Josh Parker, Maryland State Teacher of the Year 2012

Josh Parker, Maryland State Teacher of the Year 2012


Josh Parker, Maryland State Teacher of the Year 2012

As a Gap Reduction Specialist for the Office of Title I of Baltimore County, I work with teachers and leadership teams within two middle schools to improve the level of instruction of struggling teachers. The work that I do is aimed at helping teachers in one of several pedagogical service areas including data analysis, differentiation, and instructional alignment, in order to improve the delivery of instruction. Through this shoulder-to-shoulder work with teachers of all middle school grade levels and content areas (specializing in Language Arts), I am able to partner with teachers to improve student outcomes, especially with our special needs students. As the teachers improve their delivery of instruction, student achievement increases , reducing gaps in performance between identified subgroups.

Teaching was the way that I could use the knowledge of my heritage, the love of English content, and the universal need that I saw to make a difference,” said Joshua Parker. “Looking back over my brief but expansive teaching career, I can’t help but smile. I get opportunities to impart passion, wisdom, content knowledge, and love I have to students. Yet, my greatest achievements include providing students with a dependable role model, helping them conceptualize the purpose and power of English while helping them achieve on standardized tests.

Josh Parker, the 2012 Maryland State  Teacher of the Year, teaches English Language Arts at Windsor Mill Middle School, where he also serves as Department Chair for English/Reading/World Languages .  He was recently named  a Horace Mann Awardee by the NEA Foundation and is a finalist for the national title in that award program.  Josh holds multiple degrees including a Master’s in Leadership in Teaching.

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