Inward and Onward #1: Examining our Personal Bias


The NNSTOY Inward and Onward Webinar Series includes three deep dive discussions that unpack how educators can create equitable classrooms. The series is hosted by State Teachers of the Year Monica Washington, Daniele Massey and Jemelleh Coes.

  1. Tuesday, November 1  (8:00-9:00 PM ET) - Inward and Onward #1: Examining our Personal Bias, including the scientific effects of stereotypes and prejudice. View the archived video. Download the presentation deck.
  2. Tuesday, November 29  (8:00-9:15 PM ET) - Inward and Onward #2: Concrete Strategies for building equitable classrooms. View the archived video. View the presentation deck for session 2.
  3. Tuesday December 13 (8:00-9:15 PM ET) - Inward and Onward #3: Supporting Colleagues in building equitable learning environments (with Lee-Ann Stephens). View the archived video. Download the Inward and Onward Equity Webinar 3 presentation deck.

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