Richard D. Roberts, Ph.D.

Richard D. Roberts, Ph.D.

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Richard Roberts photoRichard D. Roberts, Ph.D. is currently Vice President and Chief Scientist, Center for Innovative Assessments, Professional Examination Service, NY, NY. A former National Research Council Fellow (1996-1998), he has also been a Senior Lecturer at The University of Sydney (1998-2003), and a Managing Principal Research Scientist at the Educational Testing Service (2003-2014). Across these various organizations, he has worked on traditional human assessments (e.g., Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery [ASVAB]) as well as new assessments related to big data, the gamification of education, multimedia assessments, cross-cultural competence, cognitive biases, and noncognitive skills (e.g., teamwork).


His main area of specialization is an especially dry topic -- measurement -- with a special emphasis on developing and researching innovative new items types for the assessment of both cognitive and noncognitive factors, as well as constructs that have elements that straddle these two domains (e.g., emotional intelligence). Rich has published over a dozen books, and about 200 peer-review articles / book chapters on these topics in diverse sub-disciplines (including, education, psychology, business, medicine, health policy, and wind engineering), with nearly 400 presentations across the globe.


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