Who is a teacher who inspired you?

Who is a teacher who inspired you?

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Inga Smith, Ohio State Teacher of the Year 1983

"My family arrived in this country in January 1940, having escaped from Germany in the middle of the night a month earlier and not speaking a word of English. We settled in the Boston area. I was eight and my brother 10 1/2. We were immediately enrolled in school, and my first teacher, Miss Dorothy Gray, armed with a German-English dictionary, accepted the task of integrating two strangely-dressed German children into the class when everyone was scared to death of Nazis and anything German and was sure that was what we were. While we were attacked by neighbors and made fun of and taunted on the playground, Miss Gray's classroom was a safe haven, and I distinctly remember the day I came home from school and told my mother that "I want to be a teacher just like Miss Gray.'"




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