National STEM Fellowship Career Engagement Guides

National STEM Fellowship Career Engagement Guides

A foundational program at NNSTOY, the National STEM Fellowship has focused on the characteristics of expert STEM teaching and student outcomes for five years and counting. The work of the National STEM Fellowship has been governed by three essential questions:

  1. How can professional learning opportunities be reimagined to empower STEM teachers with the skills they need to create robust learning environments?
  2. What changes could be made to teacher preparation and professional learning in order to directly increase interest in STEM careers among students?
  3. What activities or learning programs will lead to those outcomes?

Recently, a group of 18 fellows sought to answer these questions, and in doing so, created the STEM Career Engagement Guides for use by classroom educators across the country who want to provide opportunities for their students to authentically engage with professionals in STEM careers.

The guides can be used by educators to optimize student interest in STEM careers by providing high-quality engagements with STEM professionals in the classroom. Recognizing the unique needs of students at different ages, there are three separate guides across the following grade levels: Elementary school (grades K-5), Middle school (grades 6-8), and High school (grades 9-12).

The STEM Career Engagement Guides can be used by educators to develop a deeper understanding of the need, and foster expertise at providing high-quality student STEM career exposure experiences for all students. Our strategies are culturally and linguistically responsive to all students, will work in rural, suburban, or urban settings, and are honed specifically for each grade band level.


Elementary STEM Guide


Middle School STEM Guide


High School STEM Guide

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