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Current News

Melody Arabo (Minnesota 2015) co-authored a report recently released by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, The Right Tool for the Job: Improving Reading and Writing in the Classroom.

Mike Soskil's (Pennsylvania 2017) article "Teacher of year urges educators to speak up" was published by the Pennsylvania State Education Association. Soskil writes, "Too often we have let others tell the narrative of teaching. We must each use our voices to take that narrative back."

Brian Curtin (Illinois 2013) and Justin Minkel (Arkansas 2007) are currently involved with the Center for Teaching Quality and their 2017 blogging strategy.  Curtin leads a March/April roundtable blog around "Collective Leadership."  Check out the opening blog by Kris Kohl or join the Twitter conversation about these teasers (#teachingquality #CTQCollab):

  • How can education move beyond rockstar teachers to collective leadership that elevates the profession?
  • #holacracy: distributed authority via self-organized teams, not traditional hierarchies -- can it work in schools?
  • Do strong education leaders enhance or diminish collective leadership?
  • Rockstar teachers have unsustainable instructional and leadership loads. Can collective leadership help?

Shanna Peeples (National and Texas 2015) published "What if we are designing for disengagement?" Peeples cites the work of Rolf Faste, writing, "His work centered on the core principle that design affects the behaviors and experiences of the user. Considering everything from a user's perspective not only helps us become more sensitive to people and cultures, it allows us to create meaning for users."

A number of NNSTOY members, including Brett Bigham (Oregon 2014) participated in an ECET2 meeting in Oregon March 14. Check out the pictures on Facebook!

Kristen Lum Brummel (2011), Chad Miller (2012), Catherine Caine (finalist for Nationl Teacher of the Year 2015) and Stephanie Mew (2016)  recently began organizaing to begin a state NNSTOY chapter in Hawai'i.

Curtis Chandler's (Kansas 2011))article "Ideas to Tap Emotions in Middle School Learners" was published on Middle Web. Chandler writes that successful teachers "realize the impact of students' emotional state - or affective domain - on academic success. How a student feels towards what is being taught and what they are asked to do works either a catalyst or deterrent to learning."

Using his usual low-key and beat-around-the-bushes style, Tom Rademacher (Minnesota 2015) posted to his blog an called, "Hey, Principals, You Are Screwing Up!" Rademacher writes, "Principals: If you lose good teachers from your building at the end of this year, then you are screwing up. Principals, If people are leaving a profession that no one enters without passion, that no one enters expecting to be easy, you are not doing your job. Principals, every teacher that walks away from the kids in your your building and is thinking of your face is your fault."

Justin Minkel's (Arkansas 2007) article "A Teacher's Pursuit of Imperfection" was published in EdWeek. Minkel writes, "The mistakes [in the classroom] are part of the joy. The sloppiness is part of the humanity. A classroom should be a messy, vibrant place where the unexpected is woven into the fabric of each day, where slips, stumbles, and blunders abound-along with moments of grace and the unpredictable brilliance of children."

Past News


Monica Washington's (Texas 2014) "Make Some Waves" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Washington writes, "In years past, it has been easier for teachers to fade into the background, to withhold opinions, to keep still. Over the past 19 years, close colleagues told me they held on by only worrying about that day, that lesson, and those students in their charge. While I understand this survival instinct, our profession is at a turning point. We can no longer afford the luxury of caring only about what happens in our classroom."Gloria Robertson (Oregon 2017) connected with her heritage while speaking at the Las Bravas Mujeres conference in Portland, Oregon. Earlier in the week Robertson gave remarks at the Oregon Leadership Institute.

Nate Bowling's (Washington 2015) "#MyBlackHistory: My Mom Had to Lie to Get Me Into a Good School. No Parent Should Have to Do That"  was published on Education Post. Bowling writes, "This is the American dilemma: there is no other nation in the world where people who look like me do as well, yet no other nation has such a dogged and continued history of marginalizing and abusing those same folks. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of education."

Anna Baldwin (Montana 2014) and Kelly Elder (2017) are featured in the Montanan magazine. Baldwin recently met with U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Read an interview with her and fellow Teaching Ambassador Fellow Arthur Everette about their experience talking with Mrs. DeVos.

Rebecca Mieliwocki 's (National and California 2012) "What Happens to Teacher Leadership When the Money Runs Out?" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. She writes, "This is the miracle of teacher leadership. When done right and when teachers are nurtured in an environment that is safe, where risks and mistakes and encouraged, we begin to trust one another and cooperate to achieve more than we could on our own. Leading becomes a personal choice (as Simon Sinek reminds us in his wonderful TED talk), not a title or a rank simply given. Each member's sense of accomplishment fuels his or her desire to push on."

Kelisa Wing's (DoDEA 2017) "One Size Does Not Fit All: How to Adjust, Acquire and Adapt Your Curriculum" was published recently on the ASCD website.  Wing writes about how she overcame her students' (and her own) boredom learning Shakespeare and offers strategies for other teachers.

After participating in the first episode of Sarah Brown Wessling's (National and Iowa 2010) Ask Sarah: the Big Questions podcast, teachers Josh Parker (Maryland  2012) and James E. Ford (North Carolina 2014) opened up by sharing a back-and-forth exchange on the unique challenges and opportunities of being black male teachers. Totally worth checking out their dialog on Facebook's Teacher 2 Leader.

Brett Bigham's (Oregon 2014) "I'm Out So Gay Youth Know They Have A Future" was published by the Tyler Clementi Foundation. Bigham writes, "There is a reason I am an out teacher, and it is simple and clear. Being out gives young LGBTQ people a vision of a possible future. The suicide statistics for this group of teenagers should send shivers down your spine. This is why I travel the country teaching teachers that they have to make their classrooms a safe place for LGBTQ students. This is the brutal fact: only 12% of our LGBTQ students in a high school (without a Gay Straight Alliance GSA club) say they have heard a staff member say something positive about gay people."

Sarah Reed (Kentucky 2015) had an editorial published in the Louisville Courier Journal, Teacher of the Year credits district, school. Reed writes, "At the National Network of Teachers of the Year conference this year, there was a common thread: we teachers of the year were as strong as we were because of the districts and schools from which we hailed. I believe teaching in Jefferson County gave me the strength and opportunity to become our Kentucky Teacher of the Year in 2015."

Daniele Massey's (Department of Defense 2013) article "Online Learning for Global Readiness" was published on the P21 website. Massey, who teaches an online course for students in 11 countries, 2 US territories, and 7 states, offers a refreshing perspective on what her students learn by taking her class online. She writes, "My students enroll in a course that not only requires them to master math and financial literacy; it requires them to navigate a new collaborative and problem-solving space while embracing technology challenges along the way. It involves various levels of problem solving to simply log in!"

Mary Pinkston (Delaware 2010) comments on what Black History Month means to some of the nation's top educators on the National Science Foundation's site. Pinkston says, "It is important for each teacher to begin to understand the positive impact this knowledge has on African-American students. To celebrate the contributions of black historical figures that come before African-American children is to pave the way for teaching students to internalize a sense of pride as they continue this legacy of greatness."

As we are at the 5th anniversary of Trayvon Martin's tragic death, Cindy Ollendyke (Pennsylvania 2006) reminded us about the We Are All Trayvon fundation and sent us this link to resources provided by the Social Justice Institutes at Carlow University.

Shanna Peeples (National and Texas 2015) published "You're Saved By What You Love," She writes, "Only work that call us to this kind of struggle is worth us giving our hearts to it. But what we love saves us."


Teaching at its Core.  
State Teachers of the Year and Finalists in Washington have started a new blog to help educators think through some of education's toughest challenges.  Jeffrey Dunn (Finalist 2014) offers insightful observations about educational progress, which he says takes place "one student at a time." Lynn Olmos (Finalist 2012) descibes how integrating art into her teaching has changed her English instruction. And Katie Brown (2014) considers what our students need from us at this moment in history.

Check out the video of Brett Bigham (Oregon 2014) singing "It's a Teacher's Life" at the NEA Foundation black tie gala earlier in the month. The video is a hoot, and it includes our own Melissa Collins (Tennessee Finalist 2016) on stage.

Jeanne Muzi's (New Jersey 2009) "Road Tested / Five Ways to Strengthen Student Questioning" was published recently on the ASCD blog. Muzi writes, "All students need to be able to generate purposeful questions, understand that curiosity leads to action, ponder metacognitively, and improve their problem-solving abilities. A significant instructional shift takes place when a classroom culture is transformed from one where the teacher poses the majority of questions to one where a community of curious wonderers offer up their own."

Bob Williams (Alaska 2009) has been appointed the Director of Educator and School Excellence for the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEED). View his goodbye message to Colony High School and a farewell video message from his students.

Tom Rademacher's (Minnesota 2015) article, "What to do when the next awful thing happens" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Rademacher writes, "Whatever happened yesterday will be in my classroom, whether or not I talk about it, whether or not I teach about it. It will be there, and ignoring it won't make it better. Awful things are happening, are leading to more awful things. We can't ignore them."

Maddie Fennell (Nebraska 2007) testified recently before the state legislature in support of a proposal to support a master teacher program in Nebraska. Fennell is currently the NSEA Executive Director.

Allison Riddle's (Utah 2014) "Time to Step Up" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Riddle writes, "We could confront the onslaught of attacks from those who would dismantle traditional public education if more teachers were willing to step out of their comfort zones and speak. Teachers must own their profession. They must lead their profession."

If you didn't see Leigh VandenAkker (Utah 2012) speak about social and emotional learning at Pearson's Conference on Teaching and Learning in Chicago, you can watch her powerful presentation on YouTube (10:21).

Anna Baldwin's (Montana 2014) article "Believe in Your Power" was published on the U.S. Department of Education's Homeroom blog. Baldwin calls on educators to "articulate our value and share with policymakers and our communities the important, progressive work we are doing in our classrooms. Otherwise, those policymakers and the public will not ever see us as more than sacrificial, invisible worker bees. We have to begin by appreciating ourselves, calling out the positives we see around us, and lifting up each other."

Congratulations to Beth Oswald (Wisconsin 2008), who earned her doctoral degree in Teacher Leadership from Walden University in January! Thank you, Walden!

Tammy Ranger's (Maine 2017) article "Stuffed Neurons and Growth Mindset" was published on the National Board blog. This insightful piece describes how Ranger helped her students to have a growth mindset and persevere when learning to read challenging material.

Take a look at this short video clip of Dr. Elizabeth Primas (2000 D.C.) describing how a new ESSA initiative is having a positive effect on minorities and students of color.

Kelisa Wing's (Department of Defense 2016) article, "How to Never Lose Your Passion in Education" was published on ADCD's In Service blog. Wing offers ten tips to keep from burning out.

It's not too late to catch the YouTube video featuring Charlie Giglio (New York 2015). Giglio, who began teaching in 1964, came out of retirement to teach Latin at Gloversville High School. He recently presented at a TEDx event.

James E. Ford's (North Carolina 2015) article "Relationships Are Everything" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Ford argues, "The relational part of teaching may very well be its most underrated aspect," and urges educators to prioritize Maslow's hierarchy of needs before they focus on moving students up Bloom's taxonomy of the cognitive domain.

Maryann Woods-Murphy (New Jersey 2010) was featured in an article about educators who oppose the nomination of Betsy DeVos, "Nutley educator joins Menendez in opposing DeVos confirmation." Earlier, Woods-Murphy had participated in a call with five other teachers and New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez about the confirmation. She said that the nation's Secretary of Education "needs a deep expertise in complex and delicate issues," someone who "supports resources to improve the equity of public schools, cares about labor and management collaboration, and understands teacher leadership." Prior to the call, Wood-Murphy solicited the advise of STOYs and Finalists in the NNSTOY Facebook Group.

Sandra Hall's (Delaware 2016) commentary "Nothing Standardized About It," was published in U.S. News. Hall offers insights into teaching her fourth grade class and argues that the Common Core State Standards help to fuel her creativity. "While some have questioned the impact of our higher standards," Reed writes, "I am a firm believer that these standards can transform teaching and learning for those teachers who set higher standards for their students."

In a Facebook post, Justin Minkel (Arkansas 2007) describes what motivated him to write his latest EdWeek column, "Guided Reading: How to Make Kids Hate (or Love) to Read." He says, "I wrote this column about the chasm between the cozy, loving reading time we create in our homes for our own sons and daughters and the worksheets/multiple choice mania that can invade reading at school."

Casey Bethel (Georgia 2017) is featured in a short video highlighting  what inspires him to teach.

ICYMI, you've gotta watch Sean McComb's (Maryland and National TOY 2015) recently released TED Talk, "Let's put compassion before grades."

Justin Minkel's (Arkansas 2007) article "The Long Road Ahead: What Children Need From Us After the Election of Donald Trump" was published in EdWeek. He offers strategies for teachers to help students cope, writing, "Our classrooms have to be places where young people can talk about what's on their minds and hearts. We don't need to share our own feelings or political beliefs, but we have to address children's fears, thoughts and questions in as clear and gentle a manner as we can."

Ryan Kaiser's article (Maryland 2016) "The Importance of Experiential Learning" was published on Curio Learning. His piece argues for teachers to focus on helping students to see the relationships between what they are learning and the world.

Michigan Teachers of the Year past and present met recently with State Superintendent Brian Whiston in Lansing, Michigan.

Congratulations to these NNSTOY members, who were nominated by their state affiliates for this year's NEA Foundation Awards for Teaching Excellence: Amy Jo Meiners (Alaska), Leticia Guzman Ingram (Colorado), Sandra Hall (Delaware), Linda Glasgow (Missouri), Jessica Anderson (Montana), John Tierney (Nevada), Chelsea Collins (New Jersey), David Morales (New Mexico), Dana McDonough (New York), Keana Triplett (North Carolina), Amy Neal (North Dakota), Lori Michalec (Ohio), Jason Proctor (Oklahoma), Heather Anderson (Oregon), Cathy Whitehead (Tennessee) and Roger King (Wisconsin).

Tom Rademacher's "Time to Cancel the Education Wars and Take Care of the Kids" was recently posted on his blogspot. It's a great read. He writes, "No more throwing up our hands and saying, 'but poverty!' No more saying that we'll just close our door and wait for help to show up. The best of our political leaders will be playing too much defense, spread too thin on too many issues. No one is going to help us, we know that. It's on us. It's on us to take care of the kids while they're with us."

Christopher Benshoof (Alaska 2013) has been selected by BP as a Hometown Hero.

Jeff Baxter's (Kansas 2014) article "A New Principal -- Again" was published on the U.S. Department of Education's Homeroom blog. Baxter, who has been through nine principals in 28 years of teaching, offers teachers advice about how to manage the transition of a new principal.

Those who missed the 2017 State Teachers of the Year celebrating at the College Football National Championship Game can catch up on ESPN's Extra Yard for Teachers Facebook page.

Angie Miller's (New Hampshire 2012) article "6 Things Teachers Can Do When Bad News Strikes," was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Miller describes the impact of her experience as a student during times of national crisis, when teachers did not acknowledge the events in the classroom. And she offers strategies teachers can use to help students process tragedies--such as the events of 9/11 and the Challenger disaster--and learn.

CCSSO Announces the 2017 Class of Finalists for National Teacher of the Year. Four teachers with styles and passions as diverse as their students have been selected as finalists for the 2017 National Teacher of the Year Award.

