Jeanne DelColle, New Jersey State Teacher of the Year 2012

Jeanne DelColle, New Jersey State Teacher of the Year 2012


Jeanne DelColle, New Jersey State Teacher of the Year 2012

Teaching is an exhausting and complex profession, and educators do amazing things in their classrooms every day.

Too often, educators lack the chance to share their research and insight gained from experience.  Initiative fatigue sets in, and decisions are made regarding programs about teachers, without teachers.

Just as teachers know that passive learning is not very effective for student success, passive teachers do not make a very effective school climate.  Teachers want to work with administration, not just for them, in crafting solutions to current problems and shouldn’t have to leave the classroom in order to lead.

As Educator Outreach Coordinator at the NJ Department of Education, my goals are to improve communication between policy makers and teachers, and to give teachers a voice on the state level.

The first goal is getting information to educators from the state and national level, which when combined with classroom expertise, can be used to make informed decisions on the local level.

My second goal is to help policy makers understand the complexity and nuances of teaching when making policy decisions by organizing a Teacher Advisory Committee to the Commissioner  to meet as a panel and discuss current education issues with policy makers on a monthly basis.

Jeanne DelColle, a high school teacher of sixteen years, brings her passion for history and extensive travel experience from across five continents into the classroom to connect with the worlds of her students.

Also named 2012 NJ History Teacher of the Year and 2010 NJ Council for the Humanities Teacher of the Year, after working on state wide committees on teacher evaluation, educator effectiveness, and model curriculum for the past year, she is currently on loan to the NJ Department of Education as Educator Outreach Coordinator to get information out and teacher voice in.

Jeanne was recently named a 2013 Hope Street Fellow.

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