teachers.

2. Become a trusted voice representing highly effective teachers to advance the new vision of the teaching profession.

NNSTOY's original Strategic Plan can be found here.


To learn more about NNSTOY and what we stand for, please view our 4-page Organization Overview(PDF).


In addition to our program work, NNSTOY publishes research, hosts events, and presents monthly webinars which are open to educators nationwide.

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