Athanasia Kyriakokos (Maryland 2017) is a world-renowned artist who brings her creativity to the classroom as a teacher and mentor for the Baltimore Teachers Union. Megan Gross (California 2017) is a special education teacher who facilitates social inclusion and extracurricular activities at her San Diego school's Best Buddies Club, and she has co-authored two books about inclusion and education for special education students. Also nominated is Chris Gleason (Wisconsin 2017), an instrumental music teacher and band director in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, whose bands have performed statewide and who was a national semifinalist for the 2017 Grammy Music Educator Award. The final four is rounded out by Sydney Chaffee (Massachusetts 2017), a teacher whose student partnership with Boston's Huntington Theatre Company explores the themes of "justice and injustice" through collaborative projects.

STOYS Earn Their Hoods: Three State Teachers of the Year earned doctoral degrees from Walden University this month. Their work was funded by full-tuition scholarships from Walden. They include Megan Allen (Florida 2010), Stacey Donaldson (Mississippi 2010) and Diana Fessmire (New Mexico 2011). Thank you to Walden and congratulations to the new doctors!

The Pennsylvania NNSTOY  chapter recently elected new officers and committee chairs: President Angela Homan; Executive Director Fran Nesta; Immediate Past President Cindy Ollendyke; First Vice President/ Selection Chair Michele Switala; Second Vice President/Forum Chair Denise Williams; Treasurer James Nagorski; Secretary Jolene Barron; Director of Professional Development Janet Miltenberger; Director of Donor Relations/Partnerships Lora O'Brien; Round II TEACH Liaison Lois Rebich; Technology Douglas Martin; Round II Membership Ellen Burke; Awards Committee Chair Carol Aten Frow; and Newsletter Editor Lauren Zucker.

Melody Arabo's (Michigan 2015) article "A New Year, A Fresh Perspective" was published on the U.S. Department of Education's Homeroom Blog. "By January," Arabo reminds educators, "the routines and activities that we have in place can become dull and redundant to students, so this is a prime time to shake things up and try something different."

Courtney Cochran's (Arkansas 2017) article "Counting My Blessings" was featured on the National Board blog. In her commentary, Courtney cites her decision to become a National Board Certified Teacher as a turning point in her life.

Bill Gates recently named Nate Bowling (Washington 2016) as one of his "Favorite Fanatics of 2016." Learn why and check out the impressive company Nate finds himself with.

Jessica Anderson (Montana 2016) was named as Presidential Awardee in Engineering, Math and Science (PAEMST).

Alex Kajitani (California 2009) has launched an online, interactive program to "get every kid in America to master their times tables (without the stress)," called MultiplicanNation.com.

Tom Rademacher's (Minnesota 2015) first book,"It Won't Be Easy," is set for release April 25. The book provides beginning teachers with a clear-eyed, frank, boots-on-the ground account of what he was getting into when he began teaching. One  reviewer writes, "It Won't Be Easy is mercifully short on jargon and long on practical wisdom, accessible to anyone-teacher, student, parent, pundit-who is interested in a behind-the-curtain look at teaching and willing to understand that, while there are no simple answers, there is power in learning to ask the right questions." Preorder a copy (Amazon).

Jody Zepp (Maryland 2015) recently met with Education Secretary John King and advisors at the U.S. Department of Education to discuss inclusion and equity in America's public school.

Monica Washington (Texas 2014), Tom Rademacher (Minnesota 201) and Maddie Fennel (Nebraska 2007) were named by Education Post as three of six teachers "who got real and told us what we need to hear."

Megan Allen's (Florida 2010) article "How Teacher Leaders Can Face the 'Rabble-Rouser Dementor" was published in EdWeek. Her piece offers an insightful take on the unintended consequences and pushback that teacher leaders often face as they take risks to help teachers grow and promote leadership.

Not one--but two--of Justin Minkel's (Arkansas 2007) articles ended up on EdWeek's Top Teacher Stories of 2016.  "Why I Plan to Stay in Teaching" and "Three Ways Teachers Can Make School Suck Less" took the number one and number four spots, respectively.

Shawn Sheehan (Oklahoma 2016) is named and quoted in a Washington Post article by Nínive Calegari, "Why so many teachers need a second job to make ends meet."

Josh Stumpehorst (Illinois 2012) presented a TEDxNaperville session called "A Classroom led solution for changing our school system." In his presentation, Stumpenhorst argues that the key to career-ready education is problem solving.

Kelisa Wing's (DoDEA 2017) article "Against All Odds: Fair and Equitable Education for All" made ASCD's Top Ten Blog Posts of 2016. Her book Weeds and Seeds: How to stay positive in the midst of life's storms will also available on bookshelves soon. Wing tells a story--sometimes sad, sometimes funny--about teaching, loving and activating one's faith to push forward and plant positive seeds, even in difficult circumstances.

Curtis Chandler's (Kansas 2011) review of Rich Web Resources to Raise Cultural Awareness was published on the Middle Web blog.

Dyane Smokorowski (Kansas 2013) and Kristen Record (Connecticut 2011) have been awarded fellowships to conduct research on behalf of NNSTOY for 100Kin10. Read the announcement.

Oregon STOYs Brett Bigham (2014), Mike Lambert (2009) and Heather Anderson (2016) met last month with U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley to talk about the nomination of Betsy DeVoss for U.S. Secretary of Education.

Talya Edlund's (Maine 2016) editorial "Trump's education agenda threatens Maine's public schools" was published by the Bangor Daily News.

Barbara LaSaracina (New Jersey 2001) has retired after serving students for more than 25 years in the classroom. Word has it the veteran teacher has already booked her first retirement vacation--at Mohonk Mountain House!

Guess who was spotted hanging out over a building in the Los Angeles area? Rebecca Mieliwocki (California and National TOY 2012) has also been featured in magazines. She's that big.

Teacher Leadership Takes on Global Dimensions

Social studies teacher Seth Brady (Illinois Finalist 2015) was recently awarded $100,000 to fund his team's efforts to get Global Scholar Certification as a designation on students' diplomas in Illinois.

Six teachers were awarded grants from Farmers Insurance as part of their Thank America's Teachers Dream Big Teacher Challenge. Brady, who has taught at Naperville Central High School since 2004, has worked tirelessly to improve the global competency of students in Illinois. It is expected that his award will impact thousands of students in his state.

Seth is the second NNSTOY member to receive this award. Justin Minkel (Arkansas 2007)  previously won the award to develop a home literacy program in his community.

"We brought those folks together and drafted a plan for the state in addition to what would become the Illinois Global Scholar Capstone," Brady told the Chicago Tribune. Read the article.

Three NNSTOY members have recently been published on our blog offering testimony to support the Power of NNSTOY during our Annual Giving Campaign. Check out Michael Dunlea's  (New Jersey Finalist 2012) "Meet Jayden and Be Changed," Michael Lindblad's (Oregon 2015) "Beyond the Noise in Teacher Leadership," and Michelle Pearson's (Colorado 2012) "NNSTOY Innovation: Living in a world of WHY? HOW? and WHAT'S NEXT?"

Leticia Guzman (DoDEA 2016) earned a lot of press coverage over her writing about her annual Thanksgiving dinner for immigrants. In this piece published by Scholastic, she describes how she and her colleagues approach to helping English learners to accelerate their learning and close gaps, while honoring their cultures and their intellectual capabilities.

Dana Boyd (Texas 2007) was named as one of 12 Educators Worth Following on Twitter.

An interview with Nate Bowlng (Washington 2016) was published by Robert Kaplinsky as part of a series about teacher observation.

Seven NNSTOY members who teach for the Department of Defense were awarded NNSTOY Level Three badges after going through training using NNSTOYs Teacher Leadership Modules. The educators developed their own plans to improve learning in their schools using the NNSTOY Change Protocol. They include: Ashley Melton (USA); Gariann Wrenchey (Germany);

Sarah Loomis (Germany); Rich Dysinger, (Germany); Kathy Holley (USA); Lisa Reed (USA); and Carmen Veray (Puerto Rico)

Michael Lindblad (Oregon 2015) was recently honored by the Nobel family as a Top 10 U.S. Educator.

Teachers Offer Loving Message Post Election

Leigh VandenAkker

One day after the presidential election, teachers at East High School, including Utah Teacher of the Year Leigh VandenAkker (2012), wasted no time showing their students they are absolutely valued for who they are.

Daphne Chen profiles the high school teachers who welcomed students back to school holding affirming signs that read, "You are why I love my job" and "Love>Fear."

VandenAkker told Chen that tensions had been high among students following the presidential election because six out of ten students are minorities. "We wanted them to know we love them," she said.

Shawn Sheehan's (Oklahoma 2016) article Where Do We Go from Here? A State Teacher of the Year reflects on his run for the Oklahoma State Senate, was published by NNSTOY. Sheehan tells the story of his general election loss during a bid for the state senate and what the election results in Oklahoma mean for teachers. "After last Tuesday, I feel like the message we teachers received in Oklahoma was: 1) you have no place at the State Capitol, and 2) we will keep saying we want to fund education, but we won't follow through. Only one actual teacher won his election and he will join the only other already elected."

Maddie Fennell (Nebraska 2007) published "The Teacher Prep Regulations - a Short Primer for Educators" in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Fennell breaks down the  new federal regulations for institutions preparing teachers. She writes, "The focus of the regulations is to provide transparency and feedback that will drive improvement in teacher preparation programs. The new regulations revamp institutional and state reporting that already exists, now drilling down to the program level." Fennell also argues that teachers who care about teacher prep should engage with their state now.

Lauren Eckman (Georgia 2013) has been profiled in the Atlanta Journal Constitution as a Great Georgia Teacher.

Dyane Smokorowski (Kansas 2013) participated in an ECET2 conference with Learning Forward recently, characterizing the event as "a long journey that reaped fantastic rewards."

Kathy Nimmer (Indiana 2015) is the winner of the 2016 Hasbrook Award. Nimmer was awarded for her "efforts to change minds about the capabilities of people with disabilities and her tenacity to succeed."  Watch the video

Angelica Jordan (Department of Defense 2011) posted this message about Shelly Moody (Maine 2011) on the NNSTOY Facebook page recently:

"Imagine my surprise, while in a Literacy training in Sigonella, Sicily, when a video of Shelly McNeil Moody teaching popped up on the screen. She did a great job explaining why it is important for students to unpack standards." 

Katy Smith (Minnesota 2010) hosted a Teaching Partners Office Hour last week. Check out the conversation about how teachers juggle the jobs of parent and teacher.

Tim Dove (Ohio 2012) was spotted on an NCTAF/Learning Forward webinar called Powering Up Your PD last week. Dove has been consulting with Learning Forward on a large-scale project to transform professional development. He is also working with CCSSO on teacher preparation and improving educational opportunities for students with disabilities. And, as if that's not enough, Dove is working with the Columbus Council of World Affairs to help high school students earn a Global Scholars diploma as part of their capstone projects.

Mike Flynn (Massachusetts 2008) and Megan Allen (Florida 2010) are offering scholarships for up to $10,000 for teachers to further develop their math leadership and teacher leadership skills at Mount Holyoke College. You can find out more about the scholarships by clicking the links for the Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching (MAMT) and  Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership (MATL). Both ground-breaking programs are available fully online through videoconferencing and lead by award-winning teachers from across the United States. The MATL involves a unique partnership with NNSTOY and currently has six STOYS as Professors of Practice and Teacher Leaders in Residence. They are asking members to please share this great opportunity and reach out if you need more information: [email protected] and [email protected].

Tom Rademacher's (Minnesota 2014) article My Name is Tom. I've Been a Teacher for 10 Years and I Still Get My Ass Kicked Nearly Every Day

was published on Education Post. Rademacher is critical the easy answers he often hears to complex education challenges. For example, when we say "Set high expectations and the students will meet them," he says we really mean this:

"Set high expectations, communicate them effectively and while simultaneously communicating concern and love and respect, and reinforce all those things while not enforcing your high expectations in a way that will damage your relationships or that tries to be too much of a buddy. Also, check yourself constantly to make sure your expectations are focused on students, are not reflections of your own Whiteness or experiences, and then some of your students will meet them, but not all, and not on all days."

Justin Minkel's (Arkansas 2007) article, What to Do When You Realize You Don't 'Like' Your Students, was published in EdWeek. Minkel recounts his first year of teaching when he realized that he liked his students as individuals.  "Even when misbehaving, my 4th graders were adorable and hilarious individuals," he writes. "But taken all together, as a group, I didn't enjoy their company. I got frustrated with their refusal to do the simplest things I asked of them, like putting down their pencils and looking up when I turned off the lights." Even after fifteen years of teaching, he sometimes has this problem, but he has learned how to recognize it--and change his attitude.

Lee-Ann Stephens (Minnesota 2007) spoke on a panel called "Revolutionizing School Leadership Under ESSA" on Capitol Hill earlier this month. The event was sponsored by NAESP and NASSP as part of Principal Appreciation Month. Stephens encouraged principals to cultivate teacher leaders in their schools and to think of themselves as "partners with teachers."

Nate Bowling's (Washington 2016) What We Owe the Next Generation of Teachers was featured on the U.S. Department of Education's Homeroom blog. Bowling describes his journey from being "a fairly mediocre teacher" through the years it took him to hit his stride. Bowling says he is concerned about the new teachers who started this fall, half of whom will be out of teaching in five years. "Teaching is hard," he writes. "The early parts of our career are harder. Being a new teacher in a high-need school, without the appropriate supports is the hardest. It breaks strong, smart people, but it's the most important work imaginable." Read about the meaningful supports he says educators owe to new teachers.

Ten State and National Teachers of the Year had their letter to the editor opposing Donald Trump published by the Washington Post last week. They include Rich Ognibene (New York 2008), Justin Minkel (Arkansas 2007), Shanna Peeples (NTOY and Texas 2015), James E. Ford (North Carolina 2015), Mohsen Ghafarri (Utah 2015), Jemelleh Coes (Georgia 2014), Pamela Cort (New Mexico 2013), Megan Allen (Florida 2010), Rich Mayorga (Arizona 2003), and Patricia Jordan (New York 1993). An excerpt: "We believe that Donald Trump is a danger to our society in general and to our students in particular. His words and actions have shown a consistent disdain for human dignity. His behavior goes against everything we teach the children in our care."

Rebecca Mieliwoki's (NTOY and California 2012) article Beyond the Binders: How Seeing Teachers as Learners Creates Meaningful PD That Sticks was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. She begins by describing the challenge teachers face when districts ask them "to take on new programs, new curriculum, new technology, new policies, new assessments, and new teaching methods. Their 'support' is delivered one giant binder and lengthy PD session at a time. Eventually the poor brains and shelves of teacher buckle under the weight of the implementation onslaught." Her solution? Treat teachers like learners.

Alex Kajitani's (California 2009) published a nifty piece in EdWeek on the NNSTOY blog. "Five Great (Short!) Videos for School Leaders" highlights good leadership videos that can be used to inspire a group or a leader who needs a boost.

Rich Ognibene (New York 2008) joined Secretary John King and White House Director of the Domestic Policy Council Cecilia Muñoz on a press call celebrating the country's record graduation rates. The Department of Education reported that it was refreshing to hear Ognibene's message that, when it comes to getting students to come to school, "carrots work much better than sticks."

Wisconsin teachers met virtually with U.S. Secretary of Education John King and advisors in an live chat. Participants were Mauston, Wisc., colleagues of State Teacher of the Year Leah Lechleiter-Luke (Wisconsin, 2009), who organized their participation.

