Rebecca Snyder, Pennsylvania State Teacher of the Year 2009

Rebecca Snyder, Pennsylvania State Teacher of the Year 2009

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Rebecca Snyder, Pennsylvania State Teacher of the Year 2009

I believe in the power of creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration; this centers my dynamic, student-oriented teaching style.  A firm believer in differentiated instruction, I pursue an interdisciplinary approach to curriculum. To set the stage for active learning, I work to integrate technology, painting, music, visual composition and design, architecture, history, social studies, and sometimes even dance into lessons.

In my work in assessment for the State of Pennsylvania, I collaborate with other educators to ensure that teacher voices, those that speak with instructional expertise and from authentic experience

with how these assessments affect students, inform  the work of creating and vetting the measures that will be used to gauge student achievement in the Commonwealth and eventually be used, in part, to measure teacher effectiveness. Rebecca and these other dedicated teacher representatives work to improve and inform how the students of the Commonwealth , and thereby the teachers of Pennsylvania are assessed.

I served as a teacher representative during the state’s discussion of adapting the CCSS to include those portions of the Commonwealth’s standards not reflected in the new CCSS and vice versa.  I see policy and practice as tightly intertwined and both are my responsibility as a teacher leader.

Rebecca Snyder chairs the Language Arts Department and teaches English at Greater Latrobe Senior High School in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  A fifteen year veteran of the classroom, Mrs. Snyder has taught multiple grade levels and courses as both a secondary practitioner and adjunct professor. She also has taught elective courses in creative dramatics, composition, public speaking, and film.

She has served as a teacher representative on several committees for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, including those engaged in the revision and development of the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA), the Keystone Exams, and the Pennsylvania Common Core.

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