Social and Emotional Learning Continuing Education Courses

In partnership with Mount Holyoke College and Prince George's County Public Schools, NNSTOY members develop and facilitate three credit-bearing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) courses for teacher-leaders in Prince George's County Public Schools.

  • Pedagogy and Practice — In this course, educators explore ways to put the foundations of social and emotional learning into practice. This exploration includes the examination of available resources, evaluation of ways in which SEL may be built into their current curriculum and instruction, and strategic development of building collaboration and connections with educators, families, and other stakeholders on issues related to social and emotional learning.
  • Foundations of Social, Emotional, and Academic Development — In this course, educators learn about the foundational principles of social and emotional learning including vocabulary, concepts, and research. Educators explore how SEL advances educational equity and personal student growth by establishing affirming learning environments that feature trusting and collaborative relationships, rigorous and meaningful curriculum and instruction, and ongoing evaluation.
  • Instructional Coaching and Mentoring — With the knowledge of applying foundational principles and pedagogical strategies of social and emotional learning, educators in this course learn best practices in the coaching and mentoring of other educators toward resource utilization, implementation of practices, and the identification and embodiment of dispositions that promote social and emotional learning. Educators in this course begin to train other educators to be culturally responsive, trauma-informed, reflective practitioners who attend to the social and emotional well-being of themselves, their students, and communities they serve.

This partnership built upon the collaboration with Mount Holyoke College to create and facilitate culturally responsive teaching courses.

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