Paid Opportunity: Learning Heroes

Paid Opportunity: Learning Heroes


This is an opportunity for teachers to share their experiences engaging with families of children with learning differences (children diagnosed with or suspected to have challenges with reading, writing, or math; executive function; and/or attention, auditory, or visual processing). The national nonprofit Learning Heroes is leading this work, which uses research into parent and educator mindsets to inform tools and resources to help educators, service providers, and advocates communicate with families about how to further advocate for their children when they suspect or determine that they have a learning difference.


Learning Heroes has just completed new educator research on this topic and is looking for a few teachers to reflect on the research findings and share their stories with peers to help inspire more attention and action. With any teachers who are interested, we would set up a call to share the research findings, hear the teacher’s reactions and reflections on their experiences serving families of children who learn differently, and discuss whether they would feel comfortable creating a short video sharing their perspective. Learning Heroes will provide all the support needed to produce the video and will provide a $150 stipend to teachers who participate in a video in recognition of their time.


Project Background:

Decades of research has demonstrated the urgent need to further support families and educators in teaming up in support of student learning and well-being. In spring 2023, in partnership with the Oak Foundation and Edge Research, Learning Heroes released The Parent Journey: Cracking the Code for Families of Children with Learning Differences, to better understand the perceptions and experiences of parents of children who learn differently. In order to make the research actionable, we created a playbook - Helping Crack the Code: A Playbook for Educators, Service Providers, and Advocates -  which highlights opportunities for supporting families as they navigate their child’s learning journey. In spring 2024, Learning Heroes conducted more research with teachers to understand the educator perspective on engaging with families of children who learn differently. We will be updating the Playbook and releasing a new suite of tools, including teacher videos, later this summer.


To engage in this work, please email [email protected]

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