New Online Course: Global Education

New Online Course: Global Education

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As a leading partner in the endeavor to enhance global learning for students across the US and around the world, we thought you might be interested in learning about our latest opportunity. The NEA Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of a new online course, Global Education: Tools and Approaches.

Developed by Primary Source, this course introduces participants to key ideas and methods for connecting classrooms with the wider world (for example, how to utilize Web 2.0 tools ─ like blogs, voice threads, and video conferencing ─ to engage students in the world around them). See a sample activity from the course below.

As with all the NEA Foundation courses, educators can take the whole course (four, two hour sessions) or focus their energy on a single session or activity that they need the most. And the best part is that it is accessible to all educators at no cost! We strongly encourage you to share this opportunity with your networks and colleagues.


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