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Webinar: Using Your Voice to Change the Conversation

March 2018
Tuesday, March 13  ~   8 - 9 PM ET Join us for a webinar to help educators write effectively and promote their blog posts for Education Week and Education Post. The webinar is designed primarily for NNSTOY blog writing teams (State Teachers of the Year and Finalists), but other educators interest in writing effective blog posts are free to join us. We will: discuss how blog posts are different from articles for other media consider the audience of each publication offer tips... read more

Through Someone Else’s Eyes: Building Empathy, Respect and Perspective in the Classroom (with Empatico)

January 2018
Archived Webinar from Tuesday, January 23, 2018 Pennsylvania State Teacher of the Year Mike Soskil (2017) and leaders from Empatico held an engaging webinar about how to use a free, new platform, called Empatico, to connect your elementary classroom with classrooms around country and the world. Participants: Learned strategies to build students' global competencies. Gained access to lessons to improve students' respect for others, empathy, perspective-taking and communication... read more

Using NNSTOY Research to Advocate for the Profession

November 2017
Webinar ~ Tuesday, November 28 ~ 8-9:00 PM ET This webinar explored how teacher leaders can use the latest research on Teacher Evaluation and Support Systems to advocate for the profession in their district and state. This interactive webinar features three researchers who wrote the report and draw on the knowledge and experience of some of the country's leading educators.     David Bosso, Ed.D., is the 2012 Connecticut Teacher of the Year and 2012 National Secondary... read more

Assessing and Improving School Breakfast Programs

November 2017
In this webinar we investigated: How to assess your current model for school breakfast How to choose a better model for school breakfast How to plan for allies, roadblocks, and best practices for implementing more effective school breakfast programs.   Download the presentation deck Assessing and Improving Breakfast Programs   Review materials from the first webinar Hunger in the... read more

Hunger in the Classroom

November 2017
Hunger is an equity issue.  Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Yet too many kids still walk through the school doors and into classrooms with empty stomachs. In this webinar held Tuesday, November 7, participants learned how to help ensure that no students go hungry so that all are ready to learn. Speakers included Brie Doyle of No Kid Hungry and Megan Allen, 2010 Florida Teacher of the Year. Download the Hunger in the Classroom presentation deck. Watch the... read more

How Educators Can Be Heard

September 2017
A webinar with Celine Coggins and Megan Allen. This webinar workshop is based on Celine Coggins' book, How to Be Heard: Ten Lessons Teachers Need to Advocate for their Students and Profession. It was presented Tuesday, September 26 ~ 8:00-9:00 PM ET. A former middle school teacher, Dr. Celine Coggins founded Teach Plus in 2007 to empower excellent, experienced teachers to take leadership over key policy and practice issues that affect their students'... read more

#TeachersLeading on Capitol Hill

June 2017
This webinar provided information and discussion about NNSTOY's first Day on the Hill, July 19, 2017. Participants learned: The purpose of the Day on the Hill The schedule for our Day on the Hill (including before and after our visits with members of Congress) The role of State Leads for the Day on the Hill How to set up meetings with your member of Congress The structure of your appointments during our Day on the Hill How to prepare for a successful meeting with your... read more

How can teachers’ stories influence education policy?

May 2017
Teacher Researcher Policy Series This webinar discussion features the release of Dr. David Bosso's (2012 Connecticut State Teacher of the  Year) paper, "Teacher Morale, Motivation and Professional Identity: Insights for Educational Policymakers from State Teachers of the Year." The webinar was hosted by Bosso and 2012 Maryland State Teacher of the Year Josh Parker. Watch the webinar video. Download the paper. Presentation Deck - May 9... read more

National Teachers of the Year Share Their Passion for the Profession

May 2017
National Teachers of the Year Rebecca Mieliwocki (2012), Sarah Brown Wessling (2010), Shanna Peeples (2015) and Sean McComb share their strategies for keeping their passion for the profession alive. View the webinar... read more

Inward and Onward #3: Supporting Colleagues in Building Equitable Learning Environments (with Lee-Ann Stephens)

December 2016
The NNSTOY Inward and Onward Webinar Series includes three deep dive discussions that unpack how educators can create equitable classrooms. The series is hosted by State Teachers of the Year Monica Washington, Daniele Massey and Jemelleh Coes. Tuesday, November 1  (8:00-9:00 PM ET) - Inward and Onward #1: Examining our Personal Bias, including the scientific effects of stereotypes and prejudice. (Past session. View on YouTube. Download the presentation deck.) Tuesday, November 29 ... read more

Inward and Onward #2: Concrete Strategies for Building Equitable Classrooms

November 2016
The NNSTOY Inward and Onward Webinar Series includes three deep dive discussions that unpack how educators can create equitable classrooms. The series is hosted by State Teachers of the Year Monica Washington, Daniele Massey and Jemelleh Coes. (Past session) Tuesday, November 1  (8:00-9:00 PM ET) - Inward and Onward #1: Examining our Personal Bias, including the scientific effects of stereotypes and prejudice. View the archived YouTube video. Download the presentation... read more

Know Your Power: Engaging With State Policymakers About Teacher Shortages

November 2016
Date of Webinar: Tuesday, November 15    8:00-9:00 PM ET This webinar is a skill-building discussion about how to engage with state policymakers around issues in education. Using the challenge of teacher shortages to frame our discussion, we tackle a number of critical issues for teacher leaders to consider when planning how to influence policy in their states. Who to reach out to Strategies to time your visit How to work with common allies How to develop successful... read more

Inward and Onward #1: Examining our Personal Bias

November 2016
The NNSTOY Inward and Onward Webinar Series includes three deep dive discussions that unpack how educators can create equitable classrooms. The series is hosted by State Teachers of the Year Monica Washington, Daniele Massey and Jemelleh Coes. Tuesday, November 1  (8:00-9:00 PM ET) - Inward and Onward #1: Examining our Personal Bias, including the scientific effects of stereotypes and prejudice. View the archived video. Download the presentation deck. Tuesday, November 29 ... read more

Giving Students the Floor: How to Turn Your Classroom Upside Down to Promote Innovation and Creativity

October 2016
Tuesday, October 25 8:00-9:00 PM ET Students and teachers from Effingham (Illinois) High School will facilitate an interactive workshop for teacher leaders about innovative strategies to engage students fully in their learning. Participants will: learn how to construct lessons around an innovation cycle to promote student engagement, discuss how to help students overcome failure in order to find success, learn to embed the CCSS, Danielson Framework and other learning... read more

Power and Privilege: A Conversation about Equity in the Classroom

September 2016
Please view our powerful conversation with State Teachers of the Year and Finalists about the impact of power and privilege in school, The conversations was hosted by Maryland State Teachers of the Year Jody Zepp (2015) and Joshua Parker (2012). We discussed: The scope of the opportunity gap in schools and strategies you can use to engage with local educators to improve equity. Insights into the underlying issues contributing to inequitable learning conditions and consider your... read more

Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level Using Microsoft Sway & Docs.com

September 2016
Our webinar explored how to take your teacher leadership to the next level by using Microsoft Sway and Docs.com to improve presentations to colleagues and policymakers and make it easier to plan and offer more engaging lessons. NNSTOY members Joe Fatheree and Dyane Smokorowski joined special guests from Microsoft to hear the behind-the-scenes event production story from the NNSTOY 2016 conference. We learned how theyutilized Sway + Docs.com for collaboration and storytelling to... read more

Getting the Most Out of Social Media

June 2016
June 7, 2016 -- 8:30-9:30 PM (Eastern). In this workshop-style webinar,  Education Post social media expert Gordon Wright walked us through tips to use social media, including Twitter and Facebook, effectively and efficiently. Download the PowerPoint Deck Content included: Learn how and when to use social media vehicles like Facebook and Twitter to meet your objectives. Gain insights to improve your practice  and market your teacher leadership through social... read more

Flexing Your Policy Muscles: Making a Difference with ESSA

May 2016
May 31, 2016 -- 8:00-9:00 PM (Eastern Time). Download the Power Point deck: Flexing Your Policy Muscles on ESSA.NNSTOY webinar 5.31.1 Handout -- Action Plan for ESSA Involvement Watch the webinar (starts a few minutes into the session).   In the next several months your states and school districts will be making important decisions about how to spend their federal funds under the newly enacted Every Student Succeeds Act. “Will you be at the table, or on the menu?”... read more

What I Learned as the 2015 National Teacher of the Year

May 2016
May 23, 2016 -- 8:00-9:00 PM (Eastern). Shanna Peeples led a discussion about her experiences and lessons learned as the 2015 National Teacher of the Year. Watch the video. View the chat. Review the PowerPoint Deck Read Brianna Crowley's 6 Tips for Compelling... read more

Building State Partnerships: Growing Teacher Leadership in Illinois

May 2016
May 17, 2016 -- 8:00-9:00 (Eastern). Power Point Deck Watch the archived video. This is an interactive webinar for educators working on teacher leadership in their state. During the webinar members of the Illinois Teacher Leaders Network shared how key stakeholders from organizations and institutions from around the state joined forces to help grow teacher leadership. They offered strategies for us to consider help teacher leaders problem solve around key... read more

A Teacher’s Guide to Better Blogging

May 2016
Power Point deck View the archive. Communications experts from Education Post offer strategies to write blogs that get read and influence positive change in education. They share samples and tips to improve the chances your blog gets seen and discussed in social media. Watch the archived... read more

Teacher Career Advancement Initiatives – What Did We Learn From Two Years of Research?

April 2016
April 5 at 7:00 Central time:  Teacher Career Advancement Initiatives: Lessons Learned from Eight Case Studies Join us for an evening as Lynn Gaddis Ph.D and Catherine Fisk Natale Ph.D discuss the work they led on the second phase of NNSTOY's research on career continuum structures in education. What did we learn in deep dives into eight schools and districts in partnership with the Center for Educator Learning and Effectiveness at Pearson and Public Impact with assistance from the AFT and... read more

Building a Framework for Teacher Leadership in Illinois

March 2016
March 16:  Building a Framework for Teacher Leadership in Illinois Members of the Illinois Teacher Leaders Network join us for an evening to discuss how teachers, policymakers, and education leaders in the state have joined forces to create a framework that will advance Teacher... read more

Issues Surrounding Pre-Service Education Programs

February 2016
February 24:  Issues Surrounding Pre-Service Education Programs Kappa Delta Pi Executive Director Faye Snodgrass and President Beth Wilkins join us for an evening to discuss issues that pre-service teaching programs around the nation are currently struggling to resolve. Click here to access the event:... read more

Chasing Rainbow Recipients Share Their Stories

January 2016
Each Year the Dolley Parton Foundation recognizes a teacher who has overcome incredible obstacles with the Chasing Rainbow award.  Join us for an evening as several of the Chasing Rainbow recipients discuss how they overcame barriers in their lives to become award-winning... read more

Engage in the Policy Process

December 2015
December 9 at 8 pm ET: Join Rebecca Mieliwocki, the 2012 California and National Teacher of the Year, and Christopher Poulos, the 2007 Connecticut State Teacher of the Year, for an inspiring webinar,  as they share and discuss innovative ways that educators can engage in the policy process.  Rebecca and Chris will moderate a panel of expert educators who will share their strategies and discuss NNSTOY's White Paper, "Engaged Educators and the Policy Process."   Panelists... read more

How to use technology to address nontraditional learning

October 2015
Listen to Curtis Chandler, Kansas 2011 State Teacher of the Year, and Cameron McKinley, Alabama 2007, State Teacher of the Year share some of the techniques and tools they use to reach students in a nontraditional learning... read more

Model Code of Ethics for Educators

September 2015
September 2015 The MCEE establishes a framework of ethical and professional expectations for the education profession to follow. This webinar features some of the key educators who developed the... read more

The Cage-Busting Teacher

March 2015
Frederick M. Hess, American Enterprise Institute Recorded March 2015 View webinar recording on... read more

Teacher Leadership Roadmap

January 2015
Ross Wiener, Aspen Institute and Chong-Hao Fu, Leading Educators Recorded January 2015 View webinar recording on... read more

Federal Regulations on Teacher Preparation

December 2014
Jane West, Ph.D. Recorded December 2014 View Webinar recording on... read more

“Research, Explore, and Create Anywhere with Global Collaboration”

September 2014
Dyane Smokorowski, KS State Teacher of the Year 2013 Recorded: September 2014 View Webinar Recording on... read more

“A Framework of Fun: Learning Through and From Games” – Curtis Chandler

May 2014
Curtis Chandler, Kansas State Teacher of the 2011, Gamification Recorded: May 2014 View Webinar Recording on YouTube: Resources: Minecraft--https://minecraft.net/ Do I Have a Right--https://www.icivics.org/games/do-i-have-right Hungry Shark Evolution--https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hungry-shark-evolution/id535500008?mt=8 Games for Change--https://www.gamesforchange.org/   Curtis Chandler is an Education Specialist, Staff Developer, and Keynote Speaker working... read more

“How Teachers Can Harness the Power of Social Networking”- Josh Stumpenhorst

March 2014
Josh Stumpenhorst, Illinois State Teacher of the 2012, Social media savvy teacher Recorded: March 2014 View Webinar Recording on YouTube: Josh Stumpenhorst (@stumpteacher) is a sixth-grade language arts and social science teacher at Lincoln Junior High School in Naperville, Ill. His work has been recognized by the International Society of Technology Educators as a member of the Emerging Leaders Class of 2011, and he is the Illinois Computer Educators' 2012 Educator of the Year and the... read more

Stare If You Dare – an interview with author Kyle Packer

December 2013
Children’s Book Author, Adventurer Recorded: December 2013 Kyle Packer is, in every sense of the word, an adventurer. In addition to participating in virtually every outdoor sport, he has been to base camp on Mt. Everest, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and served as a white water rafting guide. He is a graduate of Idaho State University, and has raised three children with his wife Sheryl. He also has cerebral palsy. His first book, Stare if You Dare, is inspired by his personal challenges.... read more

The Fat Boy Chronicles – with author Mike Buchanan

November 2013
Author, Anti-bullying Advocate Recorded: November 2013 Michael Buchanan’s latest co-authored novel, The Fat Boy Chronicles, was released in 2010. The book won the National Parenting Publication’s Gold Award, and Mom’s Choice Award of Excellence and was recently featured in Publishers Weekly. The novel is used by schools around the nation in their anti-bullying and childhood obesity efforts. View Webinar Recording on... read more

When the Right Stuff Goes Wrong–Lessons for Educators with Major General John Barry

October 2013
Major General, "Tech Savvy Superintendent" Recorded: October 2013 Major General John Barry retired in 2004 as a “2 Star”, Major General, and served his last tour on active duty as Board Member and Executive Director for the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation. Using a case study developed from his experiences in leading the investigation into the Space Shuttle Challenger accident, Barry takes us through a chain of decision-making while analyzing and connecting the... read more

2012-13 Webinar Series

January 2013
The Irreplaceables -  Dan Weisberg Download PDF Here Recent State Action on Teacher Effectiveness - Sara Mead Download PDF Here Assessing Teacher Effectiveness - Charlotte Danielson Download WMV File Here Cage-busting Teacher Leadership - Rick Hess Download WMV File Here Building on the Best of Teacher Preparation - Arthur McKee Download WMV File here. Finding a New Way - Rachel Curtis Download recording of Webinar... read more

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