Bob Williams, Alaska State Teacher of the Year 2009

Bob Williams, Alaska State Teacher of the Year 2009


Bob Williams, Alaska State Teacher of the Year 2009

My highest award was a student’s 2008 graduation stole with the following note: “Mr. Williams, I have a confession to make. Before this year, I didn’t like math. It was a struggle and made very little sense. Calculus was another story entirely. You made it fun, exciting, and easy to learn. I went from despising math to babbling incessantly about integrals and derivatives in the span of 9 months. I sport my [calculus] tee-shirt proudly and will bring my cross-sections project wherever life manages to take me.

I haven’t told my parents for fear that they will disown me, but I have every intention of minoring in math.”

I organize and emcee student-centered high school math assemblies each year that celebrate math and students. Encouraged and coached by 2009 STOYs, I sought and attained national board certification.  I have embraced blended learning with  student and teacher video in my classes through Edmodo. I  have implemented a system where each student has a stack of three different colored cups on their desk that informs me of their level  of understanding on individual, class and group work.  I love teaching and seek to improve each year.

Bob Williams began his teaching career as a Peace Corps teacher in Gambia, Africa. He achieved National Board Certification (Math – AYA) in 2011 and currently teaches Geometry, Algebra 1, intervention Math Strategies and two AP Calculus courses at Colony High School in Palmer, Alaska.

Bob is the Alaska 2009 Teacher of the Year, the president of the Alaska Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the recipient of the 2009 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching.  He was one of five national finalists for the 2010 NEA Foundation Teaching Excellence award and is an Aspen Teacher Leader Fellow.

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