Chat window for May 23, 2016 webinar with Shanna Peeples

Chat window for May 23, 2016 webinar with Shanna Peeples

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20:05:09 From Ann Marie : so happy to be listening to you AND seeing you!
20:05:35 From Michael : for the record you are pretty
20:05:42 From Laurie Calvert : We are glad you are here!
20:10:26 From Laurie Calvert : We've all been there--being used as a prop.
20:10:29 From lyonterry : Oh Man, I had that done to me by political people too.
20:10:38 From Cathy Whitehead : Yes!!
20:11:02 From Laurie Calvert : You were parsley on the plate
20:11:08 From jzepp : There's definitely a commodification to this, no doubt
20:11:59 From Deb Minyard : I feel your pain- with regards to not taking care of yourself. It’s been hard this year. The expectations are so high to be great!
20:12:14 From susankoch : Anyone else have tight clothing after all of the treats during Washington Week?
20:12:21 From Laurie Calvert : Email was like your cigarette.
20:13:48 From Anna Morris : comparison is the thief of joy. it is my failure
20:13:49 From lyonterry : Family time! It is so easy to know they are there and so hard not to take that for granted.
20:13:55 From Ann Marie : thank you for being honest and vulnerable!! i agree and have felt everything except for the jet lag!
20:13:57 From Cathy Whitehead : Worrying about others’ expectations has been a failure of mine.
20:16:08 From lyonterry : For me, it has been staying on message. I get side-tracked on all of the other important issues in education and lose track of my main idea.
20:16:22 From Laurie Calvert : What do STOYs and finalists think that others are expecting them to be?
20:17:20 From lyonterry : Laurie, I think too often it is seen as too analogous to “Miss America” and not enough, “I want to hear from you as the expert in your field."
20:17:30 From Anna Morris : i think we are expected to be fully present and aware at all times. to be in the KNOW and to be in the NOW
20:17:41 From Michael : another failure was taking good care of myself. I got a real wake up call this year.
20:17:46 From Laurie Calvert : Do people want you to only be positive, sweet?
20:17:49 From Cathy Whitehead : I think we’re expected to be the perfect everything - teacher, advocate, leader
20:18:15 From Laurie Calvert : Do you have to be the expert and be able to speak for ALL TEACHERS?
20:18:16 From susankoch : Yes- I feel like I am expected to be an expert in many areas now!
20:19:33 From Anna Morris : excuse the bad typing. i am all thumbs. i promise i am parked!
20:19:53 From Michael : looking back I am glad I tweeted you a lot. 🙂
20:20:08 From susankoch : I do feel like my voice is now heard…although i am not actually saying many different things than I have been saying all these years.. it is just that my admin is now more interested in what i have to say. I hope I can make a difference!
20:20:25 From jzepp : I think many of us are misunderstood and our interests may be different than who we are around
20:20:41 From Laurie Calvert : As a Teaching Ambassador Fellow, I felt like "the prophet isn't welcome in her own country"
20:21:00 From Cathy Whitehead : Definite friction with my admin
20:21:15 From jzepp : Insecurity among and within teachers manifests itself in many ways...
20:22:19 From Deb Minyard : The phone never rang here either. And it’s a very mixed bag of feelings.
20:22:30 From Laurie Calvert : Dean, it's not too late to get more involved.
20:22:30 From Cathy Whitehead : That is so my experience!!!
20:23:56 From jzepp : But Gospel is great -- the 'true' message -- and sometimes you're right; the 140 students in front of us deserve every ounce of TOY we are...
20:24:20 From Michael : Taking care of my health has caused me to impact my students. ADministrative decision forced me to take 36 half days to attend cardiac rehab. My class as suffered greatly.
20:26:18 From jzepp : I got my first ulcer ever -- over Spring break -- true to physiological research -- my body was finally decompressing and it decided to let me know 'listen, enough'
20:26:46 From Cathy Whitehead : I can talk to legislators!!
20:28:06 From Laurie Calvert : Tell us about it, Cathy
20:28:10 From Deb Minyard : I’ve come to believe that even though others may not want to hear what I have to say, my thoughts and advocacy are important. I can speak up where I couldn’t before.
20:28:16 From susankoch : I can do an hour long keynote!Woah- I never thought I could do that.
20:29:09 From Cathy Whitehead : I had ZERO political experience before this - now I love having legislators in my classroom and I feel comfortable striking up a conversation
