Teach to Lead Initiative and Teaching & Learning Conference 2014

Teach to Lead Initiative and Teaching & Learning Conference 2014

Almost two weeks ago, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan along with NBPTS announced the Teach to Lead Initiative of which NNSTOY is an enthusiastic supporter and was invited by NBPTS to partner on (for more info: https://nnstoy.org/nnstoy-supports-teach-to-lead-initiative/).

If you are interested in potentially being involved in the Teach to Lead initiative spearheaded by USED and NBPTS, please respond to this survey: https://surveymonkey.com/s/TeachtoLead

Anne Keith at TL
There were a number of STOYs who were present at the Teaching & Learning Conference when the initiative was announced and they shared their thoughts with NNSTOY on the future of teacher voice and teacher leaders in advancing the profession.
"My practice has both needs and assets and the best way to address those needs and to capitalize fully on the assets is to connect with other teachersBy engaging in professional discourse, we can build collective expertise that will expand the capacity of teachers to promote student learning. This discourse is particularly important for teachers because prevalent misconception that good teaching is intuitive and straightforward, relying solely on hard work and patience rather than on a dynamic, intellectual knowledge base. We, the teachers, need to speak up about the depth and complexity of our work. Otherwise, non-experts will increasingly tell us how to do our jobs--to the detriment of our students' learning." - Bill DayD.C. STOY 2014 
"It's evident that policy makers are beginning to hear the message from educators loud and clear: we are the experts in our profession and want  leadership opportunities without having to leave the very classroom that grounds us and keeps us in contact with the most critical component of education--our students. Voices from across the country rallied throughout the conference with this same message: When those outside the education field make political decisions in regards to evaluations and assessments, our education system suffers. Excellent teachers are always trying to improve their practices--it would only make sense to ensure they have a voice in local, statewide, and national conversations." - Angie Miller, New Hampshire STOY 2011 
"It's one thing for teachers to be invited to the table. It's another thing for them to have the dinner party. The take aways from the Teaching & Learning Conference puts teachers and teacher voice at the center and we are all elevated because of it." - Sarah Brown Wessling, National and Iowa STOY 2010 
Teaching & Learning 2014
STOYs were also privileged to introduce many of the Teaching & Learning Conference's plenary session speakers, including Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, Bill Gates, and Tony Wagner. All of the 2014 plenary sessions were recorded and can be viewed at the Teaching & Learning page HERE.




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