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The National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) conducted a months- long study on how to diversify the teacher workforce. This study, sponsored by ETS (Educational Testing Service), analyzed the practices of current and former educators and school personnel who have overseen hiring educators. A complementary literature review examined the effectiveness of current efforts in place across the country to diversify the teacher workforce. Research shows this has a positive impact on all students. Below are some highlights from the study and report:

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Each domain reflects common themes encountered through the literature review and stakeholder interviews.

The Student Experience: Students of color are more likely to have a negative classroom experience, which in turn makes them less likely to return to the classroom as teachers. Increasing the racial diversity of educators can flip this pattern into a virtuous cycle.


The Access: Licensure requirements and standardized assessments can act as barriers to the profession for people of color. We must act to remove roadblocks and facilitate access for prospective teachers.


The Affirmation: Teachers of color often lack demonstrated support and professional development opportunities needed to affirm their place within a diverse educator Ensuring teachers of color are empowered to show up fully and honestly is key to diversifying the teacher pipeline.


The Team: Schools must be willing to transform their culture and hiring processes to successfully recruit and retain a diverse educator workforce.


The Community: Teachers of color benefit from a sense of belonging and a supportive community.


The Gatekeepers: Teachers of color are more likely to assume leadership roles within a school when they are supported by school leaders.


The Respect: Attracting more teachers of color to the profession will require a systemic change in the way the teaching profession is respected and valued.


The Resources: Tangible financial benefits must be in place to encourage more students of color to consider the teaching profession.


The Redesign: The American education system must be willing to change the structures in place that are deterring educators of color from entering the profession or exiting prematurely.


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