Maryann Woods-Muphy's (New Jersey 2010) article "How High-Flying Teachers Get Their Wings" was published by EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Woods-Murphy draws similarities between the true account of how one man safely landed a USAir plane on the Hudson River and how teachers learn to make complex decisions on short notice. "It is our ongoing, human interactions that inform our expertise," she writes, "--helping a child whose mother has died, finding food for a student who had no breakfast, or teaching a class not to bully a new student who seems different. It is through these day-to-day 'regular deposits' that we cultivate an extensive repertoire of strategies that contribute to a greater 'bank' of experience that we can readily access when the situation calls for it."

Jahana Hayes (NTOY and Connecticut 2016) participated in a spirited and moving conversation with NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia on October 5 at NEA headquarters. Hayes spoke about her passion for teaching and how being selected as a State and National Teacher of the Year has changed her. "I spent the last decade in the classroom thinking I was alone," she told the audience of mostly NEA employees. "This has given me a platform to really talk about who my sudents are. These are individuals who will actually change the world."

Kim Worthy (District of Columbia 2009) and Jaclyn Roller Ryan (Virginia 2015) represented NNSTOY at a Tea with Teachers and Secretary of Education John King last month. The tea was hosted by the U.S. Department of Education and teachers shared their experiences around the issue of school discipline.

Tom Rademacher (Minnesota 2015) published a thoght-provoking piece,"My Big Ole Bully", on his webpage. He writes, "... have you heard that saying, 'Live life with the confidence of a mediocre white man'? I am that mediocre white man. Part of my discomfort with my big 'ole bully probably had a lot to do that we are both mediocre white men who are used to being treated like kings in every room we're in."

Joseph Fatheree's (Illinois 2007) extensive blog article "5 Steps to Empower Students with the Skills They Need to Change the World Through Story" was published on the NNSTOY blog. In the article, Fatheree gives tips and examples to help educators engage their students in powerful learning. Fatheree admits that like the rest of us, he teaches "in a test happy, standards driven, student data world." However, he urges teachers not to let that spoil their students' fun learning.

Ryan Kaiser (Maryland 2016) and Daniel Jocz (California 2016) have been accepted to the WWII in the Pacific Institute for teachers. They will be following the footsteps of American soldiers from San Francisco, Honolulu and Manila. Following their journey to important battle sites, they will create cross-curricular units for teachers to access online and presenting them at a social studies conference in San Francisco in 2017.

Curtis Chandler (Kansas 2011)'s article "Tips & Tools to Improve Notetaking Skills" on Middleweb. His article is full of practical strategies teachers can use to help learners process, organize, and transform information. His bottom line? " If we want to change our students'perception of note-taking, we must help them to understand, experience, and refine the process."

The DoDEA teacher leadership summit was organized by three DoDEA STOYs: Daniele Massey, Sarah Loomis (2015) and Mary Hansen. Massey earned her certification to teach Module II during the summit itself. She, Peggy Stewart (New Jersey 2005) and Katherine Bassett (New Jersey 2000) presented concepts and facilitated learning.

Kelisa Wing's (DoDEA 2017) article "Teacher Leadership, Going from Good to Great" was recently published on EduRise.

The article is her response  a Teacher Leadership Summit in Alexandria, Virginia. During the summit, Peggy Stewart (New Jersey), Daniele Massey (DoDeA ) and Katherine Bassett (New Jersey 2000) led DoDEA district Teachers of the Year through three days of training using Modules I-III of NNSTOY's Teaacher Leadership training. She writes that she is learning, "when we unite around the belief that teachers CAN be leaders, that teachers CAN be experts, and that teachers CAN be better together, then there is nothing that we cannot accomplish."

Alex Kajitani (California 2009) provided a virtual keynote address at the DoDEA Teacher Leadership Summit in Alexandria, Virginia. Kajitani urged Teachers of the Year do develop their own teaching and leadership style. In Kajitani style, he shared some nuggets of wisdom, including these:

  • There is a lot of negativity around education. We've got to own this. We've got to be the ones that are speaking up.
  • Being a teacher of the year does not mean and cannot mean that you are now sacrificing all of your time, all of your money, and all of your health.
  • The things you have accomplished in education up to this point pales in comparison to what you are going to accomplish in the next part of your career.

Maddie Fennell (Nebraska 2007) has recently accepted a position as an NEA Fellow., She will be working out of Omaha, as usual, and traveling when needed!

Shanna Peeples (NTOY and Texas 2015) Will be speaking at an event sponsored by Buff Allies October 10. Learn more on the Facebook page. If you are interested in watching the live streaming of her speech, email [email protected] and I will send you a link when it becomes available.

Allison Riddle's (Utah 2014) article "The Difficult (and Satisfying) Run of Teaching Defiant Students" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog.  She begins by describing the "insane joy" of running with her father. (Spoiler alert: it's an object lesson.)

"The best advice he ever gave me had to do with the hardest runs. He taught me that when a run feels the most challenging, I am probably making the most progress. 'After an especially difficult run,' he said, 'notice how much stronger you feel on the next run. Your discomfort is gone, your speed is back, and you are ready to tackle whatever the road offers you.'

Leigh VandenAkker, Alli Riddle, Gay Beck and Melody Apezteguia--all USTOY and NNSTOY members--represented Utah teachers at athe Joint Education Conference at Utah Valley University.

Sarah Brown Wessling's  (Iowa and NTOY 2010) article "Time to Rethink Our PD Paradigms" was published in EdWeek and  on theNNSTOY blog. In it, Wessling makes a confession about not always feeling engaged in professional development she attends. "Sometimes," she writes, "I want to check my phone...make a grocery list...respond to student work without anyone noticing." Read her insights about what PD presenters can do to authentically interact with teachers.

Maggie Mabery (California 2015) was one of two featured speakers at the kickoff for the U.S. Department of Education's back-to-school bus tour. Mabery spoke passionately about the importance of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which saved more than 20,000 education jobs in her state alone. She said, "ARRA also invested heavily in students from low income families and students with disabilities. During our most challenging times, like the Great Recession, we have to look at our core values and determine what's most important to us. I am thankful and I know I speak for teachers across America that we are all thankful, that during one of our generation's most challenging economic times, President Obama, the Department of Education, Secretary Duncan, Secretary King, and organizations like the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, put students and their needs first."

James E. Ford's (North Carolina 2015) article "Mission-Minded Teaching" was published in EdWeek and on theNNSTOY blog. Ford writes, "As educators prepare their hearts and minds for the endurance race of the academic year, we must also take time to reflect and remind ourselves of our purpose as educators. Revisiting the philosophical foundations of our work--understanding the 'why'--can provide much needed inspiration to sustain us throughout the year."

Joe Fatheree's (Illinois 2007) article "Leave Summer Vacation Alone," was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Fatheree argues that educators should stop complaining that the school year is not long enough because kids need time with their families and they learn during the summer as well as at school. He writes, "Adding time to the school calendar will not alone remedy systemic inequity present in American public education. Nor will extending the school year change the fact that a large percentage of the children in the United States live in poverty.

Justin Minkel's (Arkansas 2007) article "Accountability: Reclaiming the Worst Word in Education" was published inEdWeek. Minkel argues that the term "accountability" has always been "boring and sterile," but it has come to mean "punishment through standardized test scores." He contends that the word "

should mean doing right by our students."

Alex Kajitani's (California 2009) article "Another Year, Another Principal" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Kajitani offers tips to help educators manage a change in principal, writing,"Just as a new teacher forms their impressions about students and teaching based on their first few years in the classroom, a principal is forming their initial impressions of the school based on what they see and hear in the first few months. So. . . don't sit back and wait for the principal to figure out what you're working on."

Jody Zepp (Maryland 2015) was named the 2015 Claes Nobel Educator of the Year

The August ECET2 conference sponsored by the Maine State Teachers of the Year was featured in a post by Paula Bourque.

Dora Borja Miura (NMI 2016) was recently chosen as a Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching.

Rebecca Mieliwocki's (NTOY & California 2012) article "The Lifeline Every Teacher Leader Needs" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog. Mieliwocki encourages teacher leaders who find themselves in emerging roles to align themselves with a leader who can advise and encourage them. She writes, "If you find yourself entering the uncharted territory of being a teacher leader, chances are you're writing your job description as you go. In this wonderful new frontier where teachers lead teachers, much is new and much is unknown. What I do know is that without the support of leadership, and their commitment to guiding my development, I would be just getting by, not getting ahead."

Tara Dale's (Arizona Finalist 2014) article "The Secret to Engaging Students" was published on the blog, Educators for High Standards. In the article, Dale argues that one of a teacher's most important and challenging jobs is getting students interested in what they are learning. To accomplish this, she engages them "not by asking them to memorize the moon phases, but by teaching them to think..

Sean McComb's (NTOY & Maryland  2014) article 3 Strategies to Jumpstart Classroom Relationships was published on the Teaching Channel blog. In the post, McComb recounts his early thinking about student-teacher relationships: "To my new-teacher eyes it was a mystery. Did the magnetic teachers in my department just have some kind of superpower bestowed by the teaching gods? Or perhaps it was the result of a secret formula they got in their teacher education program? Was there a goat-sacrificing ceremony to which I wasn't invited?" The majority of the piece is stocked with solid and practical advice about how to build relationships in those "foundational first days" and keep them going to helps students grow.

Melissa Collins (Tennessee Finalist 2016) was featured in a post about Maverick Teachers at a Global Summit.

Whitney Crews' (Texas Elementary 2015) article "Changing Professional Development from the Inside Out" was published in EdWeek and the NNSTOY blog space. In it she writes, "If we want to be seen as professionals and treated as such, then we educators need get rid of our negative let's-get-this-over-with attitude. Instead we will seek out professional learning experiences that work for us and help our students to learn. Where none exist, we will craft them ourselves. Anything less is a disservice to us and our students."

Maddie Fennell's (Nebraska 2007)  "Your White Teacher is Wokehas garnered a lot of readership at Education Post. She writes: "I've been an educator for 26 years. Over 95 percent of the children I've taught have been children of color. I've worked very hard to not only teach with cultural sensitivity, but to confront my own prejudices and those of others. I call out friends and family members who make racist jokes or comments. Several of my students have lived with our family when they needed a home. I say all this because I want you to know that I thought I got it. I thought I understood institutional racism and White privilege. I knew it in my head but on July 7th it tore apart my heart."

The prolific Anna Baldwin had a piece published on Education Post that is also about educational equity and social justice. In "This is the Summer of Race and Equity in Education, she writes, "While talking in small groups, I brought myself to voice this sentiment, and a woman of color in my group said directly to me, 'But you have to speak up. It's really lonely doing this by ourselves.'"

In July NNSTOY held elections of the Board of Directors, with these results: Jemelleh Coes (Georgia 2014), Harriet Sanford (NEA Foundation) and Dyane Smokorowski (Kansas 2013) were elected to the Board of Directors in July. Paul Ferrari (CCSSO) was elected as an ex-officio board member. Bob Williams (Alaska 2009) and Margueritte Izzo (New York 2007) were reelected to serve on the Board of Directors. Peggy Allan (Illinois 1989) and Jon Quam (CCSSO) retired from the Board.

Anna E. Baldwin's blog article Walking two worlds: How I humbled myself and became an effective reservation teacher was published on Head in the Sand. The article highlights teacher mistakes many beginning teachers have made, such as teaching The Education of Little Tree as part of authentic Native American culture. She offers great advice from her experience: "Since most teachers are non-Indian, their experiences do not usually reflect the culture of the students they will be teaching. Instead, actively take the position of a learner. Humble yourself before the community you will serve, so that you allow yourself to be taught."  Also check out Anna E. Baldwin's post-conference blog article about race and equity.

Rebecca Mieliwocki (California/NTOY 2012) traveled to Beijing, China in June with a delegation from California State University, Northridge. She participated in a US-China Education Think Tank Dialogue on educational research, policymaking and innovation in the knowledge-based economy. Mieliwocki presented on personalized professional development for instructional leaders, participated on a panel on teacher quality with Harvard Graduate School of Education professor Fernando Reimers, and visited several schools to explore student-centered enrichment programs. Interestingly, the school tours coincided with the national college entrance exam-the Gaokao. The entire country was holding its breath as seniors everywhere sat for this extremely high-stakes test.

Maryann Woods-Murphy's (New Jersey 2010) article "Teens Talk About Racism" was published at Education Post and on the NNSTOY blog site. Woods-Murphy is the co-chair of Teens Talk About Racism. She writes, "I recognize that in a nation haunted by racism and the consequences of failing to eradicate it, students can help lead the way to better days."

Huge thanks go to Steve Bongiovi (New York 2005) for his critical help during the conference in Chicago. Bongiovi volunteered to do anything NNSTOY needed--from handing out drink tickets to taking on the raffle for our scholarships. This year's raffle sales topped $2,393 and easily broke last year's record.

Cathy Whitehead's (Tennessee 2016) "Teachers, I'll See You on Twitter" was published in EdWeek and the NNSTOY blog space. Her article is about the growth she experiences by surrounding herself with teachers who don't always think like she does. Whitehead writes that spending time with her new tribe, the class of 2016 STOYs, has pushed her thinking: "They push and challenge, argue and debate, and I have come to treasure the differences among us just as much as I do the similarities. Because of them, my perspective has broadened, shifted and changed."

June Teisan (Michigan 2008) has been featured on the Smithsonian Institution's Stories from Main Street. In the article about her, Teisan describes how she "sparked an interest" in science among the seventh graders who she taught and how she created a safe space for students to learn.

Lyon Terry (Washington 2015) had his article How should we measure school success? Now is your chance to weigh in published in the Seattle Times.

Steve Wyborney (Oregon 2005) has just published Writing on the Classroom Wall, a book that details the first 12 years of his journey in the classroom and shares 24 Big Ideas. A central theme of the book is the relationship between our beliefs about our students and their own self-identities.

Allison Riddle's (Utah 2014) "No App Can Replace Mastery" has been published by EdWeek and NNSTOY. She writes, "Over the last ten years as a fifth grade teacher, I have noticed a change in attitudes about learning. Both students and parents have grown increasingly frustrated when asked to take time to rehearse and apply critical math and reading proficiencies. Our Generation Z students and their parents are used to retrieving information instantly and being entertained constantly."

Rich Ognibene (New York 2008) recently spoke to superintendents in western New York about creating sustainable teacher-leadership roles in schools. At the end of the month, Ognibene will provide a keynote speech to 600 New York teachers about keeping the humanity in our profession.

Daniele Massey's (DoDEA 2013) article "Even in Virtual Classrooms, Teachers Build Bonds that Help Students Learn" was published in EdWeek and on the NNSTOY blog.

NNSTOY supported the Teach to Lead summit in Minneapolis in late July. Maddie Fennell (Nebraska 2007) Cheryl Anderson (NNSTOY Board) served as critical friends. Terry Kaldhusdal (Wisconsin 2007) and Janet Traynor (Wisconsin 2013) worked on a team from their state.

Josh Parker (Maryland 2012) represented NNSTOY at a Saving Tomorrow Today event in Baltimore, Maryland June 15. Parker also had an article published on Education Post and our NNSTOY site, The Danger of a Single Story and How the Common Core Can Help. Parker writes, "This notion of the single perspective as an enemy of deep critical thought is why the Common Core State Standards should be embraced. They should be embraced as a means to encourage students to plumb into texts in profound ways."

