National Summit on Revolutionizing Education

Teaching and Leading through a Pandemic and Recession

Free to all educators, July 7, 12-3:30 pm EST. Agenda and registration details coming soon.

The spread of COVID-19 is creating challenges and stresses on our nation’s education system and impacting students, teachers, education support professionals, families, and school administrators across the country. As traditional ideas of “school” are challenged and replaced with varying degrees of online instruction and distance learning, this moment further exacerbates great inequities in our nation’s education system. Amidst these challenges, anti-racism protests have been sparked across the country, focusing our attention on the value we place on Black lives.

Yet, still, even in moments of crisis our educators manage to do what they do best: teach and care for students. Recovery requires a bold vision for the future grounded in equity from teacher leaders, and an unwavering commitment to protecting the emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of all students.

Through the National Summit on Revolutionizing Education, NNSTOY will:

1. Address the challenges of teaching in the COVID-19 era; focusing on recovery, restart, and racial justice.
2. Share strategies for achieving equity for all students, by ensuring expert teachers are leading the national
conversation with policymakers and the public about the future of education.
3. Celebrate the stories of teachers and students across the country;
4. Highlight examples and share best practices for teaching during a pandemic.



Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II


Linda Ryden

A Mindful Revolution

 In this talk, Linda Ryden will share how learning mindfulness skills and simple neuroscience have helped her students to take care of their emotions, be more compassionate toward others, learn to manage conflicts peacefully, and investigate their own implicit biases. 

Big Question: How can we provide our students with the skills they need to create the more peaceful world we all want to see?


Leading for Equity: Responding, Recovering, Reinventing, and Racial Justice Roundtable

What would our education system look like if all students, especially our most vulnerable, were able to thrive? This roundtable conversation will explore issues at the intersection of the Pandemic, Recession, and Racial Justice, and generate ideas for how teachers can drive impact through policy, practice and advocacy.

Dr. John King Jr.

Dr. Jemelleh Coes

Josh Parker

Minnesota Commissioner of Education, Mary Cathryn Ricker

Breakout Session

Purposeful Play Paves the Way for Confidence in Learning

As schools reimagine the future of learning environments, the time for innovation and iterative thinking are more important than ever.  Experimentation, social interaction, and fostering a creative mindset are critical for students even in a remote setting. In this session, we’ll explore how purposeful play paves the road to creative thinking and helps build confidence in learning.  Keep LEGO bricks (or colored pencils) handy and join us for this engaging exploration of purposeful play.

Dr. Jennifer Nash

Dyane Smokorowski

Breakout Session

A Mindful Revolution: How Mindfulness Practices Can Help to Reduce Implicit Bias

In this Breakout Session Linda Ryden and Cheryl Dodwell of Peace of Mind, Inc. will expand upon Linda’s keynote address. We will explore what mindfulness is, how it works, and how it benefits students and educators, especially in this moment. We will discover how mindful breathing, focusing, and compassion practices can be used to address implicit bias and structural racism. We will discuss how mindfulness and SEL programs can backfire if they do not directly address systemic racism. Participants will have the opportunity to experience some of these practices for themselves and learn how to share them with their students. Participants will also learn more about the Peace of Mind Curriculum and learn about opportunities to join with other educators engaged in this work.

Linda Ryden

Breakout Session

Social Justice and Equity and the Educator’s Role

Jemelleh Coes

Josh Parker

Kedda Williams

Closing Keynote

Recession and Equity


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