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Week of March 21, 2017

"We Don't Have to Leave it Up to Luck," Katrina Boone, Huffington Post

"High School Students Start Club to Make Sure No One Sits Alone at Lunch," Taylor Pittman, Huffington Post

"Yes, Congress scrapped Obama-era education rules. But states say little is changing," Philissa Cramer, Chalkbeat

"No Imagination for Education," Andrew J. Rotherham, U.S. News

"Teachers must ditch 'neuromyth' of learning styles, say scientists," The Guardian

"National Teacher of the Year Finalists Would All Say 'Yes' to Visit With Trump," Kristine Kim, EdWeek

"'Your child is safe': Schools address deportation fears among immigrant families," Moriah Balingit and Emma Brown, Washington Post


Week of March 142017

"Make Some Waves," Monica Washington (Texas 2014), EdWeek

"What If We're Designing for Disengagement?Shanna Peeples (National and Texas State Teacher of the Year, 2015)

"How to Push Your Team to Take Risks and Experiment," Sara Critchfield, Harvard Business Review

"Teacher of year urges educators to speak up," Tom Soskil (Pennsylvania 2017), Pennsylvania State Education Association

"Why the Left Should Work With Betsy DeVos," Jennifer L. Steele, EdWeek

"A Teacher's Pursuit of Imperfection," Justin Minkel (Arkansas 2007), EdWeek


Week of March 7

5 Tips for Teaching AP in a High-Poverty, Urban School,"Yolanda R. Whitted, Education Post

"How President Trump's Federal Budget Would Hinder Poor Students," Eric Gorski and Cassi Feldman, Atlantic

"How Pop Culture Misrepresents Educators," Andrew Simmons, Atlantic

"The Only Skill That Really Matters," Bruce Dixon, Modern Learners

Interview: John King on His Year as Ed Secretary, the Trump Administration, His New Role at Ed Trust, the 74

"Weathering Transitions is Familiar Work for State-based Advocates," Suzanne Tacheny Kubach, PIE Network


Week of February 28

"#MyBlackHistory: My Mom Had to Lie to Get Me Into a Good School. No Parent Should Have to Do That." Nate Bowling (National Teacher of the Year Finalist and Washington State Teacher of the Year 2015), Education Post

"As access to AP exams grows, more students are doing better," Joe Helm, Washington Post

"What Happens to Teacher Leadership When the Money Runs Out?"

Rebecca Mieliwocki (National and California State Teacher of the Year 2012), EdWeek

"Can Micro-credentials Create More Meaningful Professional Development For Teachers? Katrina Schwartz, Mind/Shift

"I'm Out So Gay Youth Know They Have A Future," Brett Bigham (Oregon 2014), Tyler Clementi Foundation

"Why Writing About Math Is The Best Part Of Common Core," Chad Orzel, Forbes

"You're Saved By What You Love," Shanna Peeples (National and Texas 2015), her blogspot

"Suspensions plummet in NYC school that incentivizes good behavior," Tara Garcia Mathewson, Education Dive


Week of February 21

"Lessons in using data to improve education: An Australian example," Sarah Lux-Lee, Chiara Lawry, and Tamar Manuelyan Atinc, Brookings

"Education Week survey shows more stable state testing environment nationwide," Tara Garcia Mathewson, Education Dive

"4 things CMS should do right now to help immigrant students," Justin Parmenter, Charlotte News and Observer 

"Kirabo Jackson on the Importance of School Spending, 'Soft Skills' and Teacher Quality," The 74

Steep Learning Curve on K-12 as State Leaders Take New Seats," Daarel Burnette II, EdWeek

"How I learned my own value as a black male teacher," Ricky House, PBS NewsHour

"Teacher Leadership under ESSA is Just Good Business," Alicia Serafin, Huffington Post

Week of February 14

"Time to Step Up," Allison Riddle (Utah 2014), EdWeek

"Advocates De-Wonk School Funding," Sarah Grunewald, PIE Network

"What to do when the next awful thing happens," Tom Rademacher (Minnesota 2015)

"The Myth of Immigrants' Educational Attainment," Emily Deruy, Atlantic

"If I Was Governor for a Day...," Sean McComb (National and Maryland 2014), MSEA Newsfeed

"Bored Out of Their Minds," Zachary Jason, Harvard.Ed 

"To the Educators Who Will Teach My Black Daughter,'" Jemelleh Coes (Georgia 2014), EdWeek