Alex Kajitani's (California 2009) article When Critics Pounce: How to Survive (& Thrive) When You're Burned as a Teacher Leader was published in EdWeek and on our blog. Kajitani writes that most Teacher Leaders start out as teachers, so they are intrinsically nice and positive, and they spend their days helping young people learn how to get along and be empathetic toward one another. However, he says, "When we begin to speak out in broader ways, we do it hoping to make a positive impact and bring people together. As a result, we often find ourselves unprepared to be on the receiving end of someone else's harsh, personal criticism."

Mary Pinkston's (Delaware 2010) blog article A Math Teacher's Journey from Frustration to Accomplishment of Common Core was published on Education Post and the NNSTOY blog page. Pinkston writes, "Contrary to some people's beliefs, math isn't about memorizing algorithms."

Alana Margeson (Maine 2012) starts a new job soon as Instructional Designer at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. She will be working with faculty on instructional strategies, student engagement, formative and summative assessment techniques and course alignment.

NNSTOY members were spotted at Microsoft's Innovative Educator Forum in Denver, Colorado, discovering how they can engage students in the latest ed tech innovations. They include Aaron Maurer (Iowa Finalist 2014), Dyane Smokorowski (2013 Kansas), Darcy Grimes (North Carolina 2013), and Sarah Loomis (DoDEA 2016).

An Illinois team of NNSTOY members has made it to the finals of the Agents for Learning Competition being run by NCTAF and Learnig Forward. They include four Illinois Finalists for State Teacher of the Year, Rebecca Wattleworth (2012), Jennifer Smith (2015), Jacob Carlson (2015) and Virginia Valdez (2013), and STOYs Joe Fatheree (2007) and Lynn Gaddis (1995).

Nate Bowling's (Washington 2016) blog article We have the answer, we choose to ignore it was published on Education Post.  Here's a bit from his powerful introduction: "There is a version of American history that I was taught in school. You were probably taught it too. America was founded, there were Indians, we had slavery--slavery was bad. Andrew Jackson screwed the Indians and they vanished. We h ad a Civil War and then Lincoln freed the slaves. After the war black people were still subjugated, but only in the South. Then there were two World Wars, with a Great Depression in between, and then Martin Luther King led some protests, had a Dream, died, and now we are all equal."

Anna Baldwin (Montana 2014) has been invited to participate in a conversation at the Aspen Institute about the states' role in ensuring educational equity. During the briefing call, folks running the event asked Baldwin if she will have any problem being outspoken during the workshop. They so don't know her yet!

Shanna Peeples (Texas 2015) has taken a new job in her current school district as Core Curriculum Specialist, ELAR 6-12. In her Facebook note, Peeples wrote that she will never stop being a teacher. "It's like Peter Parker being bitten by a radioactive spider," she once explained to a radio interviewer. "You can't just quit being a teacher like I say, quit being a deejay or a short-order cook at the bowling alley. You're a teacher for life."

Brett Bigham (Oregon 2014) will be speaking at the July 8 Save Our Schools Rally in Washington, D.C. Brett, who will be speaking about protecting civil rights for LGBT students and teachers, told us, "It's not every day a farm boy from Oregon gets to speak at the Lincoln Memorial, so I'm pretty excited!"

Monica Washington's (Texas 2014) article This is Why Teachers Really Count Down to Summer Vacation was published on Education Post.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson named Ouida Newton (Arkansas 2015) to the state Board of Education.

James E. Ford's (North Carolina 2015) State Teacher of the Year Says Teacher Appreciation Week is Not Enough was published in EdWeek.

Ronni Cohen (Delaware 2000) received the 2016 Excellence in Financial Literacy Award at a recent conference.

Karen Vogelsang (Tennessee 2015) was recently selected to join the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Teacher Advisory Council and the Teacher Advisory Group for NCTQ.

Sarah Brown Wessling's article Feeling Stuck in the "Right Field" of Teaching? How Teachers Can Get Unstuck this Summer was published in EdWeek.

Several Arizona State Teachers of the Year recently penned a piece for AZ Central, Teachers: Why We Need the Common Core. They include John-David Bowman (2015), Kristie Martiorelli (2012), Nancie Lindblom (2013), Beth Maloney (2014) and Amanda McAdams (2011). An interview and podcast with John-David Bowman about the negative effects of too much testing were also published recently.

Chris Poulos (Connecticut 2007), has been awarded a Fund for Teachers grant that will allow him to travel to Spain in the fall and participate in an Aspen Institute Seminar. Poulos's students were with him when he got the surprise announcement at school.

Justin Minkel's (Arkansas 2007) article How to Fight Teachers' 'Near Enemies' was published in EdWeek.

Gary Abud (Michigan 2013) published an interesting article on his blog, Being Michigan Teacher of the Year: Reflections on a Three-Year Ripple Effect in Teaching.

Allison Riddle's (Utah 2014) Every Brain Deserves a Break was published in EdWeek.

Peggy Stewart (New Jersey 2005), James E. Ford (North Carolina 2015), Anthony Grissillo (Pennsylvania 2015), Megan Allen (Florida 2010) and Katherine Bassett (New Jersey 2000) presented at the NASDTEC conference in Philadelphia.

Last week NNSTOYs represented at the National Teachers Hall of Fame. Above: Cindy Couchman (Kansas 2009), Les Nicholas (Pennsylvania 2004), Carol Strickland (1999 Kansas), Alex Kajitani (California 2009), June Teisan (Michigan 2008), Susan Rippe (Kansas 2000), Rich Ognibene (New York 2008).

Lori Michalec (Ohio 2015) testified before the State School Board with Ohio Education Association Vice-President Scott DiMauro and fellow commission member Dr. Cassandra Daniels. They spoke about their report that came out of their vision for public education as part of the Ohio Education Association's Commission on Student Success. Deb MacDonald (Ohio 2014) served as Chair of the Commission on Student Success.
David Moscarelli (Rhode Island 2015) has been nominated for the Nellie Mae Foundation's Larry O'Toole award that honors "an individual who has demonstrated great leadership in advancing student­-centered learning throughout New England." The winner will receive a $100,000 grant to continue the advancement of student­-centered approaches to learning for all students. The public can vote for David to win until Friday, June 3, 2016 at 12:00 pm EST.
James E. Ford's (North Carolina 2015) blog, "State Teacher of the Year Says Teacher Appreciation Week Not Enough" was published in EdWeek and on our website.
Anna Baldwin (Montana 2014), Sean McComb (Maryland 2014) and Melody Saroki Arabo (Michigan 2015) have been selected as Classroom Teaching Ambassador Fellows at the U.S. Department o Education for the 2016-2017 school year.
Kathy Nimmer (Indiana 2015) was filmed by the Hallmark Channel earlier this month at an event at Dollyword celebrating her receipt of the Chasing Rainbows award.Karen Vogelsang (Tennessee 2015), Ann Marie Corgill (Alabama 2015) and Edna Rogers (Tennessee 1989) attended the event.

Michael Dunlea (New Jersey finalist, 2012)had an op-ed published in the Ocean City (NJ) SentinelPay Teachers more now or bill will come due later. Dunlea is also featured in a video where he describes how he helps parents understand what their children are doing throughout the day.

Dana Boyd (Texas, 2007) has been selected as the Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year.

Pat Jordan (New York, 1993) published a blog about her experience on the Saving Tomorrow Today Panel with Roland Martin, called "Reflections on Saving Tomorrow Today" on the NNSTOY blogspot.

Michael Linblad (Oregon, 2015) will deliver the commencement address to the Linfield College class of 2016. Lindblad is a 1994 graduate of the college.

Lewis Chappelear (California, 2015) was a guest on KTLA TV 5 on Teacher  Appreciation Day, May 3.

David Bosso (Connecticut, 2012) lent his voice to the latest video in NNSTOYs series about what motivates teachers.

Justin Minkel's (Arkansas, 2007) blog, "How to End the School Year Right," was published in EdWeek.

Check out Angie Miller (New Hampshire, 2011) reading a heart-wrenching, true story about her mother who is homeless, called "Unspeakable Sacrifice." Though the video was released several years ago, it garnered renewed interest this past Mother's Day.

Two STOYs who were not featured in the CCSS videos being launched this week had a huge hand in their success. These include Terry Kaldhusdal (Wisconsin 2004), who served as editor, and Joe Fatheree (Illinois 2007), an NNSTOY staff member who produced them.

Peggy Jackson (2010, New Mexico) is now President Elect of the Board of Directors of the National Council for the Social Studies.

Joe Fatheree (2007, Illinois) will present a session on the Engagement Gap at ASCD's Whole Child Symposium May 4 (6:30-9:30 PM) at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Leigh VandenAkker (2012, Utah) spoke with leaders at the U.S. Department of Education, including Secretary John King April 19. Their discussion was about supporting undocumented students.

Rich Ognibene's (2008, New York) blog "American Schools Still Have Bragging Rights" appeared in Education Week.

Alex Kajitani's (2009, Caliifornia) blog "The #1 Factor Determining a Toxic or a Thriving School Culture" was published in Education Week.

A number of NNSTOY members worked on a teacher leadership project at the Teach to Lead Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana,  April 22-24. Pam Reilly's (2014, Illinois) team developed a plan teacher leadership in Illinois. Anna Baldwin 2014, Montana) worked on a project to provide support for rural teachers through National Board Certification. Mary Margarett King (2015, Mississippi),) Stacey Todd (2013, Mississippi), Stacey Donaldson (2010, Mississippi), Ginger Tedder (2016 finalist, Mississippi) and Anna  Morris (2016, Mississippi) developed plans to establish a STOY chapter in Mississippi that  will increase the capacity of teacher leaders to lead change efforts locally, statewide and nationally and improve the retention of great teachers.

Sarah Loomis had her first NNSTOY blog published in Education PostUsing Technology to Break Down Language Barriers in the Classroom.

Daniele Massey (2013, DODEA) wrote her first blog for NNSTOY, "How do we prepare teachers for the realities of a post-modern world?"

Shawn Sheehan (2016, Oklahoma) is running for the Oklahoma Legislature.

Karen Van Duyn (1999 finalist, Indiana) published "There's never been a better time to start listening to teachers."

Joe Fatheree (2007, Illinois) made a terrific contribution as a panelist discussing Fernando Reimers' new book, Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century at the National Press Club April 11.

Katherine Bassett (2000, New Jersey) has written an article in The Road Ahead for State Assessments, published by ETS. Look for it on page 9.

Anna Baldwin (2014, Montana) has made it to the final round of interviews for a Classroom Teaching Ambassador Fellowship. She travels to Washington, D.C. to interview this week.

Chris Poulos (2007, Connecticut), Joshua Parker (2012, Maryland) and Mary Pinkston (2010, Delaware) will be representing NNSTOY at the White House Rose Garden Ceremony naming the 2016 National Teacher of the Year Tuesday, May 3. Please look for their tweets and retweet their messages.

Monica Washington (2014, Texas), Patricia Jordan (1993, New York) and

Katherine Bassett (2000, New Jersey) participated in a panel hosted by Roland Martin called "Redeveloping our Community Schools" the National Action Network's National Convention. Also on the panel were Christopher Emdin and Charles Davis. Listen to the audio podcast.

Rebecca Mieliwocki's(2012, California and National Teacher of the Year) recent Education Week blog, "Answering the Million Dollar Question," garnered an interesting response from Tracy Crow of Learning Forward.

Jeanne Muzi (2009, New Jersey) has been selected as a National Geographic Teacher Fellow.

Betty phillipsIt is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Betty Phillips, Georgia State Teacher of the Year and Finalist for National Teacher of the Year 1975. She was integral in starting the Georgia chapter of NNSTOY.  Betty was an inspiring educator, having taught History, Social Studies, and Foreign Relations at the high school level and Political Science at the college level. She served on the Bibb County Board of Education for two terms and held the position of Board President for two years. Deeply active in her community, Betty was the recipient of numerous honors and awards and she will be deeply missed. Please read her obituary, including where to send tributes in her name here.


Fatheree Dubai teachingJoseph Fatheree, IL 2007, was recently celebrated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as one of ten Finalists for the Global Teaching Prize. As part of his time in Dubai, Joe taught a lesson to other educators, met with the selection committee, and had significant time to share and exchange best practices with the other Finalists in his cohort. It was an incredible experience and Joe represented us well. He will participate in a panel discussion in April sponsored by Harvard in Washington, DC on the topic of Fernando Reimers' new book on Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century at the National Press Club.



seth bergSeth Berg, CO 2008, has had a math puzzle published in the New York Times puzzle page.  Seth's math puzzle is the third one in this column. Can you work the solution?





Dana BoydDana Boyd, Texas 2007, and East Point Elementary School Principal  has been named one of nine finalists, the sole finalist in El Paso, for the Texas National Distinguished Principal award by the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (TEPSA).  Boyd was named a finalist for Texas National Distinguished Principal not only for her extraordinary campus leadership, but her commitment to students and staff, serving the community, and contributing to the profession.  She was among 97 principals to be nominated for 2016 award, TEPSA officials said.




Angie Miller HondaAngie Miller, NH 2011, has been selected as a Honda Road Readers profiled teacher.  Explore Road Readers here




Cheryl_Anderson Jemelleh Coes NNSTOY Board Member Cheryl Anderson and Jemelleh Coes, GA 2014, represented NNSTOY with CEO Katherine Bassett at a workshop on project scaling at the Harvard Graduate School of Education last weekend. NNSTOY used this training to explore how to better engage its members and expand its professional learning workshops.

Bosso_headshot2 OlsonDr. Derek Olson, MN 2009, and Dr. David Bosso, CT 2012, presented NNSTOY's latest report, Great to Influential, at the Teaching and Learning Conference 2016 as part of a panel discussion of the report. NNSTOY produced this report in partnership with American Institutes for Research with assistance from AACTE, AFT, CAEP, CCSSO, NBPTS, NCTQ, NEA. Find the report here


Parker GaddisDr. Lynn Gaddis, IL 1995 and Joshua Parker, MD 2012 were part of a discussion panel for the release of NNSTOY's second phase continuum study, Teacher Career Advancement Initiatives: Lessons Learned From Eight Case Studies, on Capitol Hill as the guests of Senator Jack Reed, RI.  Dr. Gaddis served as a principal investigator for the report, which NNSTOY produced in partnership with the Center for Educator Effectivness at Pearson and Public Impact, with assistance from the AFT and the NEA. Find the report here.

Peggy Stewart AllenPeggy Stewart, NJ 2005 and Megan Allen, FL 2010, presented NNSTOY's module on domain 3 of the Teacher Leader Model Standards at the Teaching and Learning Conference. Peggy also presented it at the Connecticut Empowered to Lead Conference hosted by a team of Connecticut State Teachers of the Year led by Dr. David Bosso, pictured two stories above.

Past News

Minnesota-Teachers-Minnesota-Senate  "At the January 26 hearing of the Minnesota State Legislature, eight former teachers of the year provided testimony ranging from English Learner programming to online collaborative curriculum"  Amy Hewett-Olatunde (MN 2015); Derek Olson (MN 2008); Megan Olivia Hall (MN 2013); Ryan Vernosh (MN 2010); Tom Rademacher (MN 2014); Jake Roehl (MN 2012); Katy Smith(MN 2011); and Mike Smart (MN 2007)


Why lawmakers should reject efforts to repeal college & career ready standards:

In this AL.com column, Jennifer Brown (AL 2015), describes her testimony in defense of the standards in front of the State Senate Committee.


