It's Time to Lead:

Rejuvenate, Innovate, Advocate

This is likely one of the most important education moments in our lifetimes; join with teacher leaders across the country to seize this moment and lead. The pandemic’s more than 350,000 US deaths have resulted in wide-spread student experiences of trauma and grief during a time of isolation coupled with weaker and uneven access to quality social and emotional support systems. The pandemic has also widened and deepened long-standing disparities in terms of human resources, physical resources, student learning environments, culturally responsive and anti-racist education, and rigorous learning experiences. Learn and collaborate with amazing teacher leaders on how to best meet your students’ needs in the fall of 2021.

The 2021 National Teacher Leadership Conference will revitalize and inspire you in ways that rejuvenate your commitment to the teaching profession, deepen your repertoire of innovative and timely teaching strategies, and strengthen your capacity to build a strong, committed coalition of public education advocates in your school, community, state, and country.


Section ArrowRFP Information

If you are interested in being considered as a presenter at the 2021 National Teacher Leadership Conference, please submit a proposal for a breakout or keynote session.

Attendees at the National Teacher Leadership Conference are some of the most highly recognized educators in the world and this event offers a unique opportunity for teacher leaders, education advocates, business leaders, and policymakers to come together regardless of time or distance.

The theme is “It’s Time to Lead: Rejuvenate, Innovate, Advocate.” The conversation at the event will focus on three topics:
1. Serving the Whole Child: Equity and Trauma-Informed Practices
2. Innovations in Teaching and Learning
3. Advocacy and Action: Building a Committed Coalition


We are seeking proposals that address this question:

What adaptations to best practices have been most effective and what innovative practices will best meet the needs of our students moving forward?


All RFPs are due by Sunday, February 7, 2021.


60-minute breakout session RFP (link below)

The 60-minute session should be interactive, engaging, practical, and something that addresses the current reality. The session will be delivered via Zoom meeting where you will have a technology host. Due to this being virtual, your session must engage attendees by providing them an opportunity to react, respond, interact, problem solve, etc. If you are a breakout session presenter, your conference fee is waived.


30-minute keynote session RFP (link below)

Keynote sessions are 30 minutes long and address all attendees in a web-based platform and speak about a specific topic (above). You will not be able to see the attendees as you present, but they will be able to engage with each other in a chat feature. The keynote may be done by one person or as a duet. If you are a presenter, your conference fee is waived.

Immediately following the keynote session, attendees will have the option to join a zoom breakout room where they will process, respond to, and discuss the session. Keynote speakers must provide 5 essential questions for attendees to grapple with following the session.


Questions? Please contact [email protected]