Examining Career Trajectories for Black Male Educators in P-12 Education

Examining Career Trajectories for Black Male Educators in P-12 Education


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Through their goal of transforming the teaching profession and increasing the cadre of educators and administrators in P-12, the National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) has partnered with University of Phoenix (UOPX) to examine the current trajectories of Black male educators as they enter into and advance within school settings. Each year, NNSTOY recruits dynamic Black male teachers, P-12 administrators, and higher education professionals for participation in the Outstanding Black Male Fellowship  and provides a forum for discussion of key issues relevant to the professional development and advancement of Black male educators in P-12 education. NNSTOY asserts, “Promoting teacher leadership means developing and empowering highly effective teachers to take a leadership role in innovation, collective capacity, and continuous improvement ― in policy, practice, and advocacy.”

The content of this white paper will include a critical examination of the career trajectories of Black male educators from three perspectives: recruitment, retention, and mobility. Throughout this document, the authors have incorporated the insights, observations, and opinions of these dynamic fellows, using reflective quotes and personal narratives. Finally, this focused dialogue presents recommendations for future initiatives, models, and actions supporting Black males in education.


WATCH: Diversifying Education Roundtable

Students of color comprise more than half of U.S. classroom populations, yet Black males make up just two percent of the teacher workforce. University of Phoenix, in association with the National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY), hosted a roundtable webinar to discuss steps to attract and retain Black males in the P-12 education workforce.

Moderated by Education Post, the webinar brought together the voices of University researchers, NNSTOY fellows and Black male educators from local school districts to present the findings from a University-led white paper, entitled, “Having Our Say: Examining Career Trajectories of Black Male Educators in P-12 Education.” The panel discussed potential solutions to improve students’ cultural and academic edification through diversifying the teaching profession.
Achieving a diverse and inclusive P-12 workforce is critical to ensuring that students receive a robust, quality educational experience. However, overcoming the shortage of Black male teachers has been a dilemma for our nation’s schools for decades. Black males often don’t aspire to become teachers because of deterrents to the profession. Those who do face unique challenges. To ensure quality, equitable learning for all students, schools must recruit and retain Black male teachers by committing to paths that make it easier for that demographic to enter the profession. An infographic on the paper’s findings shares high-level insights from the research team.

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