Week of February 7

"How to Make Your Congressman Listen to You," Tricia Tongco, Attn:

"#MyBlackHistory: My Parents Decided to Go Back to College 30 Years Later. Here's How My Story Inspired Them," Charles Cole III, Education Post 

"School Disruption on the Small Scale: Can micro-schools break out of an elite niche?" Justin C. Cohen, Education Next

"What does it mean for math to be integrated?" Trey Ferguson, EdNC

"The School Principal's Role in Reducing Teacher Turnover," Roxanne Garza, New America

"How Finland's youngest learners obey the rules - by fooling around in school," William Doyle, Hechinger Report

"Wanted: Factory Workers, Degree Required," Jeffrey J. Selingo, NY Times

"How Teachers Learn to Discuss Racism," Melinda D. Anderson, Atlantic 


Week of January 31, 2016

All The Mathematical Methods I Learned In My University Math Degree Became Obsolete In My Lifetime, Keith Devlin, Huffington Post

2017: The year we could come back together again, Michael J. Petrilli, Fordham

5 Education Stories to Watch in 2017,  Claudio Sanchez, nprED

Philadelphia Principal Sharif El-Mekki embraces servant leadership to make a difference, Autumn A. Arnett, Education Dive

5 Numbers That Explain Education in 2016, Emily Deruy, Atlantic


Week of December 19, 2016

NNSTOY Unites the Tribe of Teacher Leaders from Coast to CoastRebecca Mieliwocki (National Teacher of the Year and California 2012) and Angie Miller (New Hampshire 2011), NNSTOY

What it Takes to Bridge the Gap, Jody Zepp (Maryland 2015), NNSTOY

Arkansas schools hire untrained teachers as people lose interest in the profession, Sarah Whites-Koditschek, Hechinger Report

4 Things Every Teacher Should Do to Help Students Move Forward Post-Election, Brittny Ray-Crowell and Monica Washington (Texas 2014), Education Post

Living in a World of WHY? HOW? and WHAT'S NEXT? Michelle Pearson (Colorado 2010), NNSTOY

Literacy Not A Right For Detroit School Kids According to State, CBS Detroit

Meet Jayden and Be ChangedMichael Dunlea (New Jersey Finalist 2013), NNSTOY


Week of December 5

Why the U.S. Education Department Never Dies, Paula Dwyer, Bloomberg View

Donald Livingston: Tell kids the truth, then inspire them, Joe Marusak, Charlotte Observer

U.S. now ranks near the bottom of 35 industrialized nations in math, Jill Barshay, Hechinger Report

Choice Without Accountability Puts Children at Risk, Peter Cunningham and Shavar Jeffries, Real Clear Education

4 Things Every Teacher Should Do to Help Students Move Forward Post-Election, Brittney Ray-Crowell and Monica Washington (Texas 2014), Education Post


Week of November 28, 2016

On Gratitude, Katherine Bassett (New Jersey 2000), NNSTOY

Creating Moments Our Students Will Remember, Allison Riddle (Utah 2014), EdWeek

Where Donald Trump Stands on School Choice, Student Debt and Common Core, Stephanie Saul, NY Times

Trump: My Glass is Half Empty, Nate Bowling (Washington 2016)

Literacy Not A Right For Detroit School Kids According to State, CBS Detroit

Beyond the Noise of Teacher Leadership ConversationsMichael Lindblad (Oregon 2015), NNSTOY

A Bronx LIbrarian Keen on Teaching Homeless Children a Lasting Love of Books, Nikita Stewart, NY Times

Award-winning teacher offers message of hope (about Sarah Brown Wessling, National Teacher of the Year 2010), Joe Nathan, Hometown Source

Week of November 21, 2016

The Potential of Personalized Learning From a Student With a Learning Disability, Ryan MacDonald, EdWeek

Trump: My Glass is Half Empty, Nate Bowling (Washington 2016)

Michelle Rhee Meets with Donald Trump: Could Our Next Education Secretary Be a Democrat? Joy Resmovitz, L.A. Times

Dissecting the Youth Vote, Emily Richmond, Mikhail Zinshteyn and Natalie Gross, Atlantic

A Lesson for Preschools: When It's Done Right, the Benefits Last, Elissa Nadworny, nprED

Here's What I Told My Black Students to Remember Now That Trump Is President, Sharif El-Mekki, Education Post


