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Master Classes

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Improve your professional practice in your home at your pace.

Best practices from award-winning educators.


Master Classes are tried-and-true workshops from State Teachers of the Year and Finalists, broken down into (5) 30-60 minute long modules. Each module comes with a Companion Guide and additional resources to assist you in collaborating with your PLC.


Course Credit

To ensure that your district approves of NNSTOY Master Classes for CEU/PDP credit, you may wish to ask your administration team or district office to review the course prior to registering. You can print this letter and the course syllabus and provide to your district for approval. Each district is different, so check to see what your district requires.



Jonathan Juravich

2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year,

National Teacher of the Year Finalist



Creative Strategies for Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning practices can be infused into all areas of education and become common practice in all classrooms and content areas. In so many ways this may simply be a re-framing of the great work that is already happening in our classrooms, to support the individual needs of our students as they learn what it means to be human. Explore approaches to discussions, activities, and the proposed Ohio standards for Social and Emotional Learning through a creative lens.

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Katherine Bassett

2000 New Jersey Teacher of the Year


Rebecca Mieliwocki

2012 National Teacher of the Year



Teacher Leadership:

Pathways, Strategies, and Inspiration

In this course, educators will learn the underlying principles of teacher leadership, take steps to determine their own teacher leader pathway, learn from the successes and failures of other teacher leaders, and formulate a plan for their own next steps as teacher leaders.

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Mandy Manning

2018 National Teacher of the Year

Washington Teacher of the Year



This is Just the Beginning:

Being Culturally Responsive

Connections, compassion, empathy, and acceptance are foundational qualities for learning. This course will challenge participants to explore their own experiences and social groups and how they shape perceptions and impact classroom connections. We will explore the cross-section of awareness and knowledge with cultural responsiveness and how these elements affect building relationships with students. Finally, we will apply this knowledge to classroom practice.


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Sarah Brown Wessling

2010 National Teacher of the Year

Iowa Teacher of the Year



Talking Their Way to Knowing:

Creating Discussions that Teach Thinking

We know that learners process their understanding through discussion. But so often, it's the teacher doing all the talking when it comes to classroom discussions. In this masterclass, we'll explore what to do before, during, and after a discussion to help our students take ownership of not only the conversations, but also their learning. With both practical ways to frame discussions and ideas for designing them, this session will help teachers return to their classrooms more confident in both silence and productive talk.


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