Welcome to the National Network of State Teachers of the Year!


Who are we as an association?

The National Network of State Teachers of the Year is a network of exemplary educators from across the nation – from every discipline and across all grade levels – who have been recognized for excellence in practice and trained in policy and advocacy. As such, we have an opportunity and a commitment as individuals and cooperatively to use our collective voice to improve education for all students through policy, practice, and advocacy.


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Who are you?

You are our members.  As a teacher recognized as a state teacher of the year or as a finalist for state teacher of the year, you are considered a member of NNSTOY by virtue of that distinction.


What do we do?

In brief, our mission is to transform the teaching profession by supporting policies and practices that advance teacher leadership and educator effectiveness and that cultivate the conditions, capacity, and culture necessary to support great teaching and learning for all students.  We do this through multiple projects and activities.  Here are some links to some of the major components:  Annual Conference, Publications, Professional Learning Modules, Webinars, Fellowships, Mentorship.


What is membership and how does it benefit you?

Membership in a national organization is a two-way street; it’s a relationship.  To that end, member services are a combination of the organization contributing to the good of its members and members contributing to the organization.


How do you gain the most from your membership?

Get engaged, make some friends, and celebrate our joint success! View our Opportunities for Members sheet to learn more.


What are the purposes of the association’s member services?

At NNSTOY, we work together to accomplish three overarching purposes for our membership:

  1. Professional Learning
  2. Community Building
  3. Influencing


To whom can you reach out?
For any questions you may have, reach out to Lauren Cantell, Director of Project Management, [email protected] 


You already belong, now JOIN US!

Here's how....


Professional learning is at the heart of a teacher’s professional life and NNSTOY is dedicated to being there too.  The association keeps its members informed about current national and state level conversations, emerging and vital education issues, and new research in the field of teacher leadership and the teaching profession through weekly newsletters, social media, publications, virtual circles, monthly webinars and the annual conference. Make sure you are signed up for the association newsletter.

Bookmark our webpage and visit frequently.

Like us on Facebook.

Follow and retweet us on Twitter.

Subscribe on YouTube.

Read our reports.


State Teachers of the Year and Finalists share a special community through those distinctions.  NNSTOY builds community in a number of ways, helping to instill and nurture a sense of value in the expertise of its members, celebrating their accomplishments, and championing the importance of expert teachers.  As an association, we engage with a broad spectrum of national organizations advancing our mission and utilizing the expertise of our membership. Contact your classmates and attend the annual conference’s social and service events with a group of your STOY and Finalist friends.

Keep an eye on NNSTOY’s outreach vehicles to find STOYs and Finalists that share your interests, reach out to them, and start a friendship.

Let us know of your awards and accomplishments so we can celebrate them with you.

Celebrate others accomplishments through your own social media outlets.

Sign up for an annual conference focus group and connect with new colleagues.

Volunteer to work with the membership committee to ensure our member list is all inclusive.

Involve yourself with your state chapter.  Don’t have one? Start it!

Ensure that your data is complete in the membership database that includes expertise and areas of interest (coming soon).


Influencing the conversation, changing the minds and perceptions of others, and helping to shape the future of the profession are essential activities for this association.  NNSTOY actively invites the voice of its membership into conversation through creating a national collective voice through its member surveys and government affairs agenda, meeting and informing Federal policymakers and administrators, and supporting its members to make their own voices heard.  Additionally, NNSTOY welcomes member influence in the direction and running of the association. Write a blog for NNSTOY.

Attend the annual business meeting and make your vote count.

Attend webinars and conference sessions to build your skills around policy, advocacy and practice.




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