2015 Conference Agenda

2015 Conference Agenda

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NNSTOY Draft AgendaTransformers:  Innovating Education National Conference 2015

July 7

8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast  
9:00 Meet in lobby for service projects
1:00 Back to hotel to relax
2:00 Focus groups Let’s Go LearnETS


Teachers Teachers

State Chapter Update

6:00 Evening reception with opening remarks by Rebecca Snyder

July 8

7:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:00 Welcome to UT Lily Eskelson Garcia, NEA President
8:30 Opening activity Katherine Bassett, CEO,Allison RiddleLeigh VandenAkker


Joe Fatheree, Extending the Conference

STRAND ONE: Transforming Professional Learning
9:00 Keynote address Kathy McKnight, Pearson Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education·
9:45 Break and move to sessions
10:00 Concurrent Sessions 1 1.      Angela Maiers

2.      Dyane Smokorowksi, Joe Fatheree, Global Skype Session

10:45 Break and move to next session
11:00 Concurrent Sessions 2 1.      Troy Hutchings, Jay Hoffman, Lee-Ann Stephens, Model Code of Educator Ethics

2.      Kathy McKnight, Pearson

11:45 Break and move to lunch
12:00 Lunch Lt. Gov. Spencer CoxJohn King, Senior Advisor to Secretary Duncan
1:00 Break and move to next session    
STRAND TWO:  Elevating Teacher Leadership           
1:15 Keynote Kathy McKnight, PearsonRick Hess, AEI
2:00 General Session Katherine Bassett, NNSTOY
2:45 Break and move to next session
3:00 Concurrent sessions 3 1.      Ruthanne Buck, Senior Advisor to Arne Duncan, USED Teach to Lead and Maddie Fennell, Teacher Ambassador Fellow

2.      The View From the States:  Connecticut and Iowa, Duane (D.T.) Magee, Sarah Barzee, Christopher Poulos, Sarah Brown Wessling

3:45 Break and move to next sessions
4:00 Concurrent sessions 4 1.      Richard Ognibene, Keeping Humanity in our Profession: Three Challenges for Teacher Leaders in the 21st Century

2.      Mark Smylie , Developing Teacher Leadership:  New Perspectives from Research and Implications for Practice

4:45 Move to sessions
5:00 Concurrent sessions 5 1.      David Bosso, The Heavy, Not the Light: How Teachers’ Perspectives Can Improve Educational Policy and Our World

2.      Teachers Leading: Professional Learning Design Lab – Peggy Stewart and Megan Allen

5:45 Adjourn
6:45 Reception

July 9

7:00 – 8:30 Breakfast
8:00 Welcome to Utah Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph BeckerSharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh, President of Utah Education Association, 2009 Utah State Teacher of the Year
STRAND THREE: Strengthening Student Voice Through Social and Emotional Learning
8:30 Keynote session Terry Thoren, CEO WonderGrove, Using Story Telling to model effective Social and Emotional Learning
9:15 Break and move to sessions
9:30 Concurrent Sessions 6: 1.      Richard Roberts

2.      Kevin Honeycutt, Everyone Matters

10:30 Break and move to next session
10:45 Concurrent sessions 7 1.      Chad Miller, Tim Dove:  “Student Voice! How to empower kids’ voice through the study and integration of philosophy”

2.      Patricia Jordan, Dyon T. Rozier, Low-Income Black and Latino Males Beating the Odds

11:45 Break and move to lunch
12:00 Lunch Shanna Peeples, 2015 National Teacher of the Year
1:00 Break and move to sessions
Membership Meeting
Federal Policy Update Chris Minnich, CCSSO andJane West, NNSTOY Government Relations Advisor, Education Policy in Washington:  What’s at Stake for the Profession?
2:00 Break
2:15 Board business Board Members
3:45 Break
4:00 State Chapter Update
4:45 Adjourn
6:00 Outing

July 10  

STRAND FOUR: Instructional Practice                           

7:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:00 Keynote   Pernille Ripp, creator Global Read Aloud Project
8:45 Break and move to sessions
9:00 Concurrent sessions 8 1.      Joellen Killion: Coaching for Success

2.      Sarah Welch, Interdisciplinary News Media as a Vehicle for Nonfiction Standards-based Instruction

9:45 Break and move to sessions
10:00 Concurrent sessions 9 1.      June Teisan, Find the Fund$ for STEM: Grant Writing 101

2.      Karen Gorringe, Power 30-Reading

3.      Melissa Tracy, Michele Johnson: The Future of Learning: Blueprint for Personalized Learning

10:45 Break and move to sessions
11:00 Concurrent sessions 10 1.      Jeune B. Provost, Rachelle Provost, Creative Teaching-Performing, Visual and Music Arts

2.      Jeff Baxter, Language Inventor

11:45 Move to lunch
12:00 Lunch Sarah Brown Wessling, Riding Mistakes Out of Mediocrity: How We Must Rethink Getting Better
1:00 Concurrent sessions 11 1.      Suzanne Culbreth, Encouraging Teachers to be Innovators

2.      Gretchen Weber, Reengineering Effective Professional Development for Teachers:  Creating a Strong Return on Investment

1:45 Break
2:00 Unconference!
4:00 Wrap-up panel TBD
4:45 Adjourn



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