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Empatico Empathy Challenge Fellowship



20 classrooms, 10 teacher pairs, 1 hope.


How can 20 classrooms from across the United States work together to build empathy in our next generation with educators leading the way?


Empatico, an initiative of The KIND Foundation, created a free tool for teachers to connect their classrooms with others around the U.S.through live video and activities designed to foster meaningful connections among students.  As students learn together, they explore their similarities and differences with curiosity and kindness and develop practical communication and leadership skills.  Empatico empowers teachers and students to explore the world through experiences that spark curiosity, kindness, and empathy.


Are you an educator of kids ages 7-11 who cares deeply about teaching and spreading empathy in your classroom and beyond?  The National Network of State Teachers of the Year and Empatico encourage you to apply for The Empathy Challenge!  The Empathy Challenge pairs 20 USA classrooms from a wide demographic into sympathetic dyads (your partner classroom will be different from yours).  You and your partner classroom will implement the Empatico tool and activities from April – June


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What You Get:

  • An opportunity to spread kindness not only in your classroom and across the United States
  • An amazing opportunity for your students to connect with students who are different than they are (urban/rural, east/west coast, socioeconomic/racial diversity)
  • An opportunity to shine a spotlight nationally on the work of your students
  • An opportunity to bring other educators into this work
  • An opportunity to shape this platform to impact more kids, and ultimately change the world
  • $500 for your work from April-July 11th

Ideal Fellowship Candidates Have:

  • An investment in teaching and spreading empathy
  • Flexibility with time/scheduling to use the Empatico tool and activities in your classroom
  • Support from administration
  • Access to students age 7-11
  • The ability to use videoconferencing (or the openness to learn how)

The Challenge Explained:

  • Read more about Empatico - connect 15,000 students with others they wouldn't have met
  • Invite other teachers to use Empatico in their classrooms
  • Implement the Empatico tool and activities in your classrooms with your partner (At least 2-3 times a month from April through the end of your school year)
  • Participate in monthly twitter chats for #SparkEmpathy #TheEmpathyChallenge (we can teach you how if you are new to Twitter…no worries)
  • Lead one Facebook Live session with your Emapathy Challenge partner to engage in dialogue on your experiences and what is happening with your students
  • Participate in monthly Fellowship video conferences to reflect on your experience, share your story and ideas with like-minded colleagues, and explore student impact and empathy development
  • Upload videos, anecdotes, and photos of yourselves or your students talking about how the challenge impacted your classroom to an open Facebook Group 
  • Host a "drop-in" Empatico lesson that allows educators in your school and district to watch you and your partner classroom in action
  • Nominate colleagues for a phase 2 Empathy Challenge
  • Administer a survey to your students prior to and after having completed the Empatico Empathy Challenge
  • Gather at the NNSTOY conference on the afternoon of July 8 to give feedback and reflect (this participation can be virtual as well)
  • Fellows will receive a $500 stipend for their successful participation

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