STOYS at ECET2 San Diego  STOYs Angie Miller (NH 2011),  Julia King (DC 2013), Bill Day (DC 2014) and Shawn Sheehan (OK 2016) at the Gates Foundation’s Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers in San Diego.


Debra and Mohsen  Debra McDonald (OH 2014) was awarded the NEA Member Benefits Award for Teaching Excellence. Mohsen Ghaffari (UT 2015) was also a finalist for this award.


Joe_Fatheree_03 Joe Fatheree (IL 2007) has been recognized as a top 10 finalist for the Global Teacher prize. 


Check out Chris Holmes' (MO 2014) guest column for Missouri Teachers. 

Shawn Sheehan (OK 2016) featured in EdWeek: Teacher Shortages Put Pressure on Governors, Legislators

Leah Lechleither-Luke (WI 2010) and Lee-Ann Stephens (MN2007) have been named members for the Educators Rising Standards Committee.


Lind Reid and Shawn Sheehan  Linda Reid (OK 2007) and Shawn Sheehan (OK 2016) served as chief petitioners on a piece of legislation to add 1 penny sales tax to increase teacher salaries.

Hear Jody Zepp (MD 2015) speak about her commitment to diminishing the achievement gap as a the 2015 National Society of High School Scholars Teacher of the Year.

Kathy Powers (AR 2011) was recently selected as a teacher representative for Arkansas to go to Washington D.C. and work on ESSA implementation.


Jemelleh Coes Jemelleh Coes (GA 2014) recently posted an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Did Georgia make a mistake going it alone on tests? Should we have stuck with national Common Core Tests? 


11508_TeacherOfYear_03  Anthony Grisello (PA 2014) recaps his year of recognition. Check it out!


Anna-East-Baldwin1  Anna East Baldwin (MT 2014) is featured on this week's new teacher podcast.


Jody Zepp Teacher of the Year  Jody Zepp (MD 2015) recently named CLAES Nobel Teacher of the Year


Joe-Fatheree Global Teacher Prize  Joe Fatheree (IL 2007) is a finalist for the Global Teacher Prize


Josh Parker  An Award Winning Teacher Explains Why PARCC, Smarter Balanced are the Kind of Test Student's Should Take: Preparing Today's Kids for Tomorrow's Challenges--  a new op-ed by Josh Parker (MD 2012) published in The Hechinger Report.



Jeanne Muzi  New Op-ed in the NJ Spotlight by Jeanne Muzi (NJ 2010): Let's Try Seeing the Value of Common Core Testing with 'New Eyes'


Justin-Minkel-199x218Justin Minkel (AR 2007) wrote a blog post on EdWeek about NNSTOY's 2016 Annual Conference: Restoring Humanity to Teaching, and Delight to Our Classrooms.


2Angelica Jordan (DoDEA 2011), Sarah Loomis (DoDEA 2015) and Michelle Pearson (CO 2011) facilitated sending 5,500 cards to single soldiers overseas who cannot be with their families during the holidays.


IMG_2944Daniele Massey (DODEA 2013) attended a luncheon honoring veteran's and educators supporting the military  hosted by Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden.


0nEs2FO9Angela Mosier (NE 2013) is a finalist for the NE PAEMST award.

Jeff Wehr (WA 2011 Finalist) was recently awarded as a State Finalist for the Presidential Award in Science for WA State (PAEMST).

billWilliam Davenport (CT 2004) was sworn in as a member of the state Board of Education this morning at the board’s meeting in Hartford, Connecticut.

2015-08-02 03.43.57Holly Boffy (LA 2010) graduated from Walden University with a degree in Educational Leadership.

2015-07-31 23.00.32Dyane Smokorowski (KS 2013) is featured on the cover of this month's Splurge magazine.  http://www.splurgemag.com/

2015-07-27 17.06.35-2

A group of STOYs visited with senior staff at USED this past week.  Each STOY had a one-on-one meeting with a senior staff member followed by a discussion session with Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan and his team. Discussion topics ranged from parental involvement to creating culturally diverse classrooms to teacher leadership to assessment and evaluation.  Those participating were:  Daniele Massey (DODEA 2013), Sean McComb (MD and NTOY 2015), Joshua Parker (MD 2012), Lea Wainwright (DE 2014), Mary Pinkston (DE 2010), Jody Zepp (MD 2015), Kimberly Worthy (DC 2009), Bill Day (DC 2014), Pam Reilly (IL 2014), Maddie Fennell (NE 2007), Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000), Melissa Porfirio (VA 2014).

Bosso_headshot2David Bosso (CT 2012), earned his doctoral degree in Education from American International University.  This degree complements his two Master's degrees in History from Central Connecticut and Educational Technology and Computing from University of Hartford. David was also one of several STOYs to participate in the Unsung Heroes program at the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes this summer.

2015-07-17 14.36.55Approximately 80 STOYs participated in the National ECET2 Conference in Seattle, WA in July.  These STOYs primarily represented states that have not yet hosted a regional ECET2 convening and joined with hundreds of other educators in exploring the power of teacher leadership through the Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers program sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Peggy Stewart (NJ 2005) and Monica Washington (TX 2014) presented at the conference.  Anna East Baldwin (MT 2014) was a featured panelist.  https://celebrateteaching.com/communities/ecet2

2015-07-24 12.14.33Melody Arabo (MI 2015), Pat Graff (NM 1993), Argy Nestor (1995), Cindy Ollendyke (PA class of 2006) each led Teach to Lead teams at the Teach to Lead DC conference in July.  Maddie Fennell (NE 2007) was a co-organizer and Barbara Hopkins (NE 1988) and Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000) served as critical friends.

Shelby AabergShelby Aaberg (NE 2015) was recognized by President Obama last week with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching at the White House.

Lee-Ann (MN 2007) has been named to the Minnesota Board of Teaching for a four-year term.  In this  position, Lee-Ann will be working as a member of the Board of Teaching which oversees preparation, licensure and other issues related to educator employment.


StumpenhorstJosh Stumpenhorst (IL 2012) has been selected as the final keynote speaker at the upcoming ISTE conference.  Josh has also had a book  published, The New Teacher Revolution, available from Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1fAqtjY


Anna East BaldwinAnna East Baldwin (MT 2014) organized a TED X summit in Montana.  In addition, Anna gave a TED talk.  Finally, Anna has been selected as a National Hope Street Group Fellow for the coming year.  Check out the Bozeman TedX here:  http://www.tedxbozeman.com/


FunkhouserMichael Funkhouser (WV 2013) is our current STOY Blogger. Check out Mike's blog here: http://www.nnstoy.org/blogs/stoy-blog/



Megan Allen (FL 2010) has successfully launched the Master's Program in Teacher Leadership at Mount Holyoke in partnership with NNSTOY and NBPTS.  NNSTOY is both excited and grateful for the opportunity to use our module content as a foundational part of that program. You can find information about that program here: https://www.mtholyoke.edu/professional-graduate/master-arts-teacher-leadership


Justin Minkel (AR 2007) has had a featured article placed in Ed Week: http://www.edweek.org/tm/articles/2015/06/17/looping-a-way-underappreciated-school-improvement-initiative.html?cmp=ENL-TU-NEWS1


Bill Day (DC 2014) is featured in a video about the teaching of Mathematics on NNSTOY's You Tube site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jtAJlnOKW4


Hill briefingJody Zepp (MD 2015), Terry Dozier (SC and NTOY 1985), Marguerite Izzo (NY 2007), and Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000) were featured panelists at the release of NNSTOY's white paper on educator engagement in the policy process:




Maddie Fennell (NE 2007), Joshua Parker (MD 2012), Lee-Ann Stephens (MN 2007), Katie Brown (WA 2014), and Katherine Bassett were featured speakers at the recent NASDTEC conference in Portland, Oregon.


Lewis Chappelear (CA 2008) will be a featured author for an upcoming Scholastic article through our partnership with University of Phoenix and Scholastic.


Rebecca Ed WeekRebecca Mielwocki (CA and NTOY 2012) recently authored an article for Scholastic through our partnership with that organization and University of Phoenix.




GaddisLynn Gaddis (IL 1985) hosted a Teach to Lead Learning Lab for the State of Illinois recently in Springfield. Lynn organized a statewide meeting of stakeholders to move forward the Illinois Teach to Lead plan.




Lee-Ann (MN 2007) and Jeff Charbonneau (2014 National Teacher of the Year) have been named to the NBPTS Board of Directors. A wonderful and well-deserved opportunity for both!

Sarah Brown Wessling (2010 NTOY) explains how she makes the Common Core Standards come alive for her students by organizing the standards into 6 standards in a video called “Skinnying” the Standards into Six Buckets. View here!


Anna Baldwin's (MT 2014) teacher leader story is now posted on the Department of Education's Teach to Lead site. Read here!

Terry Kaldhusdal (WI 2007) is featured on Lowell Milken's site with a blog post explaining why kids need heroes. Terry is also a 2014 Lowell Milken fellow. Read the blog post here.


Steve Elza (IL 2015), who teaches high school automotive engineering, led the Fremd Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge team to 6th place at the national championship SEMA 2014 in  Las Vegas, NV.


Kathy Powers (AR 2011) and Maryann Woods-Murphy (NJ 2010) participated in a video about Common Core Standards in the classroom on Education Post. View here!


Christopher Poulos (CT 2007), Chandra Emerson (KY 2008), Amanda McAdams (AZ 2011), Mike Funkhouser (WV 2013), and Jemelleh Coes (GA 2014) attended the CCSSO SCEE conference in Tampa last week, representing NNSTOY.  They did so as part of a partnership between CCSSO and NNSTOY in which CCSSO asked for our help in getting STOYs to the SCEE meetings.


The Master’s program in Teacher Leadership at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts let by Megan Allen (FL 2010) was approved by the Board of Trustees.   They will be using NNSTOY modules built on the TLMS as part of their curriculum.  Megan conceived of and 'sold' this program to Mount Holyoke, compiling all data and resources to move it through the approval process. Thanks to Megan, teachers in MA and beyond will have access to a teacher leader Master's program through Mount Holyoke.


The Minnesota NNSTOY chapter met recently with representatives of the Minnesota State Senate to talk education policy.  This meeting was reported on in HometownSource: http://hometownsource.com/2014/10/29/joe-nathan-column-legislators-wisely-listen-to-state-teacher-of-the-year-winners/  This is an excellent example of what happens when STOYs reach out to policy makers.

MN STOYs Senate 2014


Mark Ray (WA 2012) is leading a group of library media specialists in Vancouver School District to serve as teacher leaders.  This effort was reported on recently by Digital Promise: http://www.digitalpromise.org/blog/entry/teacher-librarians-chart-a-new-course-in-vancouver-public-schools  Mark , who was also the subject of an article in School Library Journal: http://www.slj.com/2012/05/librarians/slj-talks-to-mark-ray-school-librarian-and-slayer-of-information-ignorance/, serves as the Director of Technology and Library Services.

Mark Ray


Angie Chaloux Miller (NH 2011) recently had a blog piece, This is 12, published in Mamalode:  http://mamalode.com/story/detail/this-is-12   Angie also visited recently with Wilma Ortiz-Marrero (MA 2011) at Wilma's home in Massachusetts.

Angie and Wilma Angie wilma

Jeff Baxter (KS 2014) was highlighted in a story by CNN on healthy lifestyles for his amazing loss of 270 pounds.

Jeff Baxter



Rebecca Mielwocki (CA and NTOY 2013) was highlighted in an Ed Week story on teacher leadership in California, by David Cohen:  http://mobile.edweek.org/c.jsp?DISPATCHED=true&cid=25983841&item=http%3A%2F%2Fblogs.edweek.org%2Fteachers%2Froad-trips-in-education%2F2014%2F10%2Fteacher_leadership_exception.html

Rebecca Ed Week


The New Jersey State Teachers of the Year held a dinner to welcome Mark Mautone (NJ 2015) in Princeton, NJ.  Mark is a preschool  teacher of students with autism.

NJ STOYs 2014


jamey20olney20summit_thumbnail.jpg__110x110_q85_cropJamey Olney's, DODEA 2000, school, Aspire Summit Charter Academy,  was featured in the New York Times. Read here!


vandenaarken1-199x218Leigh VandenAkker (UT 2012) was selected to participated in an SEL panel titled "From No Child to Whole Child: SEL in the Classroom." View a preview here!


AllisonRiddle-e1380213446249michael_dunlea_1Allison Riddle (UT 2014) and Michael Dunlea's (Finalist for NJ STOY 2012) teacher leader stories are posted in the Department of Education's Teach to Lead site. View here!


Justin Minkel and Luann Lindskov are finalists for the $100,000 grant from Farmers in the Thank a Million Teachers project. Please vote for them!



The 2014 class of STOYs is spending four days in reflective practice as the guests of Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ this week.  They will process their learnings this year and determine the next steps in their journeys as teacher leaders.2014 STOYs at ETS



Jeanne DelColle (NJ 2012) and Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000) visited with Christian Cruz, education advisor to Senator Cory Booker to discuss educator engagement in policy. Delcolle Bassett Cruz

2014 National Teacher of the Year Sean McComb wrote an op-ed on deeper learning in Huffington Post. Read HERE.

Christopher Poulos (CT 2007), Peggy Stewart (NJ 2005), and Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000) met with staff at USED at the invitation of Secretary Duncan and Laurie Calvert, to share our work.  We offered three 30-minute sessions on continuums of professional practice, training teachers in teacher leadership, and tiered evaluation research.USED


Anna Baldwin (MT 2014) was featured in an interview on her innovative approach to student achievement on EdVentures. Read her interview HERE.


Dorina Sackman (FL 2014) was featured in Wash Post as her district was selected for the Broad Prize. Congratulations, Dorina!  http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/districts-in-orlando-atlanta-split-school-prize/2014/09/22/e62a0dc2-4274-11e4-8042-aaff1640082e_story.html  Dorina wapost


Josh Parker (MD 2012) was interviewed about inspiring his students to read on Talks With Teachers. View his interview HERE.


Beth Maloney (AZ 2014) was interviewed on EdVenture about her use of innovation and technology in the classroom. Check out the interview HERE.

Jamie Manker (MO 2014) was featured on Bill Gate's Impatient Optimists blog. She writes that the Common Core gives students “authentic learning opportunities reflective of the complex, technical, and global world they are being asked to enter as adults.” Read HERE.

Allison Riddle (UT 2014) spoke to attendees at a recent Utah STOY Banquet. Listen to her address HERE.


Mary Schlieder was awarded a doctoral degree in Teacher Leadership from Walden University. Her research on the topic of Circle of Friends Peer-Mediated Intervention was published in The Journal of Social Change. http://www.publishing.waldenu.edu/jsc/vol6/iss1/3/



Seth Berg (CO 2008) wrote about the power of the Common Core to unleash creative approaches to teaching in a Denver Post op-ed. Berg explained how a video of 22,000 tumbling dominoes can be used to create a series of lessons aligned to the standards: “We need to make teaching and learning more fun by increasing academic challenges.”



Inga Smith Inga Smith, (OH 1983), is working as a professional photographer. She recently sold several photographs, including this one, entitled Artist at Work.


Monica Washington (TX 2014), Joshua Parker (MD 2012), and Jemelleh Coes (GA 2014) have been nominated by NNSTOY for the Board of Directors of NBPTS.


image006Anna Baldwin was interviewed by Jon Schnorr of USED on testing; her comments had a direct impact on the Secretary’s announcement last week. NNSTOY will be interviewing Anna on her meeting in the next few days.