Week of November 15

My Name Is Tom. I've Been a Teacher for 10 Years and I Still Get My Ass Kicked Nearly Every DayTom Rademacher (Minnesota 2014), Education Post

After the Election: A To-Do List, Jennifer Gonzalez, Cult of Pedagogy

A Rural Teacher Gets a Glimpse Into Urban School Discipline, Jaclyn Roller Ryan (Virginia 2015), NNSTOY

Now What? Mike Petrilli, Flypaper

Minnesota cultural inclusivity starts with student name pronunciation, Tara Garcia Mathewson, Education Dive

8 Ways to Encourage Healthy Debate in the Classroom, Move This World

The Teacher Prep Regulations - A Short Primer for Educators, Maddie Fennell (Nebraska 2007), EdWeek


Week of November 18

What it Takes to Teach Science in a Rural School, Jessica Weller and Lynn A. Bryan, EdWeek

5 Great (Short!) Videos for School Leaders, Alex Kajitani (California 2009), EdWeek

How high school graduations reached a record rate, Amanda Hoover, Christian Science Monitor

Beyond the Binders: How Seeing Teachers as Learners Creates Meaningful PD That Sticks, Rebecca Mieliwocki (National Teacher of the Year, California  2012), EdWeek

What's Working: Measuring and Celebrating Success, Allan Godston, Huffington Post

What We Owe the Next Generation of Teachers, Nate Bowling (Washington 2016), Homeroom

October 25, 2016

Lift Every Voice: Classroom Essays From Our 2016 Fishman Prize Winners, TNTP

These states are spending less on education now than before the Great Recession, Emma Brown, Washington Post

Nobel Lessons for Education Researchers and Policymakers, Derek Neal, Education Next

Finally, ESSA Resources Designed with Educators in Mind, Katrina Boone, Huffington Post

Why Isn't Science Class More Like Learning to Play Baseball? Alison Gopnik, Mind/Shift

LGBT Students Are Not Safe at School, Marissa Higgins, Atlantic


October 17, 2016

What to Do When You Realize You Don't 'Like' Your Students, Justin Minkel (Arkansas 2007), EdWeek

A Misguided Attack on Charter Schools, NY Times Editorial Board

How High-Flying Teachers Get Their Wings, Maryann Woods-Murphy (New Jersey 2010), EdWeek

If We Value Great Schools, We Need Strong Teachers. President Obama's New Teacher Prep Reforms Can Do Just That, Tracy Dell'Angela, Education Post

Assessing the evidence base for school discipline reform, Matthew P. Steinberg and  Johanna Lacoe, Fordham Institute

Teachers are expected to remain politically neutral. These Teachers of the Year say they can't, Valerie Strauss, Washington Post. The article features a letter signed by 10 State and National Teachers of the Year.

Five reasons teacher residencies often outperform traditional training, Karen DeMoss, Hechinger Report

Why states should use student growth, and not proficiency rates, when gauging school effectiveness, Michael J. Petrilli, Aaron Churchill, Flypaper


Week of October 10, 2016

Raleigh middle school's pedal desks draw worldwide attention, T. Keung Hui, News & Observer

Poverty Matters, But Not the Way You Think, Peter DeWitt, EdWeek

Scores on the Rise: Majority of States with High Standards in Place See Improvement, Collaborative for Student Success

Why the DFL's Addiction to "Fakequity' is the Real Problem with the Minneapolis School Board, Beth Hawkins

Equity in Education: When Equality is not Enough, Alicia Smith, Source


Week of October 3, 2016

The Difficult (and Satisfying) Run of Teaching Defiant StudentsAllison RiddleEdWeek

Yale study suggests racial bias among preschool teachers, Emma Brown, Washington Post

Here Are Students' Candid Responses to their U.S. Education, The 74

Supreme Court to hear special education case, Richard Wolf, USA Today 

(After Jeopardy) Next Target for IBM's Watson? Third-Grade Math, Elizabeth A. Harris, NY Times


Week of September 20, 2016

Teaching through tears in Tulsa after a student's dad is killed by police, Rebecca Lee, Washington Post

How to sharpen students critical thinking skills online, Ian Jamison, eSchool News

What if students could study what they love at a place that suits their needs? Nichole Dobo, Hechinger Report

Why I Kneel: Freedom of Expression  Includes the Right to Protest, Nate Bowling

Do teacher expectations matter? Nicholas Papageorge and Seth Gershenson, Brookings


