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Master Classes

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Improve your professional practice in your home at your pace.

Best practices from award-winning educators.


Master Classes are tried-and-true workshops from State Teachers of the Year and Finalists, broken down into (5) 30-60 minute long modules. Each module comes with a Companion Guide and additional resources to assist you in collaborating with your PLC. You will receive a new video each week for 5 weeks, on the 6th week you have an optional 2-hour live Q&A webinar with the instructor. (Videos will be available for a total of 8 weeks.)


Course Credit

To ensure that your district approves of NNSTOY Master Classes for CEU/PDP credit, you may wish to ask your administration team or district office to review the course prior to registering. You can print this letter and the course syllabus and provide to your district for approval. Each district is different, so check to see what your district requires.





November 4 - December 9

Being Wrong Has Never Felt So Right


Darbie Valenti

2017 Missouri Teacher of the Year

While we discuss our students’ physical and social safety, there’s very little focus on intellectual safety. Engaging all students requires making learning accessible to them in inclusive environments. Create more equitable learning experiences by developing low-floor, high-ceiling tasks that promote intellectual safety and truly develop growth mindsets in our students.  

About Darbie (coming soon)

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Teacher Leadership:

Pathways, Strategies and Inspiration


Katherine Bassett

2000 New Jersey Teacher of the Year


Rebecca Mieliwocki

2012 National Teacher of the Year

In this course, educators will learn the underlying principles of teacher leadership, take steps to determine their own teacher leader pathway, learn from the successes and failures of other teacher leaders, and formulate a plan for their own next steps as teacher leaders.

About Katherine      About Rebecca

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November 11 - December 16

Equity in Action:

Building Blocks for Inclusive Learning


Afrika Mills

Senior Manager of Inclusive and Responsive

Educational Practices, BetterLesson


Monica Washington

2014 Texas Teacher of the Year

Creating school environments that empower all students — regardless of race, gender, religion, or ability level—  to thrive requires changes to both systems and instruction. In this session, leaders will unpack blind spots in their policies and curriculum that may lead to inequitable practices. Participants will explore resources that support school leaders to address inequities in their schools and leave with an action plan for implementing equitable practices in their schools.

About Afrika      About Monica

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Afrika's Podcast Episode     Monica's Teaching Partners Page

Linguistic Inequity:

The Unspoken Injustice That is

Silencing Our Students

(And What We Can Do About It)


Dorina Sackman-Ebuwa

2014 Florida Teacher of the Year,

National Teacher of the Year Finalist


Our English learners, who make up nearly 10% of students in U.S. schools (that’s 4.9 million students!) deserve equal opportunities in our schools through equal access and equitable education. Now more than ever, however, ELLs are falling in content area grades, passed over for Gifted or AP classes, misdiagnosed as a student with exceptionalities or missing the proper diagnosis of a student with exceptionalities, miss extracurricular activities and struggle in their academic language acquisition. This is an unintentional silencing of our students by great teachers innocently ignorant to ways to reach and teach out students, gifted with speaking other languages. This is linguistic inequity. Come learn about linguistic inequity and what you can do to empower, motivate, transform, and elevate teachers, staff, students and schools with linguistic equity for ALL.

About Dorina

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Past Master Classes


This is Just the Beginning:

Being Culturally Responsive


Mandy Manning

2018 National Teacher of the Year,

Washington State Teacher of the Year

Connections, compassion, empathy, and acceptance are foundational qualities for learning. This course will challenge participants to explore their own experiences and social groups and how they shape perceptions and impact classroom connections. We will explore the cross-section of awareness and knowledge with cultural responsiveness and how these elements affect building relationships with students. Finally, we will apply this knowledge to classroom practice.

About Mandy

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Creative Strategies for

Social and Emotional Learning


Jonathan Juravich

2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year,

National Teacher of the Year Finalist

Social and Emotional Learning practices can be infused into all areas of education and become common practice in all classrooms and content areas. In so many ways this may simply be a re-framing of the great work that is already happening in our classrooms, to support the individual needs of our students as they learn what it means to be human. Explore approaches to discussions, activities, and the proposed Ohio standards for Social and Emotional Learning through a creative lens.

About Jonathan

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Best Practices

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Improve your professional practice in your home at your pace.

Best practices in Social Justice for the Middle and High School Classrooms.


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