Watch the panel discussion on Creating Sustainable Teacher Career Trajectories

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NNSTOY and Center for Educator Effectiveness hosted a panel discussion with STOYs, policymakers, and education researchers. The conversation took a close look at the report and its analysis of the conditions necessary to develop sustainable teacher career pathways that will make teaching a more attractive career option for a new generation of teachers.


Kathy McKnight – Principal research director, Center for Educator Effectiveness, Pearson

Lynn Gaddis – IL State Teacher of the Year 1995

Catherine Fisk Natale – Education Consultant


Kimberly Worthy – DC State Teacher of the Year 2009 and teacher at Howard University Middle School

Jason Kamras – DC State Teacher of the Year 2005, National Teacher of the Year 2005, and Chief of Human Capital, DC Public Schools

Rick Hess – Resident Scholar and Director of Education Policy Studies, AEI


Katherine Bassett – Executive Director, NNSTOY



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