Board Update

Board Update

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Week of September 2, 2103

The various committees of the Board have been meeting to define their structure and scope of work.

Week of August 19, 2013

The NNSTOY Board of Directors and staff met for a retreat during our conference in Minneapolis.  Working with an outside consultant, the Board reorganized some of its governance and organizational structures.  The Board created the following Committees of the Board:

1. Governance - Eleanor Horne, Chair

2. Strategic Planning - Justin Minkel, Chair

3. Executive Committee - Rebecca Snyder, Chair

4. Development Committee - Christopher Poulos, Chair

5.  Finance - Carol Strickland, Chair

In addition to these committees of the Board, the following member committees were formed:

1. Conference and Event Planning - Jeanne DelColle, Chair

2. Membership - Chair TBD

3. Communications - Sara White-Delehoy, Chair

4. Social Media - Joe Fatheree, Chair

5. Teacher Leadership Taskforce - Peggy Stewart, Chair

6. Research - Bob Williams, Chair

During our annual Business Meeting, the Board put before the membership a motion to create a new tier of membership, Associate Membership, and to invite STOY Finaists, as determined by the State Education Agencies overseeing STOY programs in each state, to join NNSTOY as Associate Members.  Associate Members will not have governance rights - for example, they will not be able to serve as Officers or Committee Chairs and will not have voting rights.



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