Eric Isselhardt

President and Acting CEO

Eric Isselhardt

Eric is a senior executive with over 25 years of leadership experience in both non-profit and for-profit education venues, focusing on inquiry-based pedagogies, virtual and blended learning, and systemic reform. He has taught elementary and university students, led independent and charter schools, led a large non-profit education services organization, and engaged in pedagogical reform and design—including leading a team to reinvent a small country’s elementary system. Recently, Eric led a mid-sized education company as it created a unique virtual and blended inquiry-based pedagogy, a new high school curriculum, and the technological applications of those programs for both private and public users around the world.

In addition, his dissertation research interest was in student persistence, or why students drop out of school.  He also led several state-wide research initiatives, including projects designed to identify community college teacher leadership characteristics, understand and improve how students interact with state library systems, and establish pathways for how students may impact policy discussions at their local and state levels.  Eric’s undergraduate degree is from Bennington College in Chinese Language and Philosophy, and his PhD and MS are from the State University of New York at Albany in Educational Administration and Policy Studies.

His leadership philosophy is based on teamwork, consensus building and accountability, balanced by translating a core mission into tactical action reflective of a shared vision. Eric has a practitioner’s business perspective that he applies in all of his leadership positions. The use of creative approaches to problem solving, effective strategic and tactical planning processes, and collaborative management characterize his work—all leading to innovative and entrepreneurial market-leading, mission-derived programs. Eric’s driving motivation is to build education engines and agencies that have a direct impact on student achievement.

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