Carol Strickland, Kansas State Teacher of the Year 1999

Carol Strickland, Kansas State Teacher of the Year 1999


Carol Strickland, Kansas State Teacher of the Year 1999

I have found ways throughout my career to advance teacher voice and to advocate for professionalizing teaching.  Through my work with the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, in both its early and most recent iterations, I have advocated for STOYs to play a larger role in the policy arena, using their expertise to shape policy, rather than have it thrust upon them.

I work to support the National Teachers’ Hall of Fame, an organization as well as an award, volunteering and serving as a Trustee.

I am very proud to report that, through advocacy work that I undertook this past year, Secretary did last year, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan  visited the Hall of Fame, the first time that a sitting Secretary of Education has ever done so.  While there, the Secretary hosted a nationally-broadcast town hall meeting on education issues

In my current role, as a teacher preparer, I teach my students that they not only have a responsibility to be expert practitioners, they also are expected to understand and engage in education policy, to seek teacher leadership opportunities, and to advocate for their students and the profession.

This is the hallmark of my career and I pass it to my students.

Carol Strickland has taught middle school, high school, community college, university, and technical colleges courses for forty plus years.  She currently is an instructor in the Teachers College at Emporia State University and an adjunct instructor at the Flint Hills Technical College.

Strickland has served as the Director of Finance and Membership for NSTOY since 2006 and currently serves as the NNSTOY Treasurer and Chair of the Membership Committee.

She has been inducted into the National Teachers’ Hall of Fame.

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