Week of September 13, 2016

The New High School Outsiders, Angie Smith (photos),  NY Times

What Kids Wish Their Teachers Knew, Donna De La Cruz, NY Times

Dear Mayor Emanuel: I resign my position as principal of the #1 rated neighborhood school Chicago, Troy LaRaviere

To Improve Education, Focus on Excellence, Not Failure, Mike Petrilli, Washington Post

The Myth of the Miracle School, Arne Duncan, Atlantic


Week of September 6, 2016

Time to Rethink Our PD Paradigms, Sarah Brown WesslingEdWeek 

Disrupting the One-Teacher Standard, Haley Glatter, Emily Deruy and Alia Wong,The Atlantic

Mission-Minded Teaching, James E. FordEdWeek

Beware the Iconography Trap of Personalized Learning: Rigor Matters, Bethany Gross, Center for Reinventing Public Information

Accountability: Reclaiming the Worst Word in Education, Justin MinkelEdWeek

Deconstructing the Myth of American Public Schooling Inefficiency, Bruce D. Baker and Mark Weber, Albert Shanker Institute


Week of August 30, 2016

Why America's Leadership Fails, David Brooks, NY Times

A principal berated a new teacher in front of his class. He needed her support instead. Jay Mathews, Washington Post

Why Black Men Quit TeachingChristopher Edmin, NY Times

A Persistent Practice: Corporal Punishment in U.S. SchoolsEdWeek

The Good News about Educational Inequality, Sean Reardon, Jae Waldfogel and Daphna Bassok, NY Times 


Week of August 24, 2016

Why American Schools Are More Unequal Thank We Thought, Susan Dynarski, NY Times

Another Year, Another PrincipalAlex KajitaniEdWeek 

Study: Student-Teacher Racial Gap Matters--Even in Pre-K, Natalie Gross, Education Writers Association

The debate on school discipline, Frederick Hess, AEIdeas

The Lifeline Every Teacher Leader NeedsRebecca MieliwockiEdWeek

ESSA Didn't Settle Education Policy. Far From it. Chad Aldeman, Education Next

Kinetic Sculpture: On a Race to the Middle School Brain, L.A. Johnson and Emily Bogle, nprED

Calling a Teacher a Leader is Not EnoughTom Rademacher, Education Post


Week of August 13

Which States Invest the Most in Education? Governing magazine. Companion article by Mike Maciag breaks down the numbers (Chicago Tribune).

Microaggressions in Schools, Jose Vilson, JLV site

Is School Integration Necessary? Peter Cunningham, US News

The Right and the Wrong Ways to Ensure Equity in IDEA, Paul L. Morgan and George Farkas, Education Next

Want to Address Teacher Biases? First, Talk About Race, Peter Balanon-Rosen, nprED

When Black Kids Don't Matter, RiShawn Biddle, Dropout Nation

Gay High School Students Attacked, Raped More Often, Mike Stobbe, AP

Student Mobility: How it Affects Learning, Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week

Taking a Lesson from the Boys in the Boat and Aiming for "Swing," Robin Lake, Center for Reinventing Public Education

Place Matters: Why Teach for America created Residency, Molly Osborne, EdNC

ESSA Title II: A unique opportunity for professional learningTrey Ferguson, EdNC

Student Mobility: How it Affects Learning, Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week


Week of August 9

How should we measure school success? Now is your chance to weigh inLyon TerrySeattle Times

Teachers, I'll See You on TwitterCathy WhiteheadEducation Week

The New Era of Education Accountability, Lauren Camera, U.S. News

Measuring the Impact of Poverty in Education, Jarrett Carter, Education Dive 

What Teachers Talk About When They Talk About Evaluation, Maryann Woods-Murphy, The 74

No App Can Replace MasteryAllison Riddle, Education Week

Justin Minkel: Teacher Becomes a Literacy Superhero, Lara Hightower, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 

The Summer of Race and Equity in Education, Anna Baldwin

Teens Talk About Racism, Maryann Woods Murphy

This White Teacher is WokeMaddie Fennell


Week of August 2, 2016

Why so many black, Hispanic and poor kids miss out on gifted education, Jay Mathews, Washington Post

A Little Ditty about Donald and Diane, Peter Cunningham,  Education Post

Teacher expectations top list of effects on student achievementTara Garcia Mathewson, Education Dive

Students With a Bigger Purpose Stay MotivatedDigital Promise

Assessing with capstone projects, portfolios brings own share of pros, cons, Tara Garcia Mathewson, Education Dive

How Teachers Can Help 'Quiet Kids' Tap Their SuperpowersElissa Nadworny, NPREd


Week of July 5, 2016

When Critics Pounce: How to Survive (& Thrive) When You're Burned as a Teacher Leader, Alex Kajitani,


A New Argument for More Diverse ClassroomsEmily Deruy, The Atlantic

What teachers really think of Common Core math: Lessons from a new Fordham Study, Amber Northern and Michael J. Petrelli, Fordham. Download the full report.

