Sa’Keenha Hester

School District Partnerships Director

Sa’Keenha Hester

Sa’Keenha is a passionate, persistent and purposeful mission-driven education professional. She strives to build a people first future in leadership to develop intellectually and socially curious minds. She seeks to close equity gaps, improve the workforce, foster relationships with diverse communities and enhance the quality of life through education. Sa’Keenha currently serves as NNSTOY’s School District Partnerships Director, leading partnerships with school districts, professional development and strategy focused on the attraction, retention, and development of teachers.


Sa’Keenha has a diverse background in the education space. She has worked as a sales executive, leadership coach, teacher and consultant providing intervention solutions, training, and professional development.


Sa’Keenha was influential in opening the first virtual school in the state of Michigan. For 10 years she served as Vice President and Board Director for Michigan Virtual Charter Academy, a Stride Learning Inc. K12 powered school, As a consultant with the Institute for Excellence in Education Sa’Keenha partnered with various districts to implement turn-around initiatives to provide quality education, enhance efficacy, pedagogy, and strong leadership practices by establishing ongoing collaborative relationships with key community stakeholders.

Sa’Keenha was fortunate to return to Ypsilanti Public Schools, the district that provided her educational foundation as a student, where she taught American History and implemented the Small School Initiative emphasizing education -to -career programs.


Sa’Keeneha is the consummate Worker Bee who strives to close equity gaps and drive systemic change. In her most recent position as Partnership Development Manager with Stride Learning Inc Sa’Keenha worked to rectify some of the most challenging systemic issues of societal inequity and inclusion. She equipped scholars with real world -skills for in-demand jobs with career learning exposure to multiple career pathways, providing a solution to the widening skills gap in the workplace and student loan crisis. Sa’Keenha brought solutions to life as a persuasive advocate leading 38 college and career readiness school programs, coordinators and administrators throughout the country. She collaborated closely with executives and professionals to partner with leading corporations providing high-quality opportunities, credentialing and exposure to careers that create equitable conditions and paths to enter post-secondary education, the workforce or both.


Sa’Keenha appreciates the power of a quality education and its ability to remove systemic restraints, break cycles and truly enhance the quality of life. Sa’Keenha is a first-generation college graduate. She earned a Bachelor of Art in Political Science and Master of Education from The Illustrious Alabama A&M University.


Sa’Keenha lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a lover of the arts and self- proclaimed foodie. She enjoys perfecting her culinary ‘food art’ and Iphone photography skills while spending quality time with her family.

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