20:29:20 From susankoch : I have also learned how to ask for things, such as funding for Space Camp, or travel to ISTE…
20:33:14 From lyonterry : “You can’t marshall facts against stories.” I am going to use that!
20:35:21 From Michael : that really helps me with an idea for a post thanks Shanna and Laurie
20:37:16 From susankoch : Great prompts for us extroverts too! Thanks
20:37:53 From Laurie Calvert : If you have questions for Shanna, feel free to ask her.
20:38:58 From Ann Marie : all of those hard times of awkward silence in the crazy times with random people...you did great! it is so VERY difficult to make conversation. thanks for sharing that. disaster. love that...jody...know who you are amd why you are...thank you both for your honesty amd advice.
20:39:21 From Ann Marie : bot disaster for you...for me! i just never knew what to say
20:40:00 From Ann Marie : not...i am struggling with the typing. video isnt working. thank you all for sharing and shanna for continuing to lead us so well.
20:40:56 From Brianna Crowley : Yay! Awww, thanks so much for the shout out!
20:41:42 From lyonterry : I have used power positions/moves. It works!
20:41:43 From Laurie Calvert : What does it mean to do a dialogue, not a monologue?
20:42:04 From Laurie Calvert to Brianna Crowley(Privately) : So glad you are on, Brianna.
20:42:51 From Brianna Crowley : Here’s the link I think Shanna’s talking about. It’s a brain dump of everything I’ve learned about speaking. So glad it was helpful! https://www.teachingquality.org/content/blogs/brianna-crowley/6-tips-compelling-presentations
20:43:04 From Laurie Calvert : Thank you, Brianna
20:43:10 From Brianna Crowley to Laurie Calvert(Privately) : Thanks Laurie—so glad to be here! Love Shanna’s work and this network.
20:43:49 From Cathy Whitehead : Thank you!
20:43:54 From susankoch : I totally want to hear that mix, Shanna!
20:44:03 From jzepp : looooooove the sing and dance! You know, they say those who sing, pray twice : )
20:44:20 From Laurie Calvert : Love that, Jody.
20:44:50 From Deb Minyard : Teachers are the agents of equity. LOVE that!!
20:45:04 From lyonterry : “Teachers are agents of equity.”
20:45:21 From susankoch : Thanks Brianna
20:45:56 From Michael : sorry I was tweeting you
20:47:54 From Laurie Calvert to susankoch(Privately) : Sudsn, Feel free to jump in. You aren't muted.
20:48:33 From Brianna Crowley : Just finished that book—LOVED it! Badassery 😉
20:48:52 From Laurie Calvert : Anyone can give this advice
20:49:14 From jzepp : ...when you never say 'no' you never know how important your 'yes's' are
20:49:22 From Ann Marie : a favorite line..."get off Twitter, you idiot. No one cares." lolol im going to totally use that advice when im trying to post smart things for way too much time on social media. you are the best!
20:49:32 From Laurie Calvert : If you can't say NO, you really never say YES.
20:49:42 From teacher : I need that sheet of graceful ways to say NO
20:50:07 From Laurie Calvert : YOu can send it to me and I'll forward it
20:50:34 From Deb Minyard : It got easier for me to say NO when we were taught at Princeton that saying YES to something means saying NO to something else. I was already saying NO. I just had to get used to saying it out loud!
20:50:51 From Laurie Calvert : Love that, Deb.
20:51:02 From topher kandik to Laurie Calvert(Privately) : Can you send the link to Brianna's tips for speaking as well in that email?
20:51:13 From Laurie Calvert to topher kandik(Privately) : Yes!!
20:51:17 From topher kandik to Laurie Calvert(Privately) : thanks!
20:52:25 From lyonterry : Couldn’t agree more!
20:52:29 From Michael : I promise not to tweet that. LOL
20:52:35 From Brianna Crowley : @Shanna, I LOVE this aspect of Texas—telling it like it is. Brass and Tacks—reminds me of Brene Brown 🙂
20:53:06 From Laurie Calvert : I really hate how Shanna beats around the bush.
20:53:13 From Cathy Whitehead : 🙂
20:53:47 From Brianna Crowley : Preach! Teachers are professionals. They deserve to be shown value. Work deserves pay. Expertise deserves respect. We need to demand it.
20:54:08 From Laurie Calvert : Amen, sister Bri!
20:54:35 From Ms. Brown : Preach!! Shanna you are amazing!
20:56:59 From jzepp : Right, many of us look behind us all the time wondering where the fraud police are?
20:57:19 From Deb Minyard : Great question David!
20:57:26 From Laurie Calvert to David Moscarelli(Privately) : Great question, David
20:59:32 From jzepp : You go, Girl! Stand tall and draw that line
21:00:22 From topher kandik : Thanks Shanna!


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