We have the answer, we choose to ignore it, Nate Bowling, Education Post

One Math Teacher's Move from Frustration to Appreciation on Common Core, Mary PinkstonEducation Post


Week of June 28, 2016

Your Cheat Sheet for the Proposed ESSA Accountability Rules, Andrew Ujifusa, EdWeek

A Tale of Two School Systems: The District of Columbia shows why the charter model of schooling is taking offDavid Osborne, US News and World Report

America's Not-So-Broken Education System, Jack Schneider, Atlantic


Week of June 21, 2016

"You've got to be Carefully Taught," Brad Hull, NNSTOY CEO blog

Feeling Stuck in the "Right Field" of Teaching? How Teachers Can Get Unstuck This Summer, Sarah Brown Wessling,  EdWeek

The Building Blocks of Learning,  David Brooks, NY Times

Come Back Better, Rebecca Mieliwocki, EdWeek

IB students do well, but few low-income kids take the classes, Tara Garcia Mathewson, Education Dive

The Danger of a Single Story and How the Common Core Can Help,  Josh ParkerEducation Post


Week of June 14, 2016

They've rejected multi-state Common Core exams. Now what?  Shaina Cavazos, Chalkbeat

The Challenge of Educational InequalityRon Brownstein, The Atlantic

The Case for Integrated Math, Trey Ferguson, EdNC

How to Fix a Graduation Rate of 1 in 10? Ask the Dropouts, Gabrielle Emanuel, NPR Ed

Maybe All Men Are Created Equal, but All Kids Aren't Treated Equitably, Peter Cunningham, Education Post


Policy Principle One, Teach Strong


Week of May 24 2016

How to End the School Year Right, Justin Minkel, Education Week

Best School Violence Prevention Program May Start with Raising Test Scores, Jill Barshay, Hechinger Report

The invisible tax on teachers of colorJohn King, Washington Post

Will Teaching Change or Will We Just Keep ComplainingMaddie Fennell, Education Week

What I Learned Making Common Core Videos with State Teachers of the Year, Joe Fatheree, Education Week

The Challenge of Educational Equity, Ronald Brownstein,The Atlantic


Week of May 16, 2016

Why Poor School Districts Get Less Government Funding Than Rich Ones, Kevin Carey, NY Times

Experts say teachers are being taught bad science, Emmanuel Felton, Hechinger Report

High schools try to make better use of something often wasted: Senior year, Matt Krupnick, Hechinger Report

Survey: Tech Underperforming in Most Classrooms, Erin McIntyre, Education Dive

School Poverty isn’t an Excuse, It’s a Barrier, Helen Ladd, Pedro Noguera, Paul Reville & Joshua Starr

Special report on Teaching America’s English Language Learners, EdWeek

What Can Stop Kids From Dropping Out (of college), David L. Kirp, NY Times

Our Most Popular Resources for Educators, U.S. Department of Education

How can your state make the most out of ESSA? Start by finding your North Star, Susan Bodary, Education First

Aiming Higher Together: Strategizing Better Educational Outcomes for Boys and Young Men of Color, Ronald Ferguson, Urban Institute

Putting Grit in Its Place, David Brooks, NY Times


Week of May 9, 2016

We Aren't Using Assessments Correctly, John Hattie, Education Week

ESSA: Time for States to Seize the Initiative, Marc Tucker, Education Week

5 Habits that lead to ineffective teaching and how to fix them, Erin Burns, Teacher Quality Bulletin

The #1 Factor That Determines A Toxic or Thriving School Culture, Alex Kajitani,  Education Week

School Reformers Must Stop Giving Parents a Pass, Rick Hess and Gerard Robinson, American Enterprise Institute

School districts are a big reason for the rise in income segregation in the U.S., study says, Sonali Kohli, L.A. Times

Grading the Graders: a Report on Teacher Evaluation Reform in Public Education, Thomas Toch, Georgetown University


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