One of Ryan Devlin’s (PA 2014) favorite lesson plans was featured in a blog piece by Melinda Gates. http://www.gatesnotes.com/Education/Great-Teachers-Great-Lessons


image002Katie Brown (WA 2014) met with Bill Gates one-on-one and Bill wrote a blog piece about that meeting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPSRbHucF24


image007Dyane Smokorowski (KS 2013) wrote a blog piece for the Center for Educator Effectiveness at Pearson on tech use in the classroom. http://researchnetwork.pearson.com/author/dyanesmokorowski


image004Maddie Fennell wrote a reactionary blog to Secretary Duncan’s announcement last week that was posted in Ed Week via Rick Hess’s column. https://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/rick_hess_straight_up/2014/08/duncans_course_correction_on_teacher_evaluation.html?cmp=ENL-EU-NEWS2


image010Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000) wrote a blog piece for the University of Pennsylvania’s Reg Blog. http://www.regblog.org/2014/08/19-bassett-common-core-initiatives.html


image012Jemelleh Coes (GA 2014) was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal regarding her views on the CCSS.


image014Brett Bigham is being interviewed by Motolo Rich for the New York Times on his comments influencing Secretary Duncan’s decision to offer state waivers to delay use of test data in evaluation.


June Teisan (MI 2008) has been selected as an Einstein Fellow in Washington, D.C. Congratulations, June!

Dana Boyd (TX 2007) was selected to join the Raise Your Hand Texas Leadership Program and attend a summer institute at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Michael Flynn (MA 2011) participated in an interview with Mount Holyoke College President Lynn Pasquerella about a variety of crucial education issues. He did a great job! View here!


Monica Washington (TX 2014) and Jack Cody (TX 2000) met with members of the Texas legislature.Monica and Jack in TX

Six STOYs took part in an ETS focus group on the future of tech in testing. Pictured here are Katie Ferguson (NY 2012), Jeanne Muzi (NJ 2010), and Barbara Walton-Faria (RI 2008); not pictured are Brett Bigham (OR 2014), Terry Kaldusahl (WI 2007), and Adam Gray (MA 2012).  STOYs in Princeton for ETS focus group.


National Teacher of the Year 2014, Sean McComb, was featured on the cover of Parade magazine last week. Great article on teaching featuring Sean.NTOY 2014 Sean McComb on the cover of Parade Magazine!

Pamela Reilly (IL 2014) was featured on the cover of InVironments magazine.IL STOY 2014 Pam Reilly on the cover of InVironments

Dorina Sackman (FL 2014) and Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000) co-presented NNSTOY’s Professional Development module on teacher leadership at the Florida ECET2 conference in Saint Augustine.

Sackman and Bassett ECET2 FL


Angie Miller (NH 2011) contributed a piece to a new book by Anne Imig called Listen to Your Mother; the book will be out in April.


Jadun McCarthy (GA 2012) and Monica Washington (TX 2014) have been nominated for a position on the National Board’s Board of Directors.


A group of STOYs participated in their doctoral in-person sessions at the same time in New Orleans this week. Pictured here are Jackie Roehl (MN 2013), Heidi Welch (NH 2013), Laura Drake (WY 2013), and Stacy Jackson Todd (MS 2013).  Not pictured, Bobbi Jo Bray, MI 2013 and L'Asha Warfield, CA 2013 .


Alex Kajitani (CA 2009) presented at the school in which Tania Grimes (IN 2009) is principal to kick off the school year – Owning It! Alex Kajitani presenting in Xavier with Tania Grimes


News From Previous Weeks

Gilbert Yee, CA STOY 1978 has passed away. In honor of his inspiring life, we are posting a poem he wrote himself:

Exploring the Pathway to a Star


Gilbert C. Yee (CA 78)

Exploring the pathway to a star is like a journey to a goal or destination.

The pathways are sparkled with energy of enthusiasm and great expectations.

The thrust of the course is powered with hard work, challenges, and sacrifices.

It is armed with persistency to overcome obstacles, failures, and barriers.

Thus, the goal or destination is assured.

There is always great joy in reaching our goal or destination, but a greater joy is yet to come as we continue our pathways of exploration to other new stars.

Terry_K_in_Chicago2_1Terry Kaldhusdal (WI 2011) is pleased to announce that the theatrical premiere of the Director's Cut of "Consider the Conversation 2: Stories about Cure, Relief, and Comfort" will take place on Saturday, October 4th at 7 p.m. at the Oconomowoc Arts Center in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Immediately following the screening, Bernhagen will moderate a panel discussion including George Poirier, Mariah Singer, Toby Campbell, MD, and James Cleary, MD (all featured in the film) as well as Kaldhusdal and Kelly Cooke, DO, a palliative care physician with ProHealth Care.



Last week, Justin Minkel, Arkansas State Teacher of the Year 2007 and NNSTOY Board Member was invited along with three other teachers to join President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to discuss the teaching profession, education, and school reform.

This is an exciting display of teacher leadership and NNSTOY's presence in the education policy discussion. A series of pieces about the luncheon are being published in the Washington Post, written from multiple perspectives, including the first from Justin Minkel himself.

To catch up on the conversation at the White House, please read the articles below.

What Four Teachers Told Obama Over Lunch - Justin Minkel

Readers React to What Teachers Told Obama - Valerie Strauss

Did Obama and Duncan Really Hear What Four Teachers Told Them? - Barnett Berry


BsLs5n7CYAAYb4S.jpg-largeJeanne DelColle (NJ 2012) and Claudine Keenan, Dean of Stockton College, were mentioned in the Stockton Times for participating in NNSTOY's national conference. Jeanne was our conference chair and did a fabulous job! Read more here.




05400a8a7bdc992c261edc4d5c1e0bb5Ryan Devlin (PA 2013) participated in a panel discussing the state of teaching in Pennsylvania. This EPLC Focus on Education Program initially aired on July 13, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. EST on Pennsylvania Cable Network and re-aired several more times. View here!


10356151_10152417975693954_10392885492168934_nHeidi Welch (VT 2013) received the Dolly Parton Chasing Rainbows award, presented by Dolly Parton. The award is a partnership between Dolly Parton Chasing Rainbows Foundation and NNSTOY given annually to a teacher who has overcome adversity. Enda Rogers (TN 1989) coordinates this partnership.


327633_4879884_ver1.0_640_480Allyson Chick (TN 2013) was inducted into the University of Michigan Hall of Fame.



Michael Flynn, MA 2008, had a blog piece published in Ed Week. Read here!



David Bosso, CT 2012, Derek Olson, MN 2009, and Katherine Bassett, NJ 2000 presented at the release of NNSTOY’s survey study in April at the CCSSO conference for 2014 STOYs.



DSCF3264Jeanne DelColle (NJ 2012) had an article published in the NJEA Magazine: Read here!



Michael Dunlea, Finalist for NJ STOY 2012 had a blog piece posted in the Gates Foundation’s Impatient Optimists. Read here!



Governor Jay Nixon of MO visited the classroom of Jamie Manker, MO 2014!


Marguerite Izzo, NY 2007 and Katherine Bassett NJ 2000 represented NNSTOY at a PIE Network conference on CCSS.


Amy Weems LA 2013, Pamela Harman, AL 2008, represented NNSTOY at a meeting hosted by LearnZillion, focusing on professional learning. They served as critical friends/observers.


UnknownCheryl Conley FL 2011 has a new position. Cheryl is working as Associations Manager for the School Improvement Network, an organization devoted to professional learning opportunities for teachers.


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 6.17.52 PM

Alex Kajitani coordinated the first California Teacher of the Year Leadership Summit, featuring STOYs Rebecca Mielwocki and Alan Sitomer: http://www.teacheroftheyearsummit.org/



katie-brownKatie Brown (WA 2014) had a blog piece on CCSS published in the Seattle Times. Read here!


Jamey Olney (DODEA 2000), Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000), Tim Dove (OH 2011 and 2012), Megan Allen (FL 2010) and Stefani Cook (ID 2011) presented at the NASDTEC conference in Kansas City, MO.


2014 National Teacher of the Year Finalist Ryan Devlin selected for PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators! Read more here!


LMC-Fellow-Dyane-Smokorowski-profile LMC-Fellow-Ali-Weimer-profile LMC-Fellow-Bethany-BernasconiBethany Bernasconi (NH 2012), Ali Weimer (AR 2014), and Dyane Smokorowski (KS 2013) were selected as Lowell-Milken Center Fellows. A well-deserved honor for you three!



Eric Coombs (OH 2006),recently published an awesome book about his experience in teaching after retiring as a military Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. The book is titled Mission Critical: A Veteran's Tour of Duty in Public Education and you can order it here.



1989 UT STOY Lily Eskelsen García is now the Vice President of NEA. Way to go, Lily!


Daniele Massey, DoDEA's 2013 Teacher of the Year, accepted a position with ASCD as a regional implementation manager for the Mid-Atlantic region. Congratulations, Daniele!


The MI STOYs came together to honor their newest member, Gary Abud, Jr.; there were 7 years of STOYs represented.


Unknown-1Jeff Charbonneau, 2014 National Teacher of the Year, was interviewed in EdTech about teaching science. Read the article here!




Joshua Parker, MD 2012, Lucas Foley, VT 2014, and Jonathan Crossley, AR 2014, were featured in an interview panel discussing What Teachers of the Year Can Teach Us



Megan and Mike engagedMegan Allen, FL 2010 and Michael Flynn, MA 2008, have announced that they are engaged to be married.  These two awesome STOYs have impacted so many young people in such positive ways, individually.  It will be exciting to see the impact that they create together.  Congratulations, Mazel Tov, Much Joy Megan and Mike, from your NNSTOY family



caps for yapFaith Washburn, PA 2000, has started an initiative to provide knitted caps to seriously ill babies in the Micronesian island of Yap.  The hospital has no equipment to help keep the babies warm.  Caps for Yap has now provided dozens of caps and funding for equipment to this tiny Micronesian island hospital.  For more information, click here:   http://www.gofundme.com/60nhk4


Katherine Bassett, NJ 2000, represented NNSTOY at the NEA Real World Perspectives on Teaching event on Capitol Hill on April 2nd.  Bassett spoke on professional learning.  http://www.nea.org/assets/docs/RYH_Agenda.pdf


Bassett also had a blog, Banning Hope, posted in Rick Hess Straight Up: https://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/rick_hess_straight_up/2014/04/katherine_bassett_on_banning_hope.html?cmp=ENL-EU-NEWS3

Sarah Brown Wessling, IA and NTOY 2010, has started an online discussion on the Common Core State Standards.  Join it here: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.b.wessling/posts/10203733235475167


Michelle-Pearson-DARMichelle Pearson, CO 2011, was honored with an award for excellence in teaching history by the Daughters of the American Revolution



NY-STOYsAn incredible group of New York State Teachers of the Year met in New York City for a day of learning and growing together.  They also made time for some fun.


Alex Kajitani, CA 2009, and his daughter Senna both delivered TED talks recently.  Senna's, Lemons From Lemonade, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLYOUGo0ml4 received a standing ovation and she has been invited to give a speech in Palm Springs!  Alex's wasn't too bad either!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVR6Usd0usY


Kristen PaulKristin Record, CT 2011 and Paul Andersen, MT 2011, met up recently at the National Science Teachers Association Conference.  Nice reunion!


Previous Posts

Marguerite Izzo, NY 2007, and Cindy Couchman, KS 2009, were selected for induction into the National Teacher Hall of Fame. The 2014 class was announced today in surprise ceremonies at the schools of the five selectees.  NNSTOY is so proud of both of these incredible educators.

Izzo, Marguerite Photo

Marguerite Izzo, NY 2007

Cindy Couchman, KS 2009

Cindy Couchman, KS 2009

Christopher Poulos, CT 2007, was featured blogger for the Center for Great Teachers and Leaders.  Read Chris's blog posting, Great Teachers and Leaders for All Learners, here:  http://www.gtlcenter.org/blog

Justin Minkel, AR 2007, and Chris Poulos were quoted in this week's edition of The Teacher's Edition, a publication of the USED.  You can read their comments here, under Power of Teacher Leadership, Hybrid Roles:  http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USED/bulletins/a7f3be

Jadun McCarthy, GA 2012, met this week with researchers from NNSTOY and the Center for Educator Effectiveness at Pearson in regard to a potential partnership with Atlanta Public Schools where Jay is the Director of Performance Management and Compensation.

Heidi Welch, NH 2013, has been selected as the recipient of the Chasing Rainbows Award for 2014.  The Chasing Rainbows Award is a partnership between the Dolly Parton Chasing Rainbows Foundation and NNSTOY.  Heidi will received her award from Ms. Parton in early May.  The award is given annually to a teacher who has overcome adversity in his or her career as an educator.

Brett Brigham, OR 2014 and Katie Brown, WA 2014, reconnected in Portland where Katie was presenting.

Brigham and Brown


Pam Reilly (IL 2014) spoke about teaching recently to students at Elmhurst College.Pam Reilly Elmhurst College


Faith Washburn (PA 2000) and Jamey Olney (DODEA 2000) enjoyed a mini-reunion at the ASCD conference in California recently.  Washburn and Olney at ASCD



Beth Maloney (AZ 2014) and Bill Day (DC 2014) met up at the Teaching and Learning Conference in DC this past weekend.  Bill was projected on screen asking a question of Bill Gates.  Bill Day at TLBill also introduced the NNSTOY session on our white paper.


Brett Brigham (OR 2014) wrote an op ed that was printed in the Oregonian:  http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2014/03/common_core_standards_are_not.html 


Sarah Brown Wessling (IA and NTOY 2010) facilitated a discussion session at the Teaching and Learning Conference with panelists Lynn Gaddis (IL 1985), Megan Allen (FL 2010), and Maddie Fennell (NE 2007) on the NNSTOY white paper on transforming the teaching profession.  The packed session was graphically captured by artist Taryl Hansen.Taryl Hansen recording 2


Anne Keith (MT 2010) introduced Bill Gates at the Teaching and Learning conference.Anne Keith at TL



Jeffrey Charbonneau (WA and NTOY 2013) introduced Tony Wagner at the Teaching and Learning Conference; Jeff encouraged us to lift up the profession and lead.Charbonneau at TL


Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000 and NNSTOY CEO) presented to a group of Teacher Ambassador Fellows and other educators at the USED as part of the pre-conference sessions for the Teaching and Learning Conference on Thursday.  The topic was teacher leadership and advocating for constructive change. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





Cathy Cartier (MO 2013) and Carole Morbitzer (OH 2013) had an impromptu reunion recently at a volleyball tournament. Cartier and Morbitzer



David Bosso at NPR interview.

David Bosso (CT 2012) was one of four Connecticut teachers interviewed on National Public Radio in a segment called Where We Teach.  You can read about this experience here:  http://wnpr.org/post/where-we-teach-conversation-connecticuts-teachers


Justin Minkel, (AR 2007), was featured in the NBPTS newsletter in the January edition:  http://www2.smartbrief.com/servlet/ArchiveServlet?issueid=7FD1CA; AC-CC93-4A33-A309-EE8F2E7C4CF7&lmid=archives


Christopher Poulos, (CT 2007), was selected to be part of the Hope Street Group Fellows for 2014.


Joe Fatheree (IL 2007), Alex Kajitani (CA 2009), Peggy Stewart (NJ 2005), and Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000) are working on building NNSTOY’s first professional learning module on teacher leadership.  This module focuses on adult learning, domain one of the Teacher Leader Model Standards.


Lynn Gaddis (IL 1985) has begun work on the Phase Two continuum study for NNSTOY.


Michael Dunlea, (NJ STOY Finalist 2012), was selected to be part of the Hope Street Group Fellows for 2014; Michael is already an American Achieves Fellow.


The following STOYs represented NNSTOY at the Gates ECET2 national convening in Utah recently:  Alex Kajitani (CA 2010), Peggy Stewart (NJ 2005), Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000), Leigh VandenAkker (UT 2012), Justin Minkel (AR 2007), Maddie Fennell (NE 2007), Kristie Martorelli (AZ 2012), Anne Keith (MT 2007).  Anna Shults (IN 2007) coordinated the conference for Gates. Michael Dunlea, NNSTOY’s first STOY Finalist member (NJ 2012) also attended. Maddie co-presented on cage-busting teaching with Rick Hess while Peggy, Alex, and Katherine presented a 70-minute version of the full-day workshop they are developing for NNSTOY on adult learning as part of teacher leadership.  ECET2 conference








Arizona STOYs

Kristi Martorelli (AZ 2012) and Nancy Lindblom (AZ 2013) were joined by other educators advocating for the defeat of a State bill that would have eliminated CCSS.  They were successful; the bill was defeated.  Way to use those teacher leadership skills!




Monica Washington (TX 2014) is our current STOY blogger:  read The Power of Present Tense here.  http://www.nnstoy.org/category/stoy-blog/


Karen Dickerson (NC 2014) was our previous STOY blogger.  You can read her blog, A Frozen Moment Among Memories and Hopes for the Future here:  http://www.nnstoy.org/a-frozen-moment-among-memories-and-hopes-for-the-future/


14 awesome STOYs blogged for Rick Hess for the first two weeks of  February, sharing their thoughts about teacher leadership.  They are:  Dave Bosso (CT 2012), Barbara Hopkins (NE 1989), Ryan Vernosh (MN 2011), Mike Flynn (MA 2008), Maddie Fennell (NE 2007), Kathy Powers (AR 2011), Curtis Chandler (KS 2011), Josh Stumpenhorst (IL 2012), Greg Ahlquist (NY 2013), Jeff Charbonneau (WA and NTOY 2013), Angie Miller (NH 2011), Josh Parker (MD 2012), Maryann Woods-Murphy (NJ 2010), Joe Fatheree (IL 2007).  You can read their blogs through Ed Week, Rick Hess Straight Up.  In Google, type in Rick Hess Straight Up and the last name of the blogger.  Here is Jeff’s:  https://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/rick_hess_straight_up/2014/02/what_i_want_from_my_principal.html


Barbara Walton-Faria (RI  2009) has been selected to chair the Rhode Island Teacher Advisory Council, a legislatively mandated body.  She was selected by her peers.


The following STOYs participated in a call with high-level USED officials on the topic of assessment, both formative and summative, including the coming CCSS assessments:  Barbara Walton-Faria (RI 2009), Barbara LaSaracina (NJ 2001), Rebecca Mielwocki (CA and NTOY 2012), Adam Gray (MA 2012), Katie Ferguson (NY 2012), Peggy Allen (IL 1989), Annice Brave (IL 2011), and Josh Parker (MD 2012).


Cathy Cartier (MO 2013) was the subject of a news article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on working with state policy makers:  http://m.stltoday.com/news/local/education/the-debate-on-common-core-rages-even-as-teachers-are/article_077c3a00-69a0-5717-a6e3-fcb2821e4948.html?mobile_touch=true



Anna East Baldwin (MT 2014) met with her Commissioner, Governor, and State and National AFT presidents recently.Anna East Baldwin




The Virginia State Teacher of the Year Network held its 2014 conference celebrating Melissa Portfirio and other excellent educators.  VA STOY




The following STOYs have been interviewed for the online podcast show Talks With Teachers:  Jeff Charbonneau (WA and NTOY 2013), Sarah Brown Wessling (IA and NTOY 2010), Stephen Perkins (IN 2014), and Curtis Chandler (KS 2011).  If you are interested in being interviewed, contact Katherine at [email protected]    http://talkswithteachers.com/podcasts/

Two new episodes of The Ignite Show featuring STOYs teaching to the Common Core State Standards and talking about the standards have been released.  Elaine Hutchison (OK 2013) and Lewis Chappelear (CA 2008) both were featured teachers in teaching to CCSS Mathematics standards.  In the episode featuring Elaine, http://www.gpb.org/the-ignite-show/season-2/episode/elaine-hutchison, Jeanne Muzi (NJ 2009), Kimberly Worthy (DC 2009), and Megan Allen (FL 2010) were interviewed.  In the episode featuring Lewis, http://www.gpb.org/the-ignite-show/season-2/episode/lewis-chappelear,Leigh VandenAkker (UT 2012), Marguerite Izzo (NY 2007), Ryan Vernosh (MN 2011), and were interviewed.

Kathy Powers (AR 2011) has published a new blog piece on CCSS entitled My Classroom View From the Core. You can read it here: http://www.aeaonline.org/blogs/common-core-corner

Curtis Chandler (KS 2011) has published a new blog entry, Working to Reach the Reluctant Reader: http://betterlearningforschools.com/working-to-reach-the-reluctant-reader/

Anna Shults (IN 2007) has taken a new position. Anna is serving as Teaching Fellow at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  NNSTOY is now working with Anna in this new role.  Congratulations, Anna!

Irv Richardson (ME 1988) is leading ISLLC standards redesign for the Council of Chief State School Officers.  The ISSLC standards are the core standards for school leader performance in numerous states.

Marcia Ritter (MO 1995) is working with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on a major effort to Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Legislative Shadowing Project.

Jason Kamras (DC and NTOY 2005), Kimberly Worthy (DC 2009), Dr. Lynn Gaddis (IL 1995) participated in the release of the report Creating Sustainable Career Trajectories, for which Lynn was a primary author at The Fordham Institute on December 12th.  Jason and Kimberly served as discussants. http://www.nnstoy.org/our-work/publications/

Jason Kamras, Kimberly Worthy, Lynn Gaddis, Katie Natale, Kathy McKnight, Rick Hess

Jason Kamras, Kimberly Worthy, Lynn Gaddis, Katie Natale, Kathy McKnight, Rick Hess

Phil Bigler (VA and NTOY 1998) and Derek Olson (MN 2009) are representing NNSTOY as teacher-researchers in the survey study that many of you participated in recently.  Phil and Derek participated in a recent meeting of the study partners – AACTE, AIR, CAEP, CCSSO, NCTQ, NEA, and NNSTOY in examining the study data collected and outlining the writing of the report.  Jon Quam represented CCSSO.

Derek Olson, Phil Bigler, Jon Quam, Katherine Bassett

Derek Olson, Phil Bigler, Jon Quam, Katherine Bassett

Maddie Fennell, Luisa Paloma, Bob Feurer, John Heineman, Mary Schlieder – all NE STOYs – were recently filmed by Teachscape as part of a collaboration between Teachscape and NNSTOY to capture teaching performance on camera for use in training scorers in observation using the Danielson Framework.  Teachscape filmed five minute clips of STOYs talking about policy and advocacy for NNSTOY’s use as well.

Week of November 24, 2013

Daniele Massey, DODEA 13, Shannon Shanning, Maine '13, and Katie Anderson South Dakota '13.   We participated in the council of state governments deeper learning focus group to review the policy framework.  The framework focuses on 5 areas of education:  curriculum and instruction, teacher effectiveness and evaluation, assessments, accountability, and use of time.  It was fascinating to be able to elevate our teacher voices to improving education at scale for all students, teachers, and ultimately all communities!  STOYs in AZ

Tony Mullen has published a terrific blog piece in Ed Week Why I Became a Teacher; Why I"m Still Teaching.  You can access it here: https://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/teacher_in_a_strange_land/2013/11/national_teacher_of_the_year_2009_why_i_became_a_teacher_why_im_still_teaching.html

Katherine Bassett’s blog piece on professionalizing teaching was published by Hope Street Group; you can read it at http://www.hopestreetgroup.org/blog/professionalizing-teaching-educator%E2%80%99s-perspective.

Peggy Stewart (NJ 2005), Alex Kajitani (CA 2009) and Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000) worked together to develop the beginning of a professional development module on teacher leadership for three days in San Diego.  This first prototype module focuses on domain one of the Teacher Leader Model Standards and is tentatively entitled Teacher Leaders as Change Agents.  PL module building

A group of Minnesota STOYs testified to the Minnesota State Legislature and visited the Governor at his offices to discuss  variety of topics related to education policy.  Minnesota has recently started the process of establishing an NNSTOY chapter and this is one of their first acts.  http://www.minnpost.com/author/beth-hawkins  MN STOYS testify








An editorial regarding the join letter in support of the CCSS written by Montana STOYs appeared in the xx newspaper recently.  You can find it here: http://www.flatheadnewsgroup.com/hungryhorsenews/article_139db9a0-2d10-11e3-9fde-001a4bcf887a.html

Maddie Fennell (NE 2007) and Rebecca Mielwocki (CA and NTOY 2012) represented NNSTOY at an AEI forum on K12 education in New Orleans this week.

The following STOYs were nominated to participate in a CCSS conference sponsored by Student Achievement Partners in Chicago last week: Tim Dove (OH 2012), Adam Gray (MA 20120), Josh Stumpenhorst (IL 2012), Jadun McCarthy (GA 2011),  Amanda Westenberg (CO 2013), Alvin Davis (FL 2012), Peggy Allen (IL 1998), Annice Brave (Il 2011), Laurie Carlton (LA 2008), Matinga Ragataz (MI 2011), Bobbi Jo Kenyon (MI 2013), Jessica Garner (NC 2010), Karen Dickerson (NC 2014) Carole Morbitzer (OH 2013), Jean Lamar (FL 2009). 

Josh Stumpenhorst, Adam Gray, and Tim Dove learning about the CCSS in Chicago.

Josh Stumpenhorst, Adam Gray, and Tim Dove learning about the CCSS in Chicago.

Jessica Waters RI 13 has released the collaborative research that was done in her classroom in the spring of 2011 focusing on student- centered learning, student engagement and teacher best practices.  The 314 page hardcover book is available through the publisher and Amazon amongst others. The Publisher is University Press of America an Imprint of Rowman and Littlefield and is offering a 30% discount.   Link to publisher-  https://rowman.com/ISBN/9780761862291   Link to Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Whos-New-Kid-Chemistry-Exploring/dp/0761862293  Congratulations, Jessica!!

Jeffrey Charbonneau (WA and NTOY 2013) was recently a keynote speaker and panel speaker at the CCSSO Policy Institute, where he did an outstanding job in both roles, demonstrating and promoting teacher voice in policy making.  In this photo, Jeffrey talks with Janice Poda (CCSSO) and Terry Holliday (KY Chief) during the panel discussion. Jeffrey CCSSO


Recently, three STOYs were able to get together for a STOY dinner in Boston, MA.  Pictured here are Kristi Luetjien (CT 2010), Kelly Kovacic (CA 2010), and Megan Allen (FL 2010).STOYs in Boston

Several STOYs were able to enjoy a reunion while at the NCTE conference recently.  Pictured here are Sarah Brown Wessling (IA and NTOY 2010), Jennifer Walker (OH 2010), Angie Miller (NH 2011), and Megan Allen (FL 2010)


Week of November 11, 2013

Art Peekel, (IL 1992), Jeffrey Charbonneau (WA and NTOY 2013), Eric Combs (OH 2007), and Carol Strickland (KS 1999 and NNSTOY Treasurer) presented at the Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) conference in October.  Pictured below are Art, Jeffrey, Carol, and Faye Snodgress, KDP Executive Director; and Eric, Art, and Carol.  KDP is a long-time partner of NNSTOY’s and recently we have had meetings to discuss how to make that partnership even more meaningful.

KDP conference  At left:  Carol, Jeffrey, KDP ED Faye Snodgress, and Art

Eric, Carol, and Art

Eric, Carol, and Art

Michael Flynn, ((MA 2008), has published a new children's book:  The Endless Caverns, (Mutasia:  The Wacky World of Figley Finch.)  Check it out on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Endless-Caverns-Mutasia-Figley-Finch-ebook/dp/B00FB2W44W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383853490&sr=8-1&keywords=michael+flynn+mutasia

Stefani Cook (ID 2010) and Lewis Chappelear (CA 2008) represented NNSTOY at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, joining over 150 outstanding educators in discussing key education issues with Melinda Gates and other Foundation officials.  A panel discussion featured Melinda Gates and three 2013 STOYs:  Jay Hoffman (VT 2013), l’Aesha Warfield (CA 2013), and JoAnn Miller, (WI 2013), was a key focal point of the conference. Chris Benshoof (AK 2013) also attended.

Melinda Gates, Jay Hoffman, JoAnn Miller, l'Aesha Warfield

Melinda Gates, Jay Hoffman, JoAnn Miller, l'Aesha     Warfield


JoAnn Miller, Jay Hoffman, Peter Loken, Lewis Chappelear

JoAnn Miller, Jay Hoffman, Chris Benshoof, Lewis Chappelear

Justin Minkel, (AR 2007), is writing a weekly blog in Ed Week. Called Teaching for Triumph, Justin weekly examines topics that impact our work in the classroom.  Check it out:   https://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/teaching_for_triumph/2013/11/memory_experience_and_imaginat.html

A group of Montana State Teachers of the Year have published a written statement of support for the Common Core State Standards.  Picked up by numerous Montana news media outlets, you can read the statement here: http://www.bitterrootstar.com/2013/10/30/teachers-of-the-year-support-common-core/

14 Wisconsin State Teachers of the Year have written an open letter in support of the Common Core State Standards.  It is available here:  http://commoncore.dpi.wi.gov/files/commoncore/pdf/former-teachers-of-the-year-support.pdf

Elaine Hutchison, (OK 2013), is the third featured teacher in an Ignite Show episode on Common Core State Standards.  Elaine is teaching a middle school math lesson, focusing students on real-world examples of interest calculations.  Also in this episode are Kimberly Worthy, (DC 2009), Megan Allen (FL 2010), Jeanne Muzi (NJ 2009), and Terry Kaldhusdal (WI 2007), Joellen Killion, Carlos Contreras (Intel), and Otha Thornton (National PTA) also appear.

Joseph Fatheree (IL 2007 and Acting Deputy Director of NNSTOY) and Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000) presented on NNSTOY’s teacher leadership work at the Pearson policy conference in Chicago on October 30th. Our presentation is attached.

The NJEA Convention in Atlantic City, NJ was the venue for the first speech by NJ STOY 2014, Kathy Assini.  Cheering Kathy on were Maryann Woods-Murphy (NJ 2010), Jeanne Muzi (NJ 2009), Jeanne DelColle (NJ 2012), Lauren Marrocco (NJ 2013), Danielle Kovach (NJ 2011), Diane Cummins (NJ 2004), Peggy Stewart (NJ 2005), Bob Goodman (NJ 2006), and Katherine Bassett (NJ 2000, not pictured).  Kathy’s remarks focused on mental health education and the role of educators in working with students with mental health concerns. Lauren Marrocco was also honored at the convention as she was unable to be so honored last year, due to Hurricane Sandy.

Jeanne Muzi, Maryann Woods-Murphy, Diane Cummins, Bob Goodman, Jeanne DelColle, Kathy Assini, Lauren Marrocco

Jeanne Muzi, Maryann Woods-Murphy, Diane Cummins, Bob Goodman, Danielle Kovach, Jeanne DelColle, Kathy Assini, Lauren Marrocco

Angela Mosier, (NE 2013), spoke to her State Board of Education on her year representing Nebrakska.

Leah Luke, (WI 2010), testified to her State Legislature on Common core State statendareds: http://wispolitics.com/index.iml?Article=308456

Dyane Smokorowski, (KS 2013), organized Kansas educators professional learning day, Celebrate All Kansas Educators Day Nov 7; Daniele Massey, (DODEA 2013), and Jeffrey Charbonneau participated.  Photo.  http://6lawrence.com/news/education/7811-top-educators-hold-workshop-in-eudora-for-area-educators The attendees also visited Lego North America Friday:  http://www.morningsun.net/article/20131109/NEWS/131109827

Daniele Massey, Jeffrey Charbonneau, Dyane Smokorowski

Daniele Massey, Jeffrey Charbonneau, Dyane Smokorowski

Danielle Kovach and Maryann Woods-Murphy are the subjects of article in NJ.com:  http://sections.nj.com/SS/Page.aspx?sstarg&facing=false&secid=139037&pagenum=2

Justin Minkel has posted a new Ed Week blog:  https://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/teaching_for_triumph/2013/11/memory_experience_and_imaginat.html

Blaise Messinger (CT 2013) will present the lecture, “Be That Teacher,” at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 16, in the auditorium at the Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences on the North Haven Campus at Quinnipiac Universityhttp://www.northhavennews.com/2013/11/connecticuts-teacher-of-the-year-to-lecture-at-quinnipiac-university/

Nancy Lindblom, (AZ 2013), presented at the Arizona Council for History Education conference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cVI8H2ZJ4k

Our STOY blogger for the next two weeks is Justin Minkel.  Read his post here: If You Want To Go Far, Go Together:  Collaboration in the Era of Common Core:  http://www.nnstoy.org/if-you-want-to-go-far-go-together-collaboration-in-the-era-of-common-core/

Week of October 6, 2013

Megan Allen, FL STOY 2010, Chris Poulos, CT STOY 2007, and Josh Parker, MD STOY 2012 presented NNSTOY's first white paper on October 4th at The Fordham Institute with discussants Chris Minnich, CCSSO, Mike Petrilli of Fordham, and Joanne Weiss, education advocate.  You can read the paper and view the event here: http://www.nnstoy.org/events/

Photos  courtesy of Megan Allen:  Fordham 1 Fordham 2

The 2013 class met for their Next Steps: Where Do I Grow From Here Conference at ETS in Princeton on October 3-6.  This class of incredible teachers is going to do great things for students, the profession and NNSTOY as they go forward. A group of 2013s ventured into New York City, taking the city by storm as they were guests on Good Morning America, among other adventures.  Photos below courtesy of Stacey Jackson Todd.

2013s on bus to Rats  GMA

The following STOYs represented NNSTOY at Education Nation, October 6 in New York City:  From NY, Marguerite Izzo and Pat Jordan; from NJ, Jeanne Muzi, Maryann Woods-Murphy (also representing America Achieves Fellows), Danielle Kovach, and Peggy Stewart (also representing NJ NBCTs); from CT, Dave Bosso and Kristen Record; from FL, Megan Allen; from MA, Mike Flynn.  Also attending were STOYs LeeAnn Stephens, MN 2007; Kristi Martorelli, AZ 2012; June Tiesan and Matinga Ragataz from MI; and Sarah Brown Wessling who knocked it out of the park in teaching a Common Core lesson and participating in a panel discussion on teacher preparation.  Photos below courtesy of Megan Allen.

Kristen Record at Ed Nation  Mike Flynn Ed Nation   NY at Ed Nation

Adam Gray has relocated to Denver, Colorado where he will be working as a Teacher Assessment Support Specialists. I am excited at the prospect of working with school leaders and teacher teams to create high quality common assessments and to help create school cultures that value data and use it to improve.

Annice Brave, IL 2011 and Jackie Roehl, MN 2013 appeared in the first episode of The Ignite Show focusing on the Common Core State Standards.  There will be four episodes featuring STOYs through a project led by NNSTOY with funding from The Hunt Institute and in partnership with the AFT, NEA, and National PTA.  You can view the episode using this link:  http://www.gpb.org/the-ignite-show/season-2/episode/the-ignite-show-featuring-annice-brave  Annice is the featured teacher, leading a lesson on The Scarlet Letter.  On Monday, October 21, the second episode, featuring Perea Blackomon, DC STOY 2012 with Sarah Brown Wessling, IA and NTOY 2010 will be released.

Josh Stumpenhorst, IL 2012, will be honored by North Central College with its 2013 Alumni Recognition Award.  The award is given to a recent graduate of the college in Naperville who has excelled in his or her field in a leadership capacity.  He and six others will be honored during the college’s Homecoming Convocation at 4:15 p.m. Oct. 25 at North Central College’s Wentz Concert Hall at the Fine Arts Center, 171 E. Chicago Ave.  Stumpenhorst graduated from North Central in 2003 with a degree in social studies and minor in secondary education. He was named the college’s Outstanding Senior Man for 2003 and was a College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin champion in the triple jump.

Katherine Bassett, NJ 2000 had a blog posting published in the Gates Foundation's Impatient Optimist.  The piece focuses on NNSTOY's first white paper.  It can be viewed here: http://www.impatientoptimists.org/Posts/2013/10/What-would-it-take-to-professionalize-teaching.

The following STOYs represented NNSTOY in serving as developers on an NBC Education Nation project to build tools to assist parents in understanding the CCSS. Annice Brave, Debra Calvino, Cathy Cartier, Cheryl Conley, Danielle Kovach, Barbara LaSaracina, Josh Stumpenhorst, Sarah Brown Wessling.   You can access these tools at: http://www.parenttoolkit.com/index.cfm?objectid=24302890-20A7-11E3-8EC10050569A5318

Week of September 17, 2013

  • Andy Mogle, IA STOY 2008, is a member of the National Board’s Standards Committee for Career and Technical Education.
  • Justin Minkel, AR 2007, will be blogging for Ed Week and for CTQ this school year.  You can access his blog pieces weekly at:  for Ed Week - Teaching for Triumph and for CTQ - Career Teacher.
  • Maddie Fennell, NE 2007, facilitated a student panel at the soft launch of the TEACH program at the White House on Tuesday, September 17th

Maddie at White House

  • Maddie; Katherine Bassett, NJ 2000; and Sara White-Delehoy, NNSTOY’s Communications Manager, attended the TEACH launch at the White House on this same date.  Megan Allen attended representing NBPTS.


  • Diana Leddy, VT 2009, co-authored an article, "The Moon Challenge" was published in "Science and Children" (National Science Teacher's Association) this month. The focus was on integrating the Next Generation  Science Standards with the CCSS.
  • Kathy Powers, AR 2011, authored a blog piece on the CCSS that has been picked up the NEA.  In addition, Kathy is featured on the NEA Web site talking about teaching to the CCSS:  http://www.nea.org/home/56603.htm\

Kathy Powers NEA

  • Eric Combs, OH 2007, was mentioned by Kappa Delta Pi on Twitter as a presenter at their Convocation; his session is entitled, “Held Hostage by Bad Behavior? Rescue Yourself!"
  • Megan Allen, FL 2010, was guest presenter on NNSTOY's first Policy Webinar of the 2013-14 school year with co-presenter, Emily Hassel.  To listen to a recording of the Webinar, use this link: https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/launch/nativeplayback.jnlp?sid=2011010&psid=2013-09-11.1714.M.82DCDBCE7B80387C995D45E6521608.vcr
  • Rosemary Gulick, OH 1988, is running for school board re-election in what has become a highly politicized race.  OH STOYs, you may wish to reach out to Rosemary.

Week of September 10, 2013

  • Faith Washburn, PA 2000, will be moderating a Facebook page for beginning teachers who have recently graduated from Lehmann College in New York through a partenership between ETS and NNSTOY. ETS is supporting Lehmann graduates through an agreement with the college.
  • Patrick Moller, SD 2012; Danielle Kovach, NJ 2011; and Julia King, DC 2013 will be leading a Webinar series for Lehmann as part of the same partnership mentioned above.
  • Alex Lopes, FL, 2013, is preparing for his Doctoral examinations; David Bosso, CT, 2012, is writing his doctoral disseration.
  • The following STOYs will be participating in an audit of materials to support parents in understanding the Common Core State Standards for NBC:
    • Barbara LaSaracina, NJ 2001
    • Josh Stumpenhorst, OH, 2012
    • Annice Brave, IL, 2011
    • Karen Toavs, ND, 2011
    • Cheryl Conley, FL, 2011
    • Angela Mosier, NE 2013
    • Cathy Cartier, MO, 2013
    • Danielle Kovach, NJ, 2011

Week of September 3, 2013

Kathy Powers, AR STOY 2011, addressed a joint session of the AR State Legislature to share a teacher's perspective of the Common Core State Standards.  Her testimony is available here:


Josh Stumpenhorst, OH STOY 2012, was featured in a USA Today article focused on Back to School:


Justin Minkel, AR STOY 2007, had a blog posting published in Ed Week Teacher:  http://www.edweek.org/tm/articles/2013/09/03/ctq_minkel.html?tkn=UQCC%2BMLCQUPHhLDbhw1pWWyictRqJ79Z7DLt&cmp=clp-sb-ascd

Alex Kajitani, CA STOY 2009, has wrapped up an on the road tour of the musical version of the Rappin' Mathematician.

Week of August 26,2013

Derek Olson, MN 2009, is taking a sabbatical for the first half of this school year in order to work on his doctoral dissertation.

A terrific group of our 2013 STOYs were featured in a Redbook article detailing 31 Best Back-to-School Tips for 2013:  http://www.redbookmag.com/kids-family/advice/back-to-school-ideas?src=soc_fcbks#slide-1

Maddie Fennell was featured in the USED Teaching Matters newsletter, August 29, 2013 edition, for the press coverage surrounding her beginning her tenure as a USED Fellow.  http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USED/bulletins/7e3cd7

Alex Kajitani's new book, Owning It, was featured as a Recommended Read in the same publication.  It's nice to see NNSTOY and STOYs recognized by the Department!

Lewis Chappelear, CA STOY 2008, Perea Brown-Blackmon, DC STOY 2012, Elaine Hutchison, OK STOY 2013, and Annice Brace, IL STOY 2011 were all filmed this past week as part of the work that we are doing with The Hunt Institute, the AFT, the NEA, the PTA, and Teachers Ignite around the CCSS.  They were featured in a blog posting by Executive Producer of The Ignite Show, Anne Ostholthoff:  http://www.gpb.org/blogs/the-ignite-show/2013/08/27/opening-the-school-year-on-the-road-with-state-teachers-of-the-ye-0 Below is a photo of Lewis and his engineering class.

Lewis Chappelear, CA STOY 2008, and some of his engineering students using algebra to design protective packaging for an item dropped 16 feet.

Lewis Chappelear, CA STOY 2008, and some of his engineering students using algebra to design protective packaging for an item dropped 16 feet.

Week of August 19, 2013

Lee-Ann Stephens visits Julia King's school in DC.

Lee-Ann Stephens visits Julia King's school in DC.


STOYs in  Transition

  • Jeanne DelColle, NJ 2012, has accepted a position at Richard Stockton College working to bridge the gap between P-12 and higher education as the Instructional Development and Strategic Partnerships specialist in the School of Education. She also has an article posted in Education Next, Lessons in Cyberspace: http://educationnext.org/lessons-in-cyberspace/
  • Megan Allen, FL 2010, has accepted a position as Visiting Lecturer at Mount Holyoke College working to build leadership capacity in our teacher education programs.
  • Curtis Chandler has accepted a position as an Education Specialist, Staff Developer, and Keynote Speaker working with ESSDACK to improve the instructional capacity of schools.
  • Tim Dove has founded TMD Education Concepts and is working with Battelle for Kids this fall in Hong Kong with formative assessment strategies and using data to improve student learning
  • Ryan Vernosh, MN STOY 2011, has accepted a position within his district leading Policy and Intergovernmental Planning for his Superintendent.
  • Julia King (DC 2013) is teaching and leading as Assistant Principal in a new DC Prep Charter School this year.
  • Christopher Poulos (CT 2007) has accepted a hybrid position, working with the CT DOE half-time on teacher leadership initiatives and half-time in his classroom.

STOYs in the News

Alex Kajitani's new book

Alex Kajitani's new book

  • Alex Kajitani, CA 2009, has published a new book, Owning It:  Proven Strategies for Success in All Of Your Roles as a Teacher Today.  http://www.alexkajitani.com/owning_it.html
  • Alan Sitomer, CA 2007, was keynote speaker at Harris-Stowe University in St. Louis in July during a conference focused on Common Core State Standards implementation.
  • Maddie Fennell, NE 2007, has been selected as a United States Education Department Fellow for 2013-14.  She will be state-based and maintain her coaching position while providing two-way information to teachers and USED about critical education issues.d
  • Michael Fryda, NE 2010, has joined the University of Nebraska Omaha Department of Teacher Education as adjunct faculty for the fall semester, teaching TED 8250 (Assessment for Classroom Teachers) to 31 Metro area first year teachers in the accelerated Masters degree cohort.  In addition, Fryda was awarded the Westside Community Schools Distinguished Teaching Award for 2013-
  • Kristin Record (CT 2011) is the featured NEA member on the GPS network:  http://www.gpsnetwork.org/
  • IMG_0494STOYs Bob Williams (AK 2009) and Chris Poulos (CT 2007) with Madeleine Albright at Aspen Institute for Teacher Leader Fellows.

STOYs Representing NNSTOY

Jamey Olney and Katherine Bassett during research study visit to Jamey's school.

Jamey Olney and Katherine Bassett during research study visit to Jamey's school.

  • Christopher Poulos (CT 2007) and Bob Williams (AK 2009) have completed a two-year teacher leader fellowship with the Aspen Institute.
  • Tim Dove (OH 2012) and Curtis Chandler (KS 2011) participated in a review session for a social studies series, What So Proudly We Hail, in Washington, DC in July.
  • Jamey Olney (DODEA 2000) hosted a research team working on the NNSTOY-Pearson continuums research study for a site visit at her school in Modesto, CA, which uses a distributed leadership model and a continuum nodel.
  • Josh Stupenhorst (OH 2012), Stefani Cook (2011), Joe Fatheree (IL 2007), and Curtis Chandler (KS 2011) reviewed a digital tools resource for the Center for Educator Effectiveness at Pearson in July.
  • Marguerite Izzo (NY 2007), Katie Ferguson (NY 2012), Debra Calvino (NY 2010), Josh Parker (MD 2012), and Josh Stumpenhorst (OH 2012) represented NNSTOY at the EduStat Conference in Ithaca, NY in July.
  • Justin Minkel (AR 2007), Elaine Hutchison (OK 2012), Terry Kahldusahl (WI 2007), Rebecca Snyder (PA 2009), Greg Ahlquist (NY 2013), Annice Brave (IL 2012), Kristie Martorelli (AZ 2012), Kimberly Worthy (DC 2009) represented NNSTOY in a conversation with Deb Delisle, Monique Chisholm, and Laurie Calvert at USED around implementation of college and career ready standards.

Michael Flynn, MA 2008, has published a new children’s book:  The Endless Caverns. (Mutasia: The Wacky World of Figley Finch.) Check it out on Amazon:


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