Rebuilding the Ladder of Educational Opportunity

Rebuilding the Ladder of Educational Opportunity


The Report

Opportunity gaps have plagued American education for decades. The gaps are widening, not shrinking, as economic inequality increases in U.S. society. This study draws together themes and actions taken by schools and teachers who are outliers on that trajectory: those who manage to reduce the effects of opportunity gaps in education, supporting their students to success and achievement beyond the expected. No single heroic teacher can eliminate these effects, but schools and districts, working together as a coherent system, can soften the blows and help students reach their full potential as students, as graduates, and citizens.


The Toolkit

This toolkit is a companion to the report. Here, we present specific, concrete actions and steps that can be taken by teachers, schools, and districts to rebuild the ladder of opportunity, addressing and reducing the gaps that affect students.


The Videos

Hear from each educator featured in the report and toolkit and take a look into their world.

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