The only way to substantively move the needle in public education on equity is to make the space for teacher leaders to build long-lasting, collective teacher efficacy centered on the promise of high-quality (transformative) learning for all students. The current educational cultural wars that oppose emphasizing social and racial equity are barriers to developing the collective teacher efficacy and the practices that we need.

The National Network of State Teachers of the Year and the National Education Association wants to support you as you teach and lead through the next year of schooling by creating learning opportunities led by educators. Watch the full convening below.



From Red to Blue, and to All Colors of the Rainbow: Supporting our LGBTQ+ Education Community

We all believe in supporting our LGBTQ+ students and educators, but this may look different in each state. In this breakout session, queer educators Jed Dearybury (SC) and Takeru “TK” Nagayoshi (MA) reflect on what it means to advocate for the LGBTQ+ education community. Through the lens of their respective conservative “red” and liberal “blue” states, Jed and TK not only unpack the unique challenges that LGBTQ+ students, teachers, and their allies may face, but also the creative workarounds to overcome them. Join to reflect on and engage in discussion on the state of our LGBTQ+ education community and what it means to support it.


A Better Model for Inclusion

Across the country the model of inclusion that is accepted and practiced is still a model that centers general education students. This session will explore a version of inclusion that decenters educational spaces and offers ways to start these practices on your campuses.


Equity, Justice, and Activism: Why this Matters for White Students

For white students, racial equity, justice, and activism are key components of a full education. In this session, learn how to work for equitable outcomes for all by fully educating your white students about past and present inequity and by leading them in activism that is centered on elevating voices of others. You will be given guidelines to create impactful curriculum, authentic partnerships, and life changing programs in your school as well as guidance when facing pushback. Let’s inspire our students to boldly fight against racism and for justice.


Wooch een (Together): Building Trust in Indigenous Communities

This session will highlight the power of building strong, positive relationships with Indigenous parents and community leaders to improve educational learning for all students. 2011 State Teacher of the Year Lorri Heagy and parent and community leader Nae Brown will share how flexibility, trusting relationships, and a passion to honor and value the cultural heritage of all students can lead to innovative and powerful teaching and learning. Lorrie and Nae will share their successes, challenges, and the concerns they have addressed from non-Indigenous and Indigenous families.


Shared Responsibility in Diversifying the Teacher Pipeline

Leigh Ann Erickson and Brenda Tufte will share the work of the NNSTOY Build for Equity Team and will be joined in this breakout session by panelists, Michael Flowers and Briana Yarborough to discuss strategies for diversifying the teacher pipeline and why it matters.  Participants will have an opportunity to pose questions to the panel and join in the discussion.


Finding Your Way: 6 Simple Practices to Develop Your Equity Mindset

Everyone talks about equitable classrooms, but what does it LOOK like? What does it SOUND like? How do you DO it? In this session, Sheena and Rebecca will share 6 simple practices you can rely on daily, in your thinking and your doing, that will center student opportunity and elevate connection, achievement, and joy for your students. The equity journey is hard and no matter where you are in yours, this session will offer you easy tools to keep you moving in a righteous direction.