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Cheryl Anderson

Independent Consultant, Aximum Consulting

Cheryl Anderson

Cheryl Anderson's passion for improving the teaching profession stems from her own early career experiences. Initially confident as a student teacher, she quickly became overwhelmed. These struggles created her empathy and drive for improving teacher preparation and guided her as a teacher, administrator, and in her former role as the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Community Partnerships for the College of Education at University of Phoenix. Now, as a consultant, she is working to improve business and operational practices for clients ranging in education, technology, financial services and the music industries.

Anderson has over 27 years of experience in education, 12 years in the P-12 schools as a teacher and administrator and 18 years in higher education and teacher preparation. She has had a range of responsibilities including working with University of Phoenix students and college operations, managing the student services group for the College of Education, and developing program and marketing strategies. Anderson guided partnerships with organizations such as Transition to Teacher, Troops to Teachers, and Teach for America to meet the ever-growing need for qualified teachers. In collaboration with the Dean’s office and other University of Phoenix leaders, Anderson supported the establishment of the Teach it Forward scholarship program for the NTOY program.

She holds a B.S. in Education from Iowa State University and an M.A.Ed in Administration and Supervision from University of Phoenix.  Additionally, she currently serves on the National Advisory Board for Spark101, an member of the 114th Partnership focusing on STEM education.

Cheryl Anderson's greatest joy is her family.  She and her husband, John, have been married for over 30 years and have two daughters, Jessica and Natalie, and grandsons, Levi